Hello friends!!!

Honestly, I’ve been out of balance with my true blogging instincts for the past two to three weeks.

I should have written this post two weeks ago, but because of the fact that I’ve been busy here and there, I was unable to, but thank God it’s been written and published now! Gloooraaay!

Although my mind has been fully prepared to write, activities here and there just seemed to make me stop blogging.

I seriously need to spend some time away from blogging in solitude and personal retreat.


Recently, my life has been extremely busy. I’m tired of being tired sef…

Seriously, I must say that it’s not easy to be a teacher, a secondary school teacher for that matter, and combine it with blogging!

I’d be taking a break from blogging for some time, let’s say two weeks, or maybe a month.

Truth is, I might not be back till May, if God wills!

In the meanwhile, I’d be:
1. Engaging in the De-raconteurs Writers Training Course, Part 2, which I’m currently undergoing (Please kindly visit for the concluding episodes of Smallville College).

2. Engaging in the Evangelism Challenge, Part 2, which is starting tomorrow, April 1st till on the 14th

3. Engaging in the three years Bible Reading Challenge.

4. Preparing to come back a better blogger, and God willing, start with a fully registered domain name! 😇

5. Working on my unfinished blog series, such as the Beatitudes!

6. Honing my writing skills, in order to serve you better, and be a better source of inspiration to you.

7. Occasionally writing or posting content on facebook and my other social media accounts, especially for the Evangelism Challenge.

Thank you for being here every time. I love you.

See you at the top!


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