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Written by: Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu



What is the matter with Cole?



I was seated in front of my flat awaiting Beverly’s call that she had arrived her place but there was no call. Even after we finished the vigil, there was still no call from her.






When I tried reaching her, her phone was not available. I got to my flat and started knocking on Cole’s door. There was no answer.






Oh suddenly, I see Cole. Guess he traced me here using Google Maps





Beverly’s voice rang in my head.







Definitely, they were together!






What could be happening Lord?






“Or has he followed her to Cross River state?” I suddenly asked aloud. My heart started pounding.






I moved to Cole’s door again and banged harder! When there was no response, I knew he was not inside. I moved to my flat and brought out a recliner that I placed in front of my door. I had to keep a vigil so as to know when Cole would arrive!







Soon enough, I heard his car’s honk and he drove in. I maintained my cool when I saw him coming.





He looked so dangerous and angry that I wondered what was wrong! I watched as he ran fastly into our compound, tears on his face.










On Cole’s face?








“F*ck! F*ck you! Sh*t men!” He was cursing under his breath as he pressed the lock on his door and hurriedly jumped in.






I stood up at once, my heart in my mouth!






Something must be wrong!






What is it oh Lord?







I picked my recliner and entered into my flat, my brain so busy doing so much calculations!






I picked my phone just then and dialed Beverly’s number- switched off!





Oh my goodness!






I went on my knees and raised my hands.






“Lord, I thank You because there is no problem with Beverly. I worship You because she has gotten to her destination safe and sound. Thank You Lord because my heart can rest securely now that You are with her. Thank You Savior. Amen!”





I moved to my wardrobe, brought out my sportswear and changed into them. I would need to go on an early morning exercise to clear my mind because the Lord had told me that ‘It is well!’






Jeje jeje we dey go

Jeje we dey go o jeje

Jeje jeje we don dey go







I sang on as I jogged out of the compound, my huge headphone clutched down my ears. I did not mind the fact that it was just 4am in the morning.






I needed some heart clearing!







“I’m sorry Beverly” His voice came up in my ears and I clutched the pillow to myself.





“I just don’t know what came over me! I don’t understand!” He said again, tears laced his eyes. I was already too shocked to say anything. I couldn’t even straighten my roughen hair, nor could I pull down my skirt.





Suddenly, there was darkness!





I screamed like I had mistakenly sat down on a hot stove!





I hid my face in the well scented pillow and screamed again.




“Madam, stop screaming. It’s just power outage. They will put on the gen now. Stop disturbing the whole hotel. You aren’t the only one here” An obviously angry soul said, knocking on my door angrily.




“Sorry” I managed to say as my voice could allow.




Soon, the light came on and I sighed.




“Lord, did I come to earth with bad luck? Jesus, what did I do in my past life? I must have been a rapist in my past life! I must have!” I cried out at once, covering my mouth with a pillow so my cries could be suppressed.




Immediately Cole dropped me at the airport, he got a ticket going to my state and paid for it since the one Dr. Earl booked earlier had expired. I didn’t even know how I got to the plane. I didn’t know for how long we were in the air. All I knew was that a taxi dropped me in front of a hotel.




“Madam, you seem so out of your mind. It is well. We brought you to this hotel so you can book for a night and leave for wherever you are going in the morning.” I remembered hearing a woman tell me.




When she realized that I wasn’t listening to her, she must have come down herself to book for a room for me because all I knew was that I was in a hotel room, my luggage with me!





“God bless her! God bless her!” I kept muttering again as I wept still.






Of a truth, there is but a thin line between sanity and insanity; life and death!



“I am not a beast!” I kept telling myself as tears ran down my face.




“No I am not a dummy! I am not a beast! I am not a dummy!” I cried out loudly as the events of the night before relived in my face.




How could I obey my dad to do something that grievous?




How could I?





“Why am I puppet? Why?” I cried out suddenly.





I remembered the look of agony on her face as she struggled with me in the car.





“Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Noooo!” I cried out again.





How on earth would I still be able to face her?  How?






Tears rushed out of my eyes like a fountain of hot water!






My phone rung just then- daddy!





I hissed as I watched it ring. After a while, when he wouldn’t stop calling, I picked.





“Cole, how far?” He asked.





“What?” I asked disinterestedly.






“Didn’t you do what I asked you to do last night?”





“What did you ask me to do?” I asked, wanting him to mention it with his mouth to see how heavy the word was even in the mouth!






“Your sister is dying! She just came out of a heart attack just few minutes again! If she dies you…”





“Just tell me the correlation between Bella’s health and Beverly’s life daddy! What is happening that we do not know about? What have you entered into that they are demanding for the life of a glorious…” I was saying so angrily when I heard him coughing.






“Cole! Cole! Are you mad Cole? Who are you to say stupid things about your father? Who are you, boy?”






“Who are you too dad? Professor Bello, I ask, who are you? I have been your puppet for too long, but not anymore! I used to love and obey Prof Bello who was a hero but the one I know now is a criminal! A criminal that should be placed behind the bars!”






