In the last post in this series a-book-that-changed-my-life-vi the Lord made you understand what it means to receive instruction in line with your purpose.

Now, today, God still has something beautiful for you, and it’s from chapter two of the book (Understanding Divine Direction) you’ve been studying in this series together with me.

I strongly encourage you to get one if you are yet to get one. The lessons are:

1. God has a unique plan for each one of us, and our destiny is anchored
to that plan. Whatever God has assigned you to do holds a future and will bring
you utmost fulfilment. So locate it and enjoy it.

2. Anyone who does not stay where God has designed him/her to be would become frustrated, despite his/her zeal in carrying out those tasks in which he was not called to do.

3. When you follow your choice instead of His will for your life, rather than end up in glory, what you get is shame and unfulfillment.

4. In Joel 2, the Bible describes the emergence of an end-time army, a group of people that cannot be stopped or resisted. It’s an assault group handpicked by God to operate here on earth. Enlistment in this army is by vision. That is what puts you in your own department or unit of the army. You cannot secure a place in it without vision. That’s why it says, “Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk everyone in his path…” Everyone’s place is well marked out. When you are able to locate your area of calling, then you’re set for triumph in life.

5. There is no short-cut to excellence in life without vision. Many are
frustrated today because they are being driven by ambition, rather than by vision. As a result, nothing works for them; rather, everything they do just falls apart. Some others have used their friend’s profession as a yardstick to determine what they ought to do in life. But there is no need for comparison, because God has a glorious plan for everyone in the kingdom.

The cheapest way out of frustration is to abide in God’s plan for your life.

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