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My Experience at the American International School of Lagos

So many times, an average Nigerian would fantasize about being in America, well I’m not exempt from this category. Smiles…

My first time in the American International School made me want to be in America for real, because I practically saw no difference between the school and what I expected to see in America.

Much more than the thrill of being in an ‘Americanized’ environment, I was able to learn some things, which I shall gladly tell you about.

1. Whatever field you are, improve yourself. Never remain at the same level for too long!

2. Connect with mentors, and network with experts. If you don’t have a mentor, prayerfully select one who is an expert in that area you desire one.

I and Mark Page

Beyond the lessons gained from the conference, I’d say it was an experience, I mean an eye opener for me, in the sense that I was challenged to be a global minded individual every single day I find myself on planet earth. 🌍

Asides that, it was a reunion with a fellow alumni from UI, in the person of bro. Segun. Our picture is below 👇

I and Bro. Segun

So, if you ask me, I’d say – don’t miss out on any opportunity you have to improve yourself!

So, where have you been recently that inspires you, kindly share with us in the comments section.


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