“What!” He exclaimed. I breathed heavily for a while and then the call dropped. I covered my mouth, so afraid.






“What have I done? What! Ha…I am in trouble! I am in soup!” I cried as I rolled on the floor.





Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I jumped up in fear.





Who could it be?





My dad’s touts?






The knock persisted.





“Cole, it’s me. Are you inside?” It was Earl’s voice. I ran to the door quickly and opened. I locked the door immediately he entered.






“You are having issues with daddy?” He asked suddenly and I sighed, resting my head against the wall.





“What is the issue? You can always trust me.” He said calmly and I walked close to him.





“Bella is sick in the hospital. What is the correlation of her health with me sleeping with Beverly even if it takes raping her?” I asked and Earl’s eyes widened. “You are my elder brother, so you should know. If I sleep with Beverly, nay, even if I rape her, Bella will be fine, what does that mean?” I asked and Earl bent his head.





“Daddy asked you to do that?” He asked, still calmly.






“Yes. He said I must do that yesterday! That it must be done yest…” I was saying when he suddenly caught my arms.






“And you did?” He asked urgently. I swallowed.






“Ye…” I was saying when he stood up and walked to the wall. He slapped the wall about three times before he bent down to pant for a while.





I stood up and walked to the wall.





“That girl is a poor, innocent girl who came to this school because she was helped, you people have just everything, why would you take what she’s holding preciously? Why Cole? Even if daddy says you should deep your hands in fire, would you? Would you?” He asked, his voice shaking vehemently.





“That was what I thought about as I was about doing the act. I had pushed her down, drawn her skirt up. I had successfully removed our clothes but as I was about doing the act, I looked into her face…” I paused, looking into Earl’s eyes.





“And…” He asked so anxiously.






“I saw a look in her eyes that was scary! It was pitiful, yet scary! Then I remembered daddy. How could he have sent me on such an evil errand? I stood up immediately and started dressing her. She was so shocked to even do anything! Even as I pled with her, she couldn’t say anything! She just kept crying!” I said and Earl sighed.






“So, you didn’t rape her?” He asked to be sure.






“I almost did, I rough handled her” I said and Earl nodded.





“We thank God that it was not more than that. It is well” He sighed again. I knelt before him.






“Bro, I am now an enemy of daddy! I insulted him on the phone! What do you think he will do next? I am so scared to the bones! I am” I started crying again. I had never been so vulnerable before my elder brother but I had nobody to turn to. Just nobody!





He pulled me up with his huge arms and rested his arms on my shoulders.





“He can do nothing to you if you are under Divine security! Under the Everlasting arms of God!” He said and I blinked.






“Are you preaching again?” I asked, almost dejectedly.






“The farther you try to move away from God, the closer He is to you because we are always praying for you! No other security in this world than in Jesus!” He said and I sighed.





Soon, he was seated with me on my bed, pointing out some verses of the Bible to me. He talked about quoting some of those verse. I crammed quite a lot.





At the end, when he was leaving, I felt new and refreshed.






Jesus actually made a whole lot of sense to me!






“Whether you agree or not, Jesus is Lord!” Earl’s words rang in my head.












The sitting room was as quiet as a graveyard even though we were about twenty in there!





Dr. Oladejo was such a good man and all his foster children, those he was doing good to or those he had helped one way or the other were scattered all over the large house immediately the news of his bad health reached them.





Mummy, his wife had suddenly gone so lean. I rubbed her shoulder as she looked on mournfully.






“It is well mummy” I muttered to her. She nodded with a small smile.





“Who is Beverly?” The doctor that had gone inside to attend to him announced. I was shocked.




“Mummy, which of the Beverlys?’ I asked and she smiled.




“You are the only Beverly on his mind. Maybe when he sees you, he will be okay” She said and I frowned slightly.





“Okay, let’s go in together ma”





“No. If he needs me, he would have sent for me too. He probably wants to discuss some vital things with you. Go” She said with a finality and I nodded.





I stood up and followed the direction of the doctor.





I entered the room and I was wowed!






It looked like a real ICU in a hospital with the many machines, white lights, tubes, palpating sounds and so on. It looked like an entirely new place from the whole house.





“Come and sit down” I heard a ghostly voice and I was confused as I walked to the bed.






That couldn’t be his voice!










I saw a very lean stature on the bed and my heart shifted from its normal position as I fell to the ground, my hands wrapped around his tummy.






“This is not daddy! This can’t be you! It can’t be” I cried on, sorrowfully.





He looked like he had been waiting for me so he could die afterwards!





“I have been waiting for you” He confirmed my fears and I shook my head.





“Why would you wait for me? Don’t wait for me daddy! You can’t die! You must live! You must. Oh Lord my God!” I wept on. He laughed silently.





“What is death that you are this afraid?” He asked, his voice so croaky.





“Daddy, is it your heart? What is the matter?”




“Yah, heart failure” He said so calmly. There was a sad look on his face.





“Caused by?”






