Did You Watch Barca Bayern 2020?

Written by Salt Ashibuogwu



Yesterday, I and my brother had a conversation on Whatsapp after the Barca Bayern match during our prayer time, and I want you to join in our conversation, lol.







Jay: Hello Vic..

Vic: Yooo




Jay: Good evening. How you doing?

Vic: Good, Just had my bath




Jay: Oh, Barca game ehn

Vic: 😂😂




Vic: You watched it?

Jay: Yes ooo, only Highlights though.




Vic: Same here

Jay: That game was funny and not funny.  Lol



Vic: Let’s pray lol😅

Jay: Yes, let’s pray – but that game would be our prayer point. Lol.




Prayer point 1.  May we not lose after becoming as popular as them




Vic: Omooo that prayer point is so apt😭. Elaborate more please.

Jay:  I read Ecclesiastes 9 today, and Verse 4 comes in handy here: “For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.” Brother, it’s better to qualify for semi like Liepzig than to be the former world champion





Prayer point 2: May we not be former😭 champions. The world forgets ex champions so easily. Today, people have so easily forgotten how great a team Barca is.




Vic: Hmmmmmm




Prayer point 3: And a living dog like Coutinho is better than a dead lion like Messi in the 2020 champions league.




Vic: Worddd😩




Prayer point 4: Baba, may we never lose our power




Vic: Amennnn




Prayer point 5:  And where we have been termed forsaken like Coutinho, let us shock our Messis




Prayer point 6: May we always be humble like Bayern before our matches, and shock our opponents every time




Prayer point 7:  May our results continually stun the world




Prayer point 8:   Baba don’t let us lose our glory for nothing




Prayer point 9: As David never lost a battle we shall never lose our battles




Prayer point 10:  May we never know a better yesterday like Barca in the 2020 champions league.




Vic: Amen and 🙏




Vic: Wow




Prayer point 11: We’d no longer walk with dead glory…😭. Indeed a living dog is better than a dead lion😭




Prayer point 12: May Delilahs’ and deceivers not kill us




Vic: Amen!




Jay:  Let’s thank the LORD for how He has led us tonight😭. I’m humbled… Thank You Jesus. In Jesus name we have prayed




Vic: Amen




Jay: Good night bro.

Vic: Good night bro.



N.B: No literal meanings please, I personally respect Messi and Barca’s history… But get the lessons from our conversation and pray🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏😭




What did you learn from our conversation? Please share with me in the comments section.




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