Don’t Give up!

Don’t Give up!

I never really started as the best in anything, but something God has given me is tenacity.



Oh yeah, maybe I was always the best in primary school,  but it soon faded away when I got to secondary school. My first year in secondary school was rough, I mean I was playful, short and very adventurous then.



How I managed to become 5th is something I don’t understand, I mean we were over 70 students in class, and if you know the average public school in Lagos, the classes can be very rowdy.



I eventually became the 4th position at the end of 3rd term, I mean I was stunned. Here was I, who was told that I’m too playful,  in short that’s what my class teacher wrote in my report card. He’s intelligent, but too playful.  Mhen! How can my teacher write that. I thought she was supposed to cover me up, after all I was among the top 5 in class, bla bla bla, but no ooo, he didn’t. Mhen! My Dad gave me a good bulala when I got home that day, I can never forget that day.



But eventually,  l left that school and was transferred to another school somewhere in Abuja, Nigeria. Mhen! My first two years there were rough. Lol. I was a play play son of a pastor. I really don’t know why my colleagues loved to see me as a pastor’s kid.



Sincerely, I detested that title, but they’d usually say it nonetheless. Somehow, I never got close to being among the best 5 in those 2 years.



Chai! I can never forget how my dad threatened to literally deport me back to Lagos if I refused to bring back a good result, I mean here was I in Js3 2nd term with only one A out of 13 subjects I guess, and that day he looked at my colleagues result  (Haffner), mhen! He scolded me ooo, guess what Haffner had, 8A1s, and here was I with only one A1 out of 13 subjects.



The way he disciplined me then ehn! I can never forget.



My U-turn actually came in SS1, I mean it was a dramatic U-turn, a 360° kind of change.



I remember resuming in SS1, and the first day or so we were playing ball in the basketball court, I don’t know what made my dad come back after dropping me in the boarding house, and lo and bejold, he foundme playing ball, after seriously warning me to read my books, and stop playing. Lol. Those days, I was just a play freak. I was not the serious minded man I’ve grown to become.



Mhen! My dad barked my name out of that playing ground, and before I knew what was happening, my school father, who happened to be a non-teaching staff came from behind and dragged my ear out of the field, I can still remember the pain I felt on my ear on the field that day.



I tell you friend, my legs didn’t touch ball again till the end of that term. The fear of my dad and my school father kept me from doing so.



Well, to the glory of God that was my best term in FGBC Apo, I mean I read like no man’s business for the first time on my own, and when the results were released, I had the best result in my set, I’m telling you I least expected it, because in my set ehn! I was no where near the first 10 as at that time, not even the first 20.



But I had 7As out of 10, the highest anyone had in my set in SS1 first term that year. I knew I was the highest because a senior student who helped our teachers to record the overall broadsheet told me so, like it felt too good to be true.




Thank God, my dad didn’t leave me to myself, or the teachers that scolded me.



So, what’s the lesson I’m bringing out from this story. Don’t give up! You might not be the best yet, but if you strive and do more with applied wisdom, you’d soon beat the best and be the best.



Should I continue my story? I eventually graduated a s one of the best students in my secondary school. Lol. Clap for me joor. I mean in all the previous sets to mine, no commercial student had achieved that feat. In my school back then, commercial students were assumed to be the dull ones and regular noise makers, but if you were in science class, you were looked at as an intelligent somebody supposedly. I mean my maths teacher even told me I as too intelligent to be in commercial class when j was in SS2. I’m so sure she would not have said that if she knew me back in junior secondary school.



So, what am I saying in essence, friend – don’t give up!



To you my friend who feels discouraged, don’t give up! God has got your back.



Don’t give up, for in due season, we’d receive a crown of glory if we faint not.



So in essence listen to corrections, work hard, pray,  believe, strive on and never give up!



My university experience is a story for another day. Lol.



See you at the top!



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