“It was CAD at first, I suffered two heart attacks few weeks after that. Then, now, x-rays say, its cardiomyopathy.” He explained and tears down my face. I saw a stethoscope close to him and picked it up.




“You want to see for yourself? C’mon, do so” He said as I listened to his lings for signs of congestion. I picked up some abnormal heart sounds too.




Oh my God!





“Daddy, how do you feel? You mind a heart transplant?” I asked and he shook his head.





“The whole thing isn’t normal my dear. Up till last week that I had a major check-up, all parts of my body was working perfectly! How could this just happen in a day? How?” He asked, tears forming in his eyes.




“Daddy, don’t cry! The Lord is in control. Please don’t cry” I said, crying profusely as I squeezed his hands.





“How can I cry? I am not crying o” He said and I nodded with my running nose.





“But I don’t want to die o. Because I have you children, I don’t want to die. Even Glory has been crying since she came last night. I shouldn’t die. Or what do you think?” He asked and I nodded.





“You will not die in the Name of Jesus!” I said and he started laughing, coughing loudly as he did.




“Sir, stop laughing sir” I said as he tried to sit up.




There was a knock at the door.




“He shouldn’t be laughing please” It must be the doctor’s voice.




“We doctors though! If something is funny, shouldn’t one laugh?” Dr. Oladejo teased and smiled, squeezing my hand weakly.




“So, you are now a Jesus’ people like my wife ehn? Good for you!”  He laughed again, but more subtly.




“I have found that all my efforts are going to be futile if I don’t accept Christ. When I was outside Christ, I was raped. I couldn’t escape it. But, just yesterday, since I am in Christ, I was almost raped but He came through for me. It is so sweet to trust in Jesus sir” I said and he smiled.




“You don’t think it was mere coincidence…in the meanwhile, was it Cole that attempted raping you?” He asked and my eyes widened.



“How did you…” I was asking when he smiled.




“I have a request” He said and I nodded.




“Mention it dad” I said. There was silence as he coughed vehemently.




“I am hoping that I won’t die. They said I have end stage heart failure yet, ECHO, CT Scam, MRI, Stress test, coronary angiogram detected nothing. How could I have end stage heart failure? Huh?” He asked and I sighed deeply.



I didn’t know what to do.




“Here is my request. Listen carefully!” He said and I nodded.




“I am all ears sir”





“I love you Beverly!” He said and paused. I looked into his eyes and the tears had rolled down.




“I will fight since the battle line is drawn but if I lose the battle and die, I mean, no matter what happens to me, Beverly, never, ever, ever never give in to Cole!” He said and I sat up.



How did he know about Cole?




“Sir, how did you…” I was asking again when he started laughing seriously.




“See…the…con…fu…sion…on…her…face…” He laughed on, coughing seriously. The doctor ran and held me by the shoulder.




“You will have to go out now miss” He said and I looked at the frail man in his bed. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up.




“Bye sir. I will continue to pray for you” I said as I walked out. He coughed on.




How did he know?




Why was he talking in parables?






“Where is papa?” I asked hurriedly as I opened the door of the restaurant and found my sisters sleeping on the floor like impoverished people that they were.



There was no answer from anyone of them as they looked so weak to even stand up to greet me. I looked under the bench and found someone lying in there. I bent and pulled the figure out- Somto!



He looked like a bag of bones!




Tears gushed into my eyes as I dropped my bags and pulled him into my eyes. He was crying profusely but his voice couldn’t come out. He looked like he was struggling to get his voice out.



My heart dropped!




“Is he dumb?” I cried out at once as I opened his hands and checked for his throat. He bit me suddenly and I cried out in pain.




When he licked his tongue as if he had found meat, I knew everyone must be hungry. I picked a wrapper from the floor and tied him to my back.




As fast as my legs could carry me, I ran to a restaurant not too far. I bought enough food, plenty meat, well cooked beans and vegetables, some fruits too and bowls of yoghurt.




I ran back to the house and called everyone to stand up- they all obeyed and came close to their different places.




“I will rather die in hunger than eat your food!” Bailey called out angrily. I looked into her face and my beautiful, fair sister had turned black!




“Bailey, why would you…” I was saying when she burst out again.




“Leave us alone! We did not die without you, so leave us!” She said and my other sisters withdrew from eating. I was angry.




“You think it was easy for me even in school? I was always thinking about you people. I always did!”



“Of course you always did! And the thoughts had been putting food on our tables! You think that because you are back now, you can just boss us around like…” She was saying when Beth banged the table.




“What your tongue Bailey! She is our elder sister! How dare you talk to her that way? We know she has hurt us and all. But saying all you are saying is too much!” She said, angrily too.




Tears rushed into my eyes.




“Sister, in your absence, we went through a whole lot!” Beth started. “Daddy is critically ill right now and…” She narrated on and I couldn’t do anything but weep.




I wept so much that I had no more strength left inside of me.




Bailey burst out laughing.




“Crocodile tears! How can you cry when you went to school and you keep sleeping around? How can you cry?”




