Diva  (Episode 4) by Samantha L.O.


(Did you miss episode three? Read here).




“It’s not what you think David.” I managed to say after a long period of silence.


“What’s this all about?”  He inquired.


“David, meet Alfred my ex.”  I told him.


The atmosphere was getting tensed up as I didn’t know what to do.


Alfred shouted suddenly “Evans are you mad?  What sort of introduction is this?  He raised his hand and gave me a very heavy slap.  You invited me here to talk to you, and here you are introducing me to this stupid man.” He said angrily.


“Excuse me, are you insane?’’ David replied.


“I hope you aren’t referring to me?” He asked.


Alfred moved close to him.


“I am referring to you man, do your worst.” He replied.


He moved to David and starting punching him. Before I could stop them, they were already on the floor rolling and punching themselves.


“Stop the video!  Help me, stop them please!” I cried begging the people making videos.


None of them helped, they kept on filming the fight. Not quite long, the security officials came over to stop them.


Alfred had sustained a deep cut on his lips; he really looked hurt and battered. David had beaten the hell out of him.


I was happy seeing him hurt, it gave me joy that he would feel the same pain Ray felt.


“Fuck you, I will get you!  I will kill you!” He kept on shouting as the security men bundled him out of the restaurant.


“David, I am so sorry.”  I managed to say.


He said nothing as he picked his car key and left.




Evans is cruel. How could she give me hope when she has another lover?


How could she do this to me?  She rendered me helpless for love.  I won’t forgive her!


He started his car and zoomed off. As he was driving, he noticed a car following him. He waved it off nonchalantly. When he got to his gate and was about driving in, he noticed someone at his back. He looked back and saw the same man he met at the bells with Evans.


“What now?”  He said confidently.


“I’m here for you.”  The man replied.


“Get away from here!”  David barked at him.


In the twinkle of an eye, he came face to face with a pistol. The man pulled him down from the car and pointed the gun at him.


“Please spare me.” David begged trembling. “What do you want?  Please, name it?”


“I want your life, you embarrassed me out there. You obviously wanted Evans and I can’t let that happen.” The man replied.


“Please spare me, I will let go.  I will……..” Boom! Boom!! Gunshots filled the air.




I got home and had a cool shower, I couldn’t cry again because I had exhausted all my energy due to the fight.


I picked up my phone to browse the internet. I was so heartbroken to see that the video had spread all over the internet like a wildfire.


Different captions were given to the video.


“Evans the innocent prostitute.”


“Trouble broke out as the popular gospel singer Evans Kish cheats on her fiancé.”


“Evans busted as men fight over her.”


“Our motivational Singer has backslidden.”


Many people had taken their time to paint me black.


My career was threatened, many people fought against me on social media.


My life was crumbling right in front of me.


Messages streamed in, I clicked on few and it was from people who wanted to abuse me.


I switched off my phone and tried sleeping. My other phone rang and my manager’s call came in.


“Hello Evans. How are you?”  She asked.


“I am fine.”  I replied.


“Evans there is a huge problem. The Manager of ‘Life Gates Cooperation’ called to inform me that they want to terminate their endorsement with you. Mr. Murey also called to say same. What happened to you?”


“What are all these video about?”


Get back to your feet and put the past behind you.


“If you don’t brace up, you will lose your fame. You will become nothing. You will be bankrupt!” She angrily hung up.


I lay on my bed and cried. I didn’t know what to do.


Fred will destroy me soon if I don’t act fast.


I must act fast.


Watch out for episode five.


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