O GOD, WHY ME? - Ashsalt



“O God, why am I like this! I have no success stories, I just keep moving from failure to failure, sorrow to sorrow. Here I am, twenty years old today. Why is it that all my life I have been haunted with failure? Whatever I lay my hands on seems to always fail. Why me, Lord?” She kept on pacing to and fro the courtyard, in order to stay awake.

“I got saved since 3 years ago, but am yet to be totally free from sin. Dear Lord, I will never let You go unless you save me. Lord, you know me, if You leave me to myself, I’d fail. Pass me not O gentle saviour, hear my humble cry.” At this point, she bowed her head towards her knee, and fell to her knees as tear drops rolled down on top of her cheeks like rain drops coming down from a zinc roof in rainy season. She kept on pouring her heart to God for several hours all through the night.



“Grin! Grin! The time is 10:00 O’ Clock… Grin! Grin! The time is 10:00 O’ Clock… Grin! Grin! The time is 10:00 O’ Clock” Beeped the Nokia C2, as it buzzed off the mahogany stool till it came crashing down on the floor.

“Waoh! 10:00 am, I can’t believe the time has gone this far. I have a class by 10. Lord, save me, Jesus have mercy on me, Holy Spirit breathe on me. You’re brooding on me, and am grateful, but am so slow at learning even the basic fundamentals of the Christian race, please change me. I’m willing!”

“You’d never make it… You’re a failure… Christian perfection is not for you” A demon whispered into her ears.

“lol… I thought you asked the Holy Spirit to wake you up by 8:30am although you slept by 7am… lol… see you… Your Holy Spirit is too weak to wake you up… lol… you can never be perfect joor…” another perfect demon asserted.

“I command every foul spirit whispering thoughts of defeat and failure into my ears to catch fire, in the name of Jesus!”

“Don’t worry, we’d be back… yeeh!” And, so they left without lingering.

“Fire! I take authority over my mind, and bring into captivity every thought that is not of God, in Jesus’ name.”

In 5 minutes, she was out of the washroom, and off she was for the class.

Two weeks passed and Kemi kept on pouring her heart to God every night without fail, and continued faithfully as the choir mistress of the campus fellowship in which she was privileged to serve.

The song “Sweet is the promise I will not forget thee, nothing can molest or turn my soul away. Even though the night be dark within the valley, yet I know that just behind the darkness is an eternal day” kept her hopeful whenever thoughts of despair poured into her soul.

On one sunny day, Kemi was just in her room shortly after Koinonia (house fellowship), while rearranging the room, she just felt this lightness in her spirit, and her soul disentangled from its problems, and she began to speak in an unknown tongue, for like 2 hours, she was on her knees non-stop praying and praising in an unknown tongue.

Immediately, she finished ministering in the Spirit, her heart felt elated and the voice said unto her: “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” She knew that very moment that she felt nothing less than the comforting presence of the Comforter Himself.

She knew that very moment that she felt nothing less than the comforting presence of the Comforter Himself.


When you get sanctified and filled with the Spirit, I tell you beloved, you will never be quite the same – your spirit would begin to understand deep mysteries of the gospel. You would became hungrier for the presence of God like never before. Your evangelistic efforts would begin to bear fruit like never before, and whenever you pray, you would have this assurance as of a son of the Father who owns all of Heaven. Your morale in prayer, would be boosted, and demons would tremble at your voice, and prayers – even secret prayers.


I trust you have been blessed by Kemi’s story… I love you, and would be delighted to hear from you, so please leave me a comment, or a personal story of how you received answers to prayers, after tarrying in the upper room. Remember, “blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted”… You shall be comforted.