“I didn’t sleep around, warn yourself Bailey!”




“You didn’t sleep around shae? See that bastard on your back, isn’t he a result of your sleeping around? And that SMC heir guy! At least, if you will sleep around, why not charge them! Why not charge them and send us big millions? Why?” She said and I kept on crying.




I used to be very respected and feared that I didn’t know what had happened!




Bailey was becoming so unbearable for me.




“I am talking to you, say something ashawo!” she said and tugged at my clothes.




I stood up at once, dropped my baby and pulled her clothes. When she struggled, I delivered about three slaps on her face till her face turned red!




“What do you know about me? What?” I asked, so angrily.




“Sleep around? Even if you hear that kind of news from anyone, should you believe it?” I asked angrily and there was silence.




“When your mother was away, sleeping around, I was the mother of this family. You thought you suffered? Oh really! I worked around as a laborer just to ensure I put food on the table every day for the seven of us! You were a maid, yes! You were working for your mother! Your monthly allowance went to her!” I said angrily. Bailey wept on.




“I got an opportunity to be a good ophthalmologist in the best university in Nigeria and even though I rejected the offer, my grateful guardian said I must!  It would be an opportunity to save my dad’s eyes and cater for my family. That has been my thought. Every day in school, I see fine things but I can’t buy them because I must send 50 thousand home every month! Yet, I would eat and get some materials!”




“I am a medical student but I still try to teach extra lessons in school so I could send you money. Since my guardian sometimes doesn’t send pocket money on time! Why would I trouble someone after struggling to send me to an expensive school? Why? Yet, you are hearing calling me names!” I paused to breathed before continuing.




“And that notion that I sleep around, cancel it from your mind! If you have been sleeping around, go on sleeping but stop pushing your sins to me!” I said, panting heavily.



“Wasn’t it your mother than sold me to Mr. Boma so I could get my WAEC fees? I felt it was too shameful that I was raped despite the fact that I called myself a strong lady plus, who will hear such about our mother and not curse her? That was why I decided not to tell you people. But you dare call the child I carried in my womb for nine months evil, bastard and all?” I asked, my voice already quaking.




I broke down in tears as I moved to wall and buried my face.  Soon, I heard different crying voices around me when I would turn back to look at them all, they were on their knees, with tears on their faces.




“We didn’t know! I personally didn’t know you passed through a lot like this. Forgive me sis” Bailey cried and I smiled amidst my tears.




Bailey used to be my best sibling! How on earth did she change this much?




“We are sorry sister” Some answers too came and I smiled at them eventually.



“Sorry aunty” My baby also tried to say and I pulled them all close as I pecked them each on the foreheads.



As they settled down to eat hungrily, I smiled and determined that no matter what happened, I must make it!



I stood up, walking around the shop when, just behind the counter, I saw a figure lying there like a ghost.












The person you are calling is busy and unable to pick your call at the moment, please try again later.


It should be the tenth time I would be calling her in two minutes!



What could be wrong?



Why wouldn’t she pick my calls?



“Big bro” Ava shook my hands and I looked into her worried face.



“What are you thinking about at this critical point?” She asked and I sighed.



“Beverly hasn’t been picking her calls” I said dejectedly.



“Bro, leave Beverly for now. I am sure that she is so fine right now. You said she went to greet a sick person; how do you expect her to pick your calls then? Let’s focus on the most important issue now.” She said and I sighed again.



“What is the matter?” I asked, almost disinterestedly.



“Are you for real bro? We were discussing Bella before you started pressing your phone! Don’t tell me you now love Beverly more than your sister” She said, so worried and I smiled.




Of course I loved Beverly so much. Her love was eating me up!




“I am sorry. What do we do now?” I asked and she sighed.




“It is well o. Please share some of that love with us too o” She said, jealousy written on her face. I started laughing.




“C’mon! Why are you jealous? Don’t worry, I still love you smallie. I love Bella too.” I said, patting her hands. She sighed.




“I am so worried about Bella. Why would all the issues just bombard her that suddenly, huh?” She complained.




I nodded.




“Something is not right. We have to just reach the root of the matter. When your issues get so unbearable, issue a word of prayer to the Lord!”





“Hmmm…” She exclaimed.





“God works when we pray. Likewise, there are things He does not do when we do not pray!” I said again and tears rushed into her eyes.





“I guess we should start praying right away. I guess so” She looked like she would cry.





“Baby girl, you look so scared and worried and frustrated. Calm down. Let not your heart be troubled. There are so many issues around but we have to be of good cheer!” I said and she nodded dejected.





“God would usually talk to me in visions! I would have normally seen it in dreams! I am so depressed right now! Why wouldn’t Jesus Christ speak to me concerning this issue. I know Bella is not born again and all but we kept praying. Why did God allow this, why? And why isn’t he showing anything? Or have you seen anything too?” She asked and I sighed.





