By Iremide Akinsola

D: Hey beautiful! How are you doing?

F: Who are you calling beautiful? It’s definitely not me.

D: Aw. C’mon Princess, it’s you. When I see you, I’m convinced that God made you on the Monday after He rested.

F: Dad, don’t flatter me. I know I’m not beautiful. If you say Bisi is beautiful, everyone knows that’s true.

She has the perfect long legs and she has a smile that brightens up any room. That’s what beautiful looks like.

D: Fifunmi, do you remember when we went to the Secretariat to finalize your Mum’s transfer to Lagos?

F: Yes, Dad. I remember and I know what you are about to say. The fact that most people there kept saying I’m pretty doesn’t matter. Maybe they were just saying it.

D: 😁 yeah right. They were just saying it. I’m sure the departmental prize you got as the Most Beautiful was also a mistake 😋

F: The award was voted for. Probably my friends and their friends just felt that they should vote for me to encourage me.

D: Of course! That’s true. That must be the same reason why the church decided to have you on the billboard. To encourage you 😏

F: Dad!! Stop it nau. You know I’m not beautiful like people expect. I don’t have a flat tummy. There are some spots on my face. And..

D: Oluwafifunmi. My Gift from God. You are beautiful. That’s who you are. It’s not about anyone’s opinion. That’s the fact. However, it is up to you to walk in the understanding of who you are.

You can choose to pick out the few flaws you have and magnify them until they become mountains…

Or you can choose to see yourself as a masterpiece who is also a work-in-progress.

The choice is yours, my dear. But no matter what you choose, I’ll always call you beautiful whether you see it or not. With the hope that one day, you’ll see what I see. That you’ll see yourself just as I see you.

So, have a wonderful day, beautiful 🥰

F: Awwn. 🙈☺️ Thank you Daddy.

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Iremide Akinsola is a Christian who enjoys reading, writing and listening to music.

2 thoughts on “HEY BEAUTIFUL”


    I choose not to see the little flaws here and there, but to see the perfected me by faith in the finished works of Christ.

    Thanks so much for the reminder, bro.
    May God bless you two(the writer and sharer😉).

    1. Yes…

      Very beautiful for that matter 😍

      You are a chosen daughter of God!

      Yes, see yourself just as Christ sees you.

      You’re welcome…


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