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I cried my eyes out until I eventually dozed off.

I woke up late the following day feeling exhausted and weak.

I managed to crawl out of the bed.

I started Feeling hot, I had a cool shower to reduce my temperature. In a bid to reduce the boredom I switched on the flat screen television in my room.

The Television came up and I switched to my favorite channel, Bluebird.

Here today on what’s up we will be talking about the viral videos which sets the internet on fire.”

Gospel singer Evangelista Kish, popularly known as Evans is wrapped up in a big scandal, as the social media is on fire due to some viral videos showing her kissing publicly without remorse, and also cheating on her fiancé. According to her manager Mrs. White, the videos are fake as some people are plotting her downfall.

Neville (faces her partner) “what do you think about this Mitchell?”

Mitchell “well, I must confess. The video looks so real and undoubtedly she is involved. As a pop singer I didn’t see anything bad in the way people brought the matter up. My husband likes her music a lot, but he was disappointed in her when he saw the videos. I know many people are in this situation concerning those viral videos. The worst part of it is that she is refusing to address her fans about the incident. She can help herself out by voicing out. Many people care about this lady, she is a role model and watching the video might prove that she is a liar, pretender and an attention seeker.”

Neville “For me, I don’t believe she is a liar and pretender as you said. Everybody has a past, we all have issues burdening us. She is human like you and she can’t be perfect. We make mistakes, we have feelings. Evans is not exempted. The only mistake she made was to wash her dirty linen in public. We can’t blame her, let’s not judge her.”

(Pauses )

Just in “One of the men in the viral video of Evans, identified as David Bakre was found dead in his residence. According to our correspondent, he was shot by an unidentified shooter and he has been confirmed dead.”

“No, no this can’t be true!” I screamed.

“No it’s not David, it can’t be David.” I wept as I picked up my phone to dial his contact.

I dialed his contact but I couldn’t reach him. It was switched off.

I dressed up hurriedly and rushed down to his house. On getting there I met some of his family members. I went inside his master bedroom and there I met his sister.

“Why is everyone here?” I asked.

“You have killed him, you are a witch. How could you do this to us? You took away the pillar of this family. Is loving you a crime? He loved you wholeheartedly.” David’s sister, Pamela asked as she sobs.

“He is dead now, you can eat his corpse.” She shouted!

I was stunned.

“I didn’t do this. I swear it’s not what you think.” I said sobbing.

“Evans leave this place right away. I have informed mum and dad they will be here any time from now, their flight was delayed that’s why you didn’t meet them here. So respect yourself and leave.” She said calmly.

“No please, I…”

She cuts it. “Leave this place right away. Get out of here!” She screamed.

I felt sad and embarrassed.

On my way out people looked at me scornfully. Some hissed loudly. I was helpless and left the place.

On my way I ruminated about my life.

I am sure Alfred killed him, this is not love but obsession.

Why is this happening to me?

Why can’t I live my life normally as it ought to be?

I drove to the hospital to see Ray.


After watching the viral videos and news. I discovered that Evans deserve this, she is just a confused fellow.

Here I am, loving her, cherishing her, living for her. I am here because of her. I am in this situation because of her. She just doesn’t want to acknowledge how much I truly love her.

Loving others more than me, choosing them over me shows she doesn’t love me.

She is just pretending to me. I know what to do, I know what to do.

The door opened and there she stood looking so innocent, beautiful and attractive.

“Good afternoon Ray.” She greeted me. She moved closer and sat beside me on the bed.

I adjusted my sitting position and looked into her eyes.

“Tell me you don’t love me. Tell me you don’t want me. I want to hear it. Tell me you want us to end. Tell me to leave your life, I want to hear it from you. Don’t raise my hope. Let go of me if you know you can’t have me.” I said almost whimpering.

I could feel the pain in her face. She looked so confused.

“Ray!” She blurted.

“Don’t make me chose.” She said.

She sighed and replied me.

“I appreciate all what you have done for me. You are so rare, you treated me so special and I don’t know how to repay you for that. Ray, David is dead. She said breaking down in tears. I feel so guilty, I feel so bad. It’s my fault right?” She asked.

“No, it isn’t your fault at all, Okay?” I said trying to calm her down.
She continued.

“You are the only one left for me. I don’t want to lose you. Ray, don’t leave me please. I know I screwed up in the past. Right now I need you most, I need you to stand by me.” She sobbed.

“My principal endorsement and deals was terminated yesterday. It’s like a dream how everything got bad so fast. Ray, God has forsaken me. Don’t forsake me please.”

“I love you,” she said. “I really, truly, deeply, and wholeheartedly love you.” She said weeping. “My career is on the edge don’t leave me, don’t please.” She cried loudly and I pulled her close to me.

I was shocked to hear that coming from her.

‘I shouldn’t make you chose, what do you mean by that?” I inquired.

I felt the smell of her perfume and got carried away by the way she felt safe in my arms. I lifted her chin up with my thumb, looking deeply into her eyes.

Our gaze met and I planted a soft kiss on her lips, she reciprocated and we started kissing ourselves coiled up in intense romance.


I got away unnoticed. The next target for me is her mentor. I know they are very close and I must get rid of him to get Evans.

This man was the one advising her when we were dating.

I remember she told me she suspected he loves her. I need to get him out of the way.

I made a mistake by not finishing him off that day. I need to see him soon. I must kill him. They have started sleeping together, if not he wouldn’t be sleeping in her house.

I must eliminate him. Evans is mine alone. Mine, mine and mine!

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