“Be careful what you say my girl! Be very careful! Jesus rarely comes when and where we expect Him. He appears when we least expect Him and almost in the most illogical connections. The only way we can keep true to God is by being ready for the Lord’s surprise visit!”





“Hmmm…. I get your point actually but the case is tougher every day! She is in pain every day!”





“And what you see reduces your faith every day!” I said, very provoked in my spirit!






“You know me very well to keep talking with these much doubts around me! I hate unbelief! No sin infuriates God than unbelief Ava! Please wake up and see what God is…” I was saying when she broke down in tears.





“Big bro, what do you know?” She wept. I was aghast. “You have never been in this kind of pain so what do you know? I have been walking with crutches for almost three years now, and I keep saying I serve God and love Him, why did He allow evil to happen to me? Why?” She wept on and I sighed repeatedly before standing up and moving to the window.





“Ava, since when has the devil been feeding you with lies?” I asked but she could not be consoled.





“Unbelief is a big since of spiritual retrogression! Immediately you start doubting God and His Word, it is a sign that you are spiritually sick. That could be the meaning” I said, tears forming in my eyes as I walked towards Ava.  I knelt down before her.




“You and I are the major soldiers in the Bello’s family, don’t leave me alone! Don’t!” I wept on, shaking her knees vehemently, not minding the fact that her right leg was the hurting one.




“I don’t know what is wrong with me. I don’t” She wept on.





“God loves you baby! Your leg was going to be cut off! It was going! But we prayed to God. What happened eventually? What? It was not cut off! It is healed every day! It is! Look beyond what you can see!” I screamed into her ears as she wept vehemently.




I was scared.




It felt like my sister, my convert was slipping off my fingers!





Holy Spirit come!





Holy Spirit take over now!





Please take over!







The phone in the visitors’ lounge rung and I picked it.




“Let him in” I said and soon enough, the door opened and Earl entered. He was looking so handsome in his simple blue top and jeans trousers.





“Hey bro” I stood up to shake hands with him. He smiled and I fell in love with the way he winked at me as he settled down in a recliner.





“I was wondering why you sent for me” He said and I nodded.





“But big bro, you look so handsome! I bet it, any lady will fall in love with you!” I said and he smiled.





“We thank the Lord. But the beauty isn’t to catch any girl, yeah? Our beauty as children of is for the Glory of God. When people see us, they should smile and give glory to God!” He said and I laughed out loudly.





“That’s my bro! You will never disappoint! The preacher himself!” I said and he smiled.





“We have been called to…” He was saying when I cut in.






“Bro, it haf do o! I didn’t actually bring you here to hear some sermon…” I was saying when he cut in.






“That reminds me. How is daddy now?” He said and I sighed.





“Na him sabi o. He hasn’t called since that day anyways. He still dey mad” I said and he smiled.





“It is well. So, how is Jesus? I hope you are still in sync with Him. Did you get the daily devotion I sent this morning?” He asked and I nodded.





Did he actually think I gave my life to his Jesus?





I only did that that day because I was scared.






I only wanted to play along so at least his prayer could work for me.






“All join bro! Jesus is the bomb man!” I said and he shook his head, a wry smile on his face. When I realized he was going to start an extensive sermon, I quickly started.





“The reason why I called you here actually is…Oh my! I didn’t even offer you drinks.” I said and he smiled.





“No problem. Let’s discuss. I have a prayer meeting by 5.” He said.





“Okay. I want to know when you will get married. You aren’t getting any younger you know? You will be 29 in December!” I said and he smiled.





“I will get married in his time” He said and I shook my head.





“What is stopping you? Just tell me and I will get it fixed for you. You want to start your own hospital? Oh, tell me! It is long overdue and you will even make a name! The younger medicpreneur in West Africa! I can make it happen you know?” I explained. He laughed for a while and then looked into my face.




“How will you make it happen bro?” He asked, giving me a very funny face that looked like he was teasing me.





“I am the heir to Daddy’s empire!” I fired at him but he didn’t flinch.





“I own everything that he has! I am the one and only legitimate son he has!” I said again and Earl started clapping.





“All hail the heir! All hail the heir!” He threw his arms in the air as he laughed continually.





“Are you teasing me?”





“How dare Earl! To the Bello Empire heir, lailai! I am only laughing because of the place I have in God. I might be considered illegitimate my some, but there is this legitimacy that comes with being a child of God! He calls me His own! That makes a whole lot of sense. And talking about heirship, I own a lot more than the richest men of this world own put together! There is a confidence that comes with that my brother” He said and it was my turn to laugh.




I didn’t know why I laughed.




But when he spoke, I did feel so stupid that I had to just laugh to feel good.





“When are you getting married?” I asked again and the way his face looked so calm was so irritating.





Wasn’t he anxious?




I was taking all that belonged to him!





“Do you have a wife for me?” He asked and I focused on his face then. I could read nothing in it- just calmness!





“If you want me to set you up with some coolest babes in this industry, just mention it! Don’t worry. They are Christians too” I added and he nodded as he stood up.




