I once came across a quote made by a man named Pascal in Billy Graham’s book World Aflame, and it reads “Certain authors, when they speak of their work, say: ‘My book, my commentary, my history’… they would do better to say ‘our book, our commentary, our history,’ since their writings generally contain more of other people’s good things than their own.”

Therefore, this is not my blog but our blog!
I would like to appreciate everyone who has helped with ashsaltcom.wordpress, and special thanks goes to the following persons who read the manuscripts and made valuable suggestions:
Grace Obiyo
Seyi Suulola
Enoch Oladimeji
Opeyemi Adewumi
I am also grateful to Gift Omoruyi for her constant encouragement… she is one of my sincere fans and a highly gifted poet, song composer and upcoming author. God bless you a lot Gift!
Finally, I am indebted to my parents, Mr and Mrs Ashibuogwu who are my most treasured encouragers! Their constant encouragement and support is of great value.
Over the years I have gathered ideas and quotations from sources even long forgotten. I express my profound gratitude to every one whose articles I have read, every man whom I have spoken with or prayed for, and every minister of the gospel I have listened to, for each has contributed in some measure to this blog! Regrettably, it is not possible to list each one by name.
It is my sincere hope and prayer that God will bless “our” blog!

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