Hello friends, I’m so excited right about now, as I’ve decided to join in my first ever #HallelujahChallenge. And it’s going to be super glorious 🔥.

The #HalleluyahChallenge will be going down from the 4th- 24th February 2019.

I can never forget how I played the Olowogbogboro song over and over again when I first heard it in 2017, I must say that up till date, it’s one of my favorite songs.

Actually, this #HallelujahChallenge inspired the #HymnChallenge, and there were testimonies of God’s goodness. It has also inspired the #PrayerChallenge tagged “OperationNigeria”

The #HallelujahChallenge is a 21 days praise, worship and prayer session for all who are willing to participate worldwide.

It usually lasts for an hour, from 12 am- 1 am. Various people have shared testimonies from the past edition and this one will certainly be full of good news likewise.

During the online event, Nathaniel Bassey goes live on Instagram as well as other social media platforms and thousands of people join online for the session.

Here are the things to note if you’d be participating in this great program:

1. Pray in the Spirit at least 1hr during the day.

2. Read the word. Watch out for a collective bible plan this period (Bible Reading Challenge).

3. Don’t get discouraged by all the critics and bloggers that would normally speak against this. Focus.

4. Every night we would pray for the Nigerian elections, using our PVCs as points of contacts and also encourage people to GO OUT AND VOTE!
5. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments about the Hallelujah Challenge. It’s okay if they think we are wasting our time. At least you know you are not. And have tasted of God’s power.

6. Get out a journal to write. You may use your previous one if you still have.

7. Spend time praying for us. Myself, family and the team as we embark on this.

8. Be excited ! And ready to see GOD MOVE!

9. Tag someone that needs this.

10. Get ready to Sing & Pray.

11. Reach for your instruments of praise…., Your Heart, Your voice, your Hands, Legs…. and every thing that has breathe….

Let’s go !

Now you know. Share and spread the word to those concerned.

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