“I’d rather have a great lady from the industry of God as you put it than condescend so low to having mere men choose for me! God’s choice will always be better!” He said.




“I would love to leave now sir! If you know me well, you will understand that I do not sit down to have this kind of conversation!” He said, exuding a kind of confidence that I just didn’t get the source.




Such arrogance!




“Is it because of Beverly?” I asked and his face dropped a percent of its calmness. He turned to look into my face.





“What about Beverly?” He asked and I smiled. I had learnt over time that when someone loves a thing, the natural thing is to have one’s defense mechanism on when talking about such. I was going to test him.





“What do you love about that bitch?” I intentionally asked and he smirked.





“Cole, God bless you. I have to go now” He said and I frowned.





Wouldn’t he defend her?





“Do you not love her?” I asked again. When I rehearsed the words again in my head, I felt they sounded foolish!





“Who are you to ask if I love her or not? Cole, always remember something whenever you talk to me. I am your elder brother! You aren’t even my immediately younger one. I am older than you over 8 years!” He said, the veins on the sides of his neck. I burst out laughing!





It looked like I was already getting under his skin!






“See bro, I love Beverly so much! I love her with every cell of my body! Every molecule of me can testify that the queen of my soul is Beverly! I am only using this opportunity to look elsewhere for your own wife! If you do not desist from having feelings for her, it is a battle then!”





“It is well” He said with a smile, his eyes looking so still like a flint. He made me sound like a talkative that I felt like stoning him.






“Just look at the age difference! You are 29, she is 20. What are you thinking about when…” I was saying when he clapped again.






“It is well my brother. I have to go now! God bless you! And yes…” He paused and held his tightfisted hand to his mouth like a microphone, his eyes looking deeply into mine.






“And I…will always love you…I’ll…always love you!” He sang and I went mad inside of me. He blew me a kiss as he walked out and locked the door after him.





“Bastards will just suck! Shit!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands into the air angrily. I felt that I would be able to get into him and at him but I failed again!





What a formidable guy!





I stood up, pacing to and fro the lounge. I got to the wall and hit my head severally.





He was actually the best guy for Beverly if one were to consider it properly but nay!





I paused suddenly.






“Why not kill him? Why not?” I thought and broke out into a large smile.





“You could just slip in some poison into his foodstuff.” A thought said.





“How do I get the key to his flat?” Another thought asked.





“You could just pretend that you want to see him for counselling. Watch out for when he enters into his bathroom and kpai,. You do that thing!” Another perfect demon said.




I jumped up, so ecstatic about the numerous demons that lived inside of me! It wasn’t that I had fallen in love with Beverly but I hated it so much when Earl has beautiful things!





“I must get everything he has!” I jumped up.





“I must!” I threw my hands up in the air and when the hand was landing, it hit the wall loudly that the pain that rose up from my fingers to my shoulder was so excruciating.




I screamed so loudly as I fell to the ground, moaning in pain.





The door flung open and I could hear some noises.




“Get the ambulance!” I screamed when I saw some of the staff of the restaurant taking pictures of me instead of carrying me immediately.





“Are you mad?” I cried out loudly as the pain rose to my brain!





I felt so drained at once!





“Wao Wao Wao” I heard the siren of the ambulance and I relaxed a bit that my savior was near.




As the pain grew worse, I screamed more loudly!





I tried to move the hand and ‘crack crack’ it sound, making my head ache seriously.





As I was being moved to the ambulance, I could hear faintly that the medic team head was calling someone on phone- my dad, possibly!





Oh my God!





What would I say I was doing when there was already a case more chronic in the hospital?





What a bad luck!






“Hello mummy, yes, I am close to the place. Are you there? Okay, I am close now” I said and dropped the phone in my small bag.




“Driver, Darice Palace” I said to the driver and he nodded as he turned to the left, heading for Darice Palace where I was to meet my mum. I had called her to meet me there for a serious discussion and she agreed.





“Thanks” I told the driver as I alighted. He passed me my crutches and I moved head on to the reception.





My mum gave me a big bear hug as I approached her. Her bodyguard was behind her like someone was about stealing my mum. I bent my head in greeting to him and he blinked in return.




Funny man!





As we settle down in the private lounge I had reserved earlier, the waitress brought a tray that contained two bottles of Lexy Wine. She bowed and left after pouring a cup each for my mum and I.





“Mummy, how has it been?” I asked after we had both sipped from the cups. She smiled, blinking severally. I knew tears were near.





“I don’t even know” She said and I sighed.





“Mummy, when will the whole world know that you now believe in Christ?” I asked and she sighed.





“Mummy, it is time to come out clear to the world. Stop being shy to proclaim Christ! Yes, daddy might flare up and even if the worse comes to worst, he might issue you a divorce. I know he loves you anyways. He wouldn’t do that. The Bible says anyone who denies Him, He would deny in Heaven. Mummy, even silence means denial!” I said and paused for her reaction.





