By Samantha L.O.

Episode 1
My life is so complicated. Falling in love with three guys at the same time.
Is it love?
Is it lust?
Is it infatuation?
Is it obsession?
I need answers.
As a celebrity, I’ve gained much ground in the musical industry. Who the hell doesn’t know me? I am Evangelista. Evans for short.
I am indeed what a man could wish for. So beautiful, loving, elegant, rich and above all, emotional.
When it comes to love, I am frail, I am fragile. In time past, I have had series of relationship which didn’t work out. I just don’t know why men don’t value me.
Maybe it’s because I love too much, or because I care too much.
And now that I’ve found the true love I ever wanted, I am sad because I don’t know what to do.
Please don’t judge me.
I know you will be thinking of the possibility of loving three men at once.
Yes it is. In my story, it is.
Follow me as I take you down the lane of my love life.

**David the fanatic**

I met David online, Facebook to be precise. He was a friend to my brother. As a star, I love to make lot of friends, unfortunately for me, I had fake friends.
I sent him a request which he accepted and we became best of friends as we talked almost daily.
I discovered David was a religious fanatic. He believed in supernatural things a lot.
Every lady was a witch to David. I tried to change his thoughts but he won’t budge. I decided to step down.
I kept my distance and chatted with him less frequently. Inadvertently, I started avoiding him.
He noticed and started begging me. I didn’t care and decided to face my music career. Little did I know that I loved him.
I was coming from a concert one day, he met me and demanded to take me out, pleading I shouldn’t turn him down.
“Evans, give me a chance, let’s meet today and iron things out, please, don’t say no,” he begged.
“Dave, please I am running out of time. Maybe later,” I replied.
He kept on pleading and I had no choice than to oblige him.
We got to the restaurant and he started.
“The world knows who you are, my dear, you are a celebrity who has an indisputable character.
It’s not a surprise to me that you are still a virgin at this age, considering how famous you are,” he said.
I was so shocked.
“How on earth did you know?”
“How I got to know doesn’t matter,” he replied.
“My brother told you right?” I asked him angrily.
“You see Evans, be my wife.”
He said it so shabbily that I felt so small.
I stood up angrily.
“Wait! Please wait, Evans.” He came after me.
“You know me too well. I’m an extrovert. I don’t know how to handle relationship matters, you need to take it cool with me, okay? I love you Evans, not because of your money, No! But because of your chastity I just love the woman you have grown to become. Please give me this chance and I will change you emotionally. You will love like never before. Please give me that chance to change your world,” he begged almost crying.
As an emotional lady, I was moved. I didn’t even know if he was sincere or not.
“You see Dave. I will think about it,” I said and walked away.
In my car, I started thinking about the recent happening.
My Mentor Ray just proposed to me three days ago and I think I love him too. What should I do?


In church, he is my Mentor, my Boss and my Music Director.
Right from my childhood I have loved him, though he is older than me with 5 years. He is my confidant, my close friend, a big brother, a spiritual pillar to me. I have been admiring him secretly.
Three days ago, he asked me out.
I was at his place. He said he wanted to see me and when I got there, we did have some music rehearsals and then, he broke the shell.
“Evans, I never thought you can still be chaste, despite your opulence, you see I have always valued you, I have always cherished and loved you. And I don’t even think you will still uphold your morale. You know what? When you first told me you were selected by talent feruse, I was happy and sad at the same time wondering if you would still be the girl I know,” he smiled. “And you have proven to be the best.”
He brought out a flower and gave me. “Be the woman behind my smile, will you?”
I was shocked, so shocked.
“Ray, I never expected this from you,” I managed to say.
He held my hand and smiled.
“And now I have said it,” he replied smiling.
“I will give you feedback on Saturday after my concert,” I replied.
He smiled and nodded.

**Back to the present**

What should I do?
I ruminated. Two lovers? What should I do?
As I was ruminating, my phone rang and behold it was Alfred calling me, Alfred of all people.


He was my immediate ex. I loved him like my life depended on it but he was a woman beater.
He beat me a lot while we were still dating. Slight mistakes warranted a slap from him. He virtually abused me.
In short, he was an abuser in every sense of the word!
I left him the day he tried to rape me. He complained that I never gave him my body. I had told him I will wait till marriage, ‘VTM’ as I always say, meaning, “Virgin till marriage.”
He agreed at first but changed after his friends told him I was a cheat and was only fooling him.
He started having multiple sex partners and beating me a lot.
I ran away one day and blocked him from my social media handles. He tried tracing me but I never gave him audience.
After making me suffer, he is now back.
What should I do? Should I pick his call?
See you in the next episode.
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