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I didn’t pick his call. I got home and had a cold shower, I laid on my bed then my phone rang. It was Ray. At first I didn’t want to pick it but then I picked it.


“Hello dear, I’ve been trying to reach you but it was busy. What happened? You left the concert early.” Ray said.


“I’m so sorry Ray something came up.” I replied.


“You didn’t sound good, should I come over?”


“I am perfectly fine, Ray.”


“Okay.” He said and dropped the call.


I stretched on my bed and couldn’t help ruminating on my life.


Here is Ray the man most ladies in church wants and I have him on a platter. But, why can’t I just say yes! Tears trickled down my face.


Why? Just why? Why can’t I say yes to him?


I think I am in trouble, I don’t want to lose Ray and David, I think they are both perfect for me.


I kept on thinking and crying at the same time. A knock came on my door.


I stood up and reached for the door.


It was Ray standing at my door. I was surprised to say the least.


“Ray, how can you risk coming here? It’s late.” I managed to say holding the knob of my door.


“He looked at me lovingly and said, “at least let me in.”


“Oh sorry,” I said as I opened the door to welcome him in.


He sat on the sofa and I sat in front of him. He kept on looking at me and I felt uncomfortable. Eventually he stood up and sat beside me.


He held my hands and looked into my eyes.


“I don’t know what you are going through, but I feel it all. You are not feeling fine emotionally, Evans I have known you for years and when I heard your voice on phone, I knew something was wrong, speak to me.” He said gently as he stroke my hair.


I felt safe in his presence and moved closer to him. I am a type of lady that is very shy, I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him, so I rested on his chest and poured my heart out.


Whimpering I replied, “Ray I am in love with three…” He kept stroking my hair and patting me, listening to all my heart aches.


“I am in love with three…” I said again.


“Lista I heard you.” He replied. (He calls me Lista).


Alfred came back and I knew he wanted to beg me, even though he was a jerk, I still love him. I missed all the romantic and sweet moments with him. David asked me out officially today and I had to leave him and I know he wants response very soon. And here you are, Ray. I sat up, looked at his face and realized he had been listening with apt attention.


“I am very sorry Ray.” I pleaded.


“I don’t mean to make you feel bad.”


He smiled and it melted my heart.


Your happiness is my priority Lista and I am a failure if you aren’t happy.


He held my hand and whispered, “What do you really want”?


“Who do you really want?


The question met me off guard.


I shook my head confusingly, “I don’t know, I don’t even know, I want you badly, I want David and I want Alfred. I am virtually lost, I need help.”


“And I will help you, you need to pray to God, He will guide you on what to do, okay? That’s what I can say, because this is a matter of what you want and I am sure you are ready for marriage.”


I nodded.


“So my dear pray to God.” He said.


He turned to leave, but I stood up, pulled him back and hugged him from behind.


“Thank you, thank you so much.” I said.


I insisted he pass the night in my place and he did. I slept in my room and he slept in the guest room.


The second day was like no other, he is awake and ready to leave. I offered to accompany him out but he refused and I bade him farewell. I was inside the kitchen when I heard noises.


I dashed out! On getting outside, I met Ray in the pool of his blood.


“Oh my God! Ray! Ray!!” I shouted.


I rushed to where he was and on looking up I saw Alfred holding a sharp edge metal.


“You slut! So, this is the guy sleeping with you? No wonder I have been calling you, but you refused to pick up my calls, uhnn!” He barked.


“Fred, what have you done?” I shouted!


“The last time I checked we are ex, I broke up with you!


“Did I broke up with you?” He shouted. Answer me!


He rushed towards me and slapped me so hard on my face that I fell immediately.


He pulled my nightie almost striping me naked.


He pulled my head up, “how many rounds did you guys have? Answer me!”


He pulled my head to his mouth an started kissing me.


I forcefully pushed him away.


“Is he good in bed? Tell me!


He pushed me, I hit my body on the car and sat on the floor weak.


“I am coming back for you.” He shouted, entered his car and zoomed off.



Watch out for episode three.


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