“I get your point. But if the news gets to different bloggers, it will really become a big news and I…”






“And you are not ready? Mummy, when will you be ready? When will you proclaim that you are now in love with Jesus? See, Christ died for us in the public, don’t live for Him in the private alone! Scream your love for Him aloud! Let others ridicule you, fine. But you serve God, not man!” I said and she nodded.





“I actually need the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I believe that when He comes upon me, I will be bold to do that.” She said and I shook my head.





“Mummy, do first, the Holy Spirit will come after! It is in doing that you get the Holy Spirit! Let Him see the passion you have for Him and then He would breathe the Fire on you! You already have the Holy Spirit in you mummy!” I said and she started tearing up.






“Many things will change when I tell your dad. He will…”





“Stop making it feel like when you tell your atheist husband that you have Jesus, then, sorrow will come! No momma, that is when light comes! Joy unspeakable comes! Fire enters the home! Yes, it might look scary at first because of your position, but you will have to choose between Christ and that!”  I paused.





“And mummy, do you like the way things are? Do you? The doctor is saying we need a hip replacement for Bella! Do you know what happens when her hip is removed for an artificial one, she would never be able to walk on her own mummy! She would be dependent on a walking stick forever! The girl wasn’t even sick!” I paused as eyes rushed into my eyes and my nose heated up.





Things were just moving from bad to worse!






“And look at Cole too. Big bro said he had just left him at the lounge. In fact, the CCTV showed that he was only jumping happily, I wonder why when his hand hit the wall. You hear the doctor say some bones in that hand are broken? Mummy, we can’t sit still anymore. Who knows who is next? It could be big bro, myself, you or daddy!” I said and she sat up, looking so scared.






“God forbid! Nothing will happen to anyone of us in Jesus’ Name”






“Then, do something!” I said and she nodded.






“But what should I do?” She asked.






“Daddy is your husband and surprisingly, I think he knows about everything happening. Ask him! Let him open his mouth and talk to you! Prayerfully ask him questions. Stop getting afraid mummy. He can’t do anything to you! You are in Christ!” I said and she nodded.




“God will help me! Just keep me in prayers. I will pray when I get back to the hospital now. I want to go check Bella. The doctor said she is awake.”





“Yes. I checked on her before coming here. I wasn’t allowed to see her though. I only got to see Cole. The hospital staff are even whispering! And of course, who wouldn’t whisper? How can two children of the same parents be rushed to the hospital for some horrible ailments? The internet is buzzing now with some fabricated information!” I said, sniffing wetly. Mum patted my hand softly.







“Everything will be alright. Tell Earl to pray along. I have to become a Holy Ghost woman to talk to my husband” She said, smiling uncomfortably. It was my turn to pat her hand.






“The Lord will go before you mum” I said.





We took some more wine, discussed some other things and then we left for the day.













“Thank you. Thanks for your concern. Alright. Let’s talk later. Bye” My husband said and dropped the call.





I was in the room, thinking of how to approach my husband concerning the matter Ava discussed with me the week before.




Checking the message Ava sent again two days before, I could understand that I was wasting much time.




Mummy, so you couldn’t bring yourself to discussing with daddy right? Mummy why? Is it until daddy kills all of us that you will bring the matter up? Huh?





Could Prof be the root cause of the problem?





I just couldn’t believe that a man will bring ills upon his own children!





Why would Ava think that way?





“And why am I feeling that it could be true? Why Lord? Is it?” I started weeping as I turned to look at the portrait of my husband that was on the golden frame rack.





I went on my knees and buried my face in the pillow.





“Lord, how on earth should it be done? How? How will I go and meet my husband and ask him to tell me what he knows about the whole issue? How?” I was crying when suddenly, I felt a kind of quietness in my spirit that I had never felt before.





Wait! Do not take any action yet, wait!





Could that be the Holy Spirit?





“Is that You Spirit of God? Is that?” I cried with so much excitement.





I felt so much relieved!




Oh thank You Jesus!





I heard the doorbell ring and the main door opened.







“Good evening sir”









My heart skipped a beat.




What would she be doing at that time of the day.





“I have come for you daddy.” I heard her shout. All the hair on my body stood on the edge as she spoke.






“Daddy, please have mercy. I am on my knees right now, have mercy!” She said and my heart started thumping harder.









Why would she come at this point?





“Are you mad? Tell me, have you been bitten by a mad dog?” My husband shouted that the whole house shook. I ran to the dressing table and picked my phone.





As I started typing a message, I heard Ava’s laughter.





Jesus, have mercy!






“You can do nothing no more Professor Bello! After eating my own leg, you think you can continue eating everyone’s limb in this house right?” She continued. I suddenly felt pressed. I opened the toilet door and sat on it, tears gathering in my eyes.





If I had handled it!




“If I had handled it earlier!” Tears rushed into my eyes as I urinate and also typed.




Earl, save me. Your sister is confronting her father at home. It is a serious one!





“Ava, leave this house now before something unfortunate happens to you! Leave! I wouldn’t love to bite you. Leave!” He thundered!






Earl are you there?





I sent again when I didn’t get a response.





