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The Final Episode


My name was mentioned on the news as the prime suspect of David’s death. I don’t give a damn. It is okay if I go to jail but nobody will have Evans!

I dressed up to visit Ray in the hospital. I met a nurse at the reception and lied that I am Ray’s brother. She told me his ward number and off I went to finish what I started.

In no time I found the ward and opened the door gently to peep in.

To my greatest surprise I saw Evans kissing Ray. My whole world shattered immediately.

I tried controlling my anger but I couldn’t. I stormed but they didn’t notice because they were engrossed in the intense romance. I pulled Evans with her hair and punched her.

“You are a slut. How dare you?”

I started beating her so hard. Ray summoned some strength to stand; he moved close to me and tried saving Evans who was screaming.

I pushed Ray and he fell down helplessly because he wasn’t strong enough to stand.

“Help, help us!” Ray shouted.

At that moment it was as if the workers in the hospital were on strike. Nobody came around, probably because Ray was admitted to the VIP ward. Few people get admitted there. Luckily for me, Ray was the only VIP patient in the hospital at that time.

I quickly rushed to the door to lock it.

Evans screamed out but no one could hear her.

Ray was laying helplessly on the floor, watching as I batter Evans.

I pulled her close and hit her head on the wall. It was bloody.

Evans, I will defile you. I said smiling mischievously.

I pulled her close to kiss her she resisted and bit my hand. I gave her a resounding slap. She fell on the floor; I pulled her up and tore her clothes. She was so helpless.

Ray couldn’t behold the sight.

“No please, don’t do this.” He begged.

“Yes, I will do this. Evans destroyed me. She turned me to this monster I have grown to become.

I will defile her right in front of you, and there’s nothing you can do about that.”

She jumped up and tried running to the door. I went after her pulled her with her hair.

“Ouch!” She screamed in pain. “Please, Fred I beg you. Don’t do this to me.” She begged.

By now her clothes was sucked in blood. She had deep cut on her lips, blood was dripping from her head.

“If I don’t do this what’s my gain? Answer me!”

I asked shaking her vigorously.

I pushed her and she fell on the floor. I had my way tearing off her clothes exposing her body.

I tore her underwear and faced Ray. “Trust me, you will enjoy watching this.” I smiled wickedly as I told him.

Evans tried fighting me off; I continued hitting her till she was powerless to move.

The only thing she could do at that moment was to cry.

I parted her legs and had my way in her. At first I couldn’t penetrate because I felt some restrictions but I forced myself into her.

She was screaming loudly.

The agony and pain was incomparable.

Ray was just sobbing as he lay helplessly on the floor. He couldn’t watch as I thrust into her.

He looked away at moment, but I didn’t care, I didn’t stop I was enjoying every bit of it. While Evans was sobbing.

I stood up when I had satisfied myself. I looked at her scornfully, there on the ground she lay in blood.

“Yes I did it, I defiled her. I had deflowered her!”

“Next time you won’t mess with me.”

I turned to leave but I don’t know where she got the energy. She came after me with full speed and jumped at me, I don’t know how she did it. She used her long nails to pierce my eyes trying to pluck it out. I pushed her away. She fell on the trolley and hurt herself.

“My eyes, my eyes!” I kept on shouting.

I crawled to the door and started banging. I banged so hard.

Few minutes later. The door was forced open as I had locked the door.

All I could hear was faint whispers as I lost consciousness.

He is hurt, he may lose his sight.


The sight was gruesome. Evans and Alfred were rushed to the emergency room. They had both sustained injuries that can never heal. Alfred might lose his sight. As for Evans she will never be stable emotionally.

Will I be able to love her again?

Can I still marry her?

Will I forget incident?

Even if I forget the incident, the memories will linger on.

I soliloquize as I was wheeled to another ward.


I opened my eyes, but I wondered who took off the light. I used my hands to wipe my face. I still couldn’t see.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

“Mr. Alfred Wilkins, you are in the hospital. You can’t see again. You lost your sight.” A man replied me without pity.

“You are under arrest for murdering Mr. David Bakre and for raping Miss Evans Kish.” He told me.

“We pray you recuperate so that you can be charged to the court of law for prosecution.”

“Where’s Evans?” I asked.

“She left, she relocated to the Wales. Her career was dented and she needs to start over.” He replied coldly.

Then the reality dawned on me – I had lost Evans and my sight.

In fact, I lost everything. I will soon lose my liberty and if care is not taken, I might be sentenced to death.

I ruined myself.

I ruined my life.

All because of lust that I referred to love.

I sunk to my bed and cried heavily, regretting all I did. But, it was late already.

Retribution ruined me.


I sustained severe injuries. I was told I can’t give birth, due to the damage done to my womb through Alfred’s beating and the way I was pushed to the trolley. I had incurred severe internal injuries.

I adjusted to life, I moved to another country to start afresh.

Ray left me. I don’t blame him for his decision. I blamed myself for playing a game I wasn’t fit for.

Loving three men at the same time is a dangerous game that destroyed my destiny.

I ache more for David who lost his life. I am at fault, Pamela was right after all.

I knew Fred was dangerous but I couldn’t flee because of love – Beclouded love, blind love.

I destroyed my career. I failed my Creator. I regret it all.

Ray would be getting married soon. He deserves it; he doesn’t deserve someone like me. How I wish I had said yes to him earlier.

Now I live in regret. Even if God forgives me, I won’t be able to forgive myself. I just wish I could turn back the hands of time.

You can’t eat your cake and have it. Flee from any violent relationship. Don’t play with people’s emotions.

I hope you learnt from my story.


Thank you for reading.


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