The chatter in the market was lively, I mean at this time of the year one wouldn’t expect less. In case you don’t know, christmas is some 6 days away. No minding the sun on my Ethiopian skin, I pushed my way through urging Bimbo to do the same but this girl had other plans.

“Babe, let us go nah, you know we have to meet that tailor Mama Izzy. She seems to be dodging us these days on top of our own clothes fa.”

“My dear, I won’t be surprised if she has not even touched our materials.”

“Ehn! Don’t even go there, when Christmas is just few days away.”

“I knew anything can happen it will not be the first.”

Anyway, let us hurry so we can catch her unexpectedly today.

“In that case, I’ll have to hold your hands so you don’t get loss Bimbo teased.”

“You are not serious…” I said laughing.

We had just turned into the fabric lane when we spotted some corpers.
I remembered my corps days, what memories. One of the faces seem drawn to me, I don’t know if I had seen him anywhere.
Then I got a tap on my shoulder.

“Mercy” Bimbo started. “Do you see that corper? The one giving directions to other corpers…” I feel we should preach to him.

“Hmm!” I smiled, now I know why his face looked familiar, the Holy Spirit was pointing my attention to something about him.

We approached the corpers and kicked off a conversation about serving and with the excitement you can tell they were new, they just received their allowee.
Oh the joy.

After getting their names, Bimbo directed the discussion to the guy who seems to be the leader. He gave his name as Aluko. The others quickly dispersed leaving an uncomfortable Aluko with two unknown ladies.

“We’re sorry for pulling you out from your friends but we have a message for you. The message is from the story of the young prophet in 1 Kings chapter 13. He started well, heard from God, was promptly obedient in carrying out the task but somewhere lost his perception and discernment. He couldn’t tell that the old prophet was deceptive and a liar. He went along and the end was tragic.”

I looked at Bimbo, it was as if she had met him before or known him somewhere because it was obvious he understood the message. He was shaken.

“Aluko, your life has been a miracle, your preservation divine. You drew close to God but now He is far from you. The mandate of the enemy over your life is simple: get him killed. Fortunately though, you determine if that deal will be signed or not. You cannot walk away from the truth and expect lies to keep you. Sooner or later, the drums will begin to beat.”

At this point he was perspiring profusely. Talk about the work of the Holy Spirit.
“Will you come back to God?”

He struggled, he resisted, I could sense the battle within him and I prayed his eyes will come open. For some minutes he wrestled.

Finally, he whispered, “I will.”

The smile on our faces as we held hands and prayed with him.

The peace that surrounded us as we talked for few more minutes exchanging contacts and encouraging him.

We didn’t see the elderly woman walk up to us, we just saw her right beside us and her words, I will never forget.

” You have just succeeded in taking him away from my death trap, he was slated for this afternoon, nonsense.” And she walked away.

We all looked at her as she walked away. I could not explain the feeling within me.

This couldn’t possibly be hallucinations in a busy market.

It was obvious Aluko was a target but the cross became his bracket.

“Ahhh! So the devil was preparing full time for me?” Aluko exclaimed still shocked at the woman’s words.

I know what my 2020 prayer will be,
” in pursuit of God “

Dearest, 2019 is about rolling away, I can almost picture you sitting, taking into account the year that’s about receding and you’re probably with a pen and paper or an electronic device mapping out your new year’s resolutions.

Resolutions that you may not achieve or hold onto through out the year. You didn’t keep your 2019 resolutions ( at least not all).

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something but it doesn’t come with the most important requisite; power.

You need power to carry out those beautiful, godly steps you plan for 2020, most importantly you need the Savior’s help.
Instead of writing and planning, give your 2020 to the Lord in full surrender. Let Him make it a year of completeness for you.
I pray that this year will

  • draw you closer to the Cross
  • give you insights into His love
  • open your eyes to know more of God
  • cause a deeper, cleaer walk with God
  • not be one to go in confusion
  • be a year of prayers and MANIFESTATIONS
  • be a year for you and I to be in pursuit of God.

Join me in prayers for 2020 would you?

Lord, we thank You for how far You have kept us. How far You have brought us, how much You have shown us. Thank You for the Cross, the number one symbol of love and redemption. Thank You for salvation, for my salvation. Thank you for Your love unending. 2019 is about rolling out and Lord, You know better what lies ahead for us in 2020.

Dear Father, we commit 2020 into Your hands, hold our hands this year that we may walk in Your truth. Open our eyes that our vision may be 2020. Help us that each step we take will be ordered in Your word. Cause us to abstain from sin and run away from evil. When we kneel in prayers let there be a recognition in heaven and on earth. Let our hearts and lives daily be; in pursuit of You. 🙏 In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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