28 years ago, I was born after 4 years of my parents waiting on the LORD for the fruit of the womb. I sense that’s why I’m always with people older than me as friends or something 😆. I just noticed I’m always among the youngest when I’m with my peers.

So now, I want to give a special shout out to some people who made my 27th year an eventful one.

My family obviously comes first: Dad, Mom and my siblings.

Peter Suulola. My longest and closest standing firelighter. On Seyi’s wings, I’ve flown into the tech world safely without crashing. We’ve been together since 2011, and I’ve never regretted walking with him. Thanks for being an answer to prayers since my 100 level days. You’ve been a blessing consistently to me. Thank you.

Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu. My number 1 firelighter. Lizzy’s message always brings back my fire 🔥 every single time. I’m more of the one who checks up on others. Lizzy checks up on me 😂. She’s among the few who check on me to be sure I’m still on course with God’s vision for my life.

Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu

On this new year, I pray that you’d step into greater and higher dimensions in the Spirit. You amaze your generation continually. Hallelujah. You never leave the secret place.

Ife Grace. We met first in 2018, but mhen! My meeting her was at a defining point in my life. I’ve never been the same since we met. Destiny connections, divine friendships, it’s been a great journey. Your tenacity and consistency with kingdom matters inspire me a lot. And thanks for the gift of ETC. I’ve made great friends just by knowing you.

Fortune Jacob. My senior sister in the LORD. You’re a gem. It’s weird we’ve not yet met in person. I can’t wait to see you in person though. Thanks to DWC for the gift of you. You’ve been more than a sister to me, you’ve been a friend too. Thanks for always being an always being an awemazing fellow. Thanks for always sending me gifts on my birthday. Your consistency is inspiring. Thank you.

Fortune Jacob

Blessing Ekele Eikojonwa. My DWC padi. Thanks for being that listening ear to my baby’s, and for always being the voice of the Spirit to awaken me to write and podcast again. You’re a special friend. Thanks for being so unique.

Blessing Ekele Eikojonwa

Jennifer Azubuike. My writing padi. If not for her, I’d probably have forgotten that I’m a writer. You inspire me everytime to keep writing week in week out, for this I’m eternally grateful.

Jennifer Azubuike

Opeyemi Opayemi. My Father in the LORD. Thanks for always inspiring me to hear God’s voice before undertaking anything. I’m praying for you pastor. More than you ask or think or imagine, so shall God do unto you.

Now to everyone who wished me an happy birthday, I say a very big thank you.

Also, I was not the only one who had a birthday on October 14, I’d be giving a shout to my fellow October 14 celebrants too:

Pastor Sam Balogun. Happy birthday dear uncle. It’s been a long time coming. So glad you have been a part of my journey, especially from my childhood days. Thanks for inspiring me to be rich when I was a kid. You’re blessed on all sides

Pastor Dotun Onifade: The Youth pastor of my local church. Thanks for allowing me to be me. Thanks for allowing me flap my wings under your cover in God’s sanctuary. God bless you tremendously sir

Bro Ibukun Osoba: My elder brother in the LORD. Thanks so much for being my inspiration to become a drama minister. You’re the one who discovered the drama side of me and co-opted me into the drama unit of the church. Thanks and thanks so much, God bless you.

Deborah Akinade: Happy birthday black beauty, your days on earth are blessed. You soar and shine beyond expectations. Glow in the glory of the LORD.

Bro Eyitayo: Happy birthday my dear brother in the LORD. Yours is a life of faith and faithfulness. I pray for you that you’d continually see the glory of God daily in your life. Welcome to a year of greater glory.

Also, I’d like to share one lesson I learnt from my time In Ikogosi warm springs. I noticed that the warm spring was clearer than the cold spring, you know what came to my mind when I saw this? The hotter you are, the clearer your life.

Spend time to be hot for Christ, and you’d notice that York life would be clearer.

Disclaimer: This is not to say that if you’re not mentioned here, you didn’t play a great role in my life. This is just an appreciation post to a few friends who have lightened my path during my last year.

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