DIVA (Episode 3) BY Samantha L.O.
(Did you miss episode 2, read here).

With the help of my security man, I took Ray to the hospital. It was bloody. He sustained internal injuries and he was unconscious. He was hospitalized for three days before he was stabilized. After five days, he finally regained his consciousness.

“Oh thank God, you are awake,” I said faintly.

I assisted him to sit up and he kept on looking at me and from his look, I knew he was mad at me.

“I am sorry, very sorry,” I managed to say.

“I hope that’s not one of the guys you claimed to love?” he asked.

“That’s Alfred,” I replied sadly and started sobbing. “I’m so sorry this had to happen to you. I am sorry, Ray.”

He pulled me close and hugged me so tight. “It’s alright,” he whispered.

“You see, you need to meet Alfred and clarify things with him,” he said softly. “I wonder what would have happened if not for God, he almost killed me. Lista, how did you get tangled with him?” Ray asked.

“I will speak with him today. I just love him,” I managed to reply.

A nurse entered to administer drugs to him and I had to leave him so he could rest.


After hitting her lover with iron, leaving him to die, I got home and started to ruminate.

“How dare she?” I barked to nothing in particular. “How dare you do this to me Evans? You left me and now you are sleeping around with guys.”

I must make her pay. She will pay, she must pay and suffer for it! Foolish lady, I hissed.

Just then my phone rang. The caller was Evans. I picked up.

“Hello bitch, I know you are calling to inform me that he is dead.”

“I forbid evil. For your information, Ray is hale and healthy,” she replied.

I feel bad, she doesn’t care anymore.

“Come and meet me at the Bells,” she said sharply.

“For what?” I asked.

“We need to clarify things, Fred,” she said.

“Okay, which hotel room?” I asked her.

I was so happy she opted for the Bells. I will rape her. I smiled as I thought devilishly.

“Hotel room you say, you must be joking. We are meeting at the restaurant,” she replied bluntly.

I felt disappointed.

“Common Evans, let’s meet in the hotel room for the last time,” I pleaded.

“I can’t risk it Fred, I know you, you will probably rape or kill me. You see just come, I’m tired of talking okay? Meet me by 5pm,” she said and disconnected the call.

Oh my God. Evans hang up on me, Evans that once trembled at my presence. She is now daring.

Did I treat her badly? I soliloquized.

Was I hard on her?

Am I wicked?

Am I a bad lover?

Am I heartless?

Hell no! I am not!

I love her. She is my first love. The only lady I truly loved.

I will rather kill her than lose her.

If I don’t have her, no man will!


It’d been long since I heard from David. I felt like calling him but, I didn’t want to add to the problem on ground.
I had a cold bath, put on my long silk pink gown and searched for a corresponding slip-on with one of my fancy Italian bags.
At the restaurant, I waited for an hour for Fred. I had given up and was about to leave when I sighted him.

He was still that handsome guy with his hair in nice shape. His shirt was opened slightly revealing the hair on his chest.

My heart started racing as he sat beside me.
“Fred, I am here to clarify things with you today,” I said boldly, avoiding his gaze.
“Clarify what?” he asked.
“We are not lovers, we are just strangers,” I replied boldly.
He was enraged.

He sipped his cup of champagne. “In a nutshell, you are breaking up with me?” he asked.

“We aren’t dating, I broke up with you a long time ago,” I replied.

He stood up angrily and with his hands banging the table, he said. “We are lovers Evans! You are my girl. If I can’t have you, nobody will!”
“Sit Fred,” I said softly, trying to calm him down.
He refused to listen, he was bent on disgracing me.
Before I knew it, some persons had started filming us. I heard some saying “Is that not Evans? Let’s make a live video.”
Alfred smiled devilishly. At that moment I knew he was up to no good. I positioned myself to run away. He had guessed my move, he pulled me back and started kissing me publicly. I was embarrassed as I heard people saying ‘ She is a flirt.’ I tried fighting him but I was powerless.
Just then he stopped and asked. “How does it feels? Do you like it? Do you want more?”
I pushed him way but he grabbed me for the second time and enjoyed the tenderness of my lips. The people never stopped filming, nobody wanted to save me. I guessed they had been secretly wishing for my downfall. I summoned courage and used all the strength in me to push him away.

I was about raising my hands to slap him, when I heard a familiar voice whispering my name.

“Evans, Evans,” the voice whispered. I felt the disappointment in the voice.
I looked back and behold David was standing in front of me, looking so sad and disappointed.
I was shocked to my bone marrow.
David of all people, what’s he doing here?
How did he know I am here?

Different kinds of questions kept on flooding through my head.

I kept on looking at David, then back to Alfred continuously.

I must defend myself, I must say something, I thought.

I was reluctant to talk because I feared Alfred might hurt David.

The look on Alfred’s face showed he wanted an explanation.

The look on David’s face showed he demanded explanation too.

I just stood there, gazing like a dummy.
“David, it’s not what you think,” I managed to say after a long period of silence.

To be continued in episode 4.

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