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Happy Birthday, Seyi

Happy birthday Seyi. My closest and longest standing friend. My coding mentor. My tech bro. I’m grateful to God our paths crossed. It’s been a long way coming, right from 2011 till date. Thanks for our fights and wins.

Thanks for the times of intense prunings and prayers The times we were confused, and the times we were crystal clear of our destinies. You’ve been there for me than any other.

Thanks for being one of the few that’s made me believe in the impossible. I see you and I know I can never be poor el. God bless you Suu. It’s a new dawn for you.

I see the glory of the LORD rising on your life. God is taking you to greater heights than you have ever dreamed possible. Thanks for holding my hands along life’s journey. My chief accountability partner. My number 1 buddy.

You’re always an inspiration to me. I see glory all around you, and I’m certain He who hath begun a good work in you will definitely bring it to perfection.

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