“Bello, will you stop your vain threats! I come here in the Name of Jesus, the Name that burns with fire! You can do me nothing! Three years ago, you succeeded but no more! I have a Power higher than the whole power of your cult group put toge…”  She was saying when I heard a thud. My heart jumped out of my body.






What did he do to her? What?





My phone beeped.





Madam, daddy and Ava are having a serious combat in the sitting room now. Daddy just pushed Ava to the ground. His leg is on her tummy! I am watching from upstairs. What should we do?





Call Mena and Becca to your room. You people should start chanting ‘The Blood of Jesus!

I hurriedly typed.






Oh my God! Ava! I am driving home now mum! Came Earl’s message.





I felt a kind of relief when I saw his message.  It felt like he was the Lord of the situation. He was the one who led Ava to Christ and Ava in turn led me to the Light!





He should definitely know more.






“You can’t kill me, you murderer!” Came Ava’s voice again. I started weeping as I went on my knees.






“Lord, take control! Father, have mercy!”






“Of course I can’t kill you baby! That’s because you are my daughter! How on earth would you think I am the evil guy here? How? Why?” He roared again.





I heard a struggle again and then my husband screamed.





“You dare push me down with your stupid crutches? Are you crazy!” He bellowed again.





“You think since you’ve chopped my leg, I can’t fight? Of course I can my sweet daddy but I won’t fight you. I have only come here to plead for my siblings that are in the hospital. Daddy, leave them!”





“Are you crazy? Think about it little witch. Those are my favorite children! Those are…”





“Like I was your favorite child daddy! I was the one you loved most, who made you proud daddy. Where did all that go? You still ate me up notwithstanding!”





“If I ate you up, you wouldn’t be alive baby!”





“No! Jesus brought me back to life!”





“Oh fearless girl!”




“I can’t forget the look on your face that day. The day I told you Professor Bitrus gave me a financial bond scholarship. Why did you say I shouldn’t have collected it? Why did you shed tears? It was the week after that that I fell terribly ill right? Talk to me. Talk to…” She was saying when I heard a thud again, much heavier than the one at first. My head was shattered into pieces.






“Guess your Jesus didn’t tell you there are ways to talk to your elders! You got the bond yourself, how is it my business? Your Jesus didn’t tell you the perfect time to face a lion, did he? Die if you want to!” He shouted. I waited for Ava’s voice but it didn’t come.




I was about opening the door when I heard Earl’s voice.





“What are you doing to her?” He screamed. I opened the door then and I found my husband holding unto a weak, withered Ava. She was pinned to the wall and his left knee delved into Ava’s right thigh. Her right leg hung suspended.





“Ah! Edward Bello!” I screamed as I ran towards him. Looking into my husband’s eyes, I could see he avoided my face as he blinked fastly, panting like a lion that had just preyed on an unfortunate human, his eyes red like blood!





As Earl took   Ava from his grip, my husband walked past me into his room.





I was just so weak!





“Oh my God! Oh my God!” I kept screaming, holding my head as it ached.





“Mummy, stay strong! We have to take Ava down to the hospital. I will do a CPR on our way” Earl announced and hurriedly, we rushed outside.





I wondered what was going on!





I prayed and muttered words to God!




Three children in the same hospital oh Lord!





I wished Ava had stayed back!















“I didn’t hear you well.” I said to the attending doctor who had just gotten an x-ray of Ava’s right leg.




“The x-ray shows the infection of her right femur, down to her knee. There are also traces of cancerous lumps.” He said and I nodded. My heart racing like it was in a competition.





“So, what do you think would be done to the leg?” I asked like I didn’t know.





“Uhm, to avoid the cancer from spreading round the whole body, amputa…” He was saying when I raised my hand.




“Leave the x-ray films of the desk and leave!” I told him and the two nurses beside him and they left.




I looked at Ava’s beautiful, almost lifeless face on the bed and fell on my knees before her, tears rolling down my face.




“Ava! Ava, stand up and talk to me!” I shook her arms but Ava wasn’t probably listening! Her eyes were firmly shut.




“Ava, who asked you to confront daddy? You obvious didn’t ask the Holy Spirit! You didn’t” I wept the more, cupping her palm round my face.





“How on earth could you face daddy all by yourself? How?” I wept on, my strength vanishing away little by little.





“Ava, you were supposed to be at my side, praying with me and declaring powerfully! Why didn’t you even tell me you were facing daddy? Why?” I continued weeping, throwing myself against her seemingly lifeless body on the bed!





“The x-ray says you have cancer in your leg. Where did you get it from? What infection did you have in your bone? I thought you were healing! The x-ray you took last month didn’t show any infection like that! It didn’t!” I cried again.






My heart tightened, my tummy shook vehemently, my eyes ached as tears poured out.





“Jesus we need you more than ever! We need You urgently Lord! We do!” I cried more as I fell weakly to the floor.





“God, isn’t our prayer enough? Are we fighting the wrong enemy? Are we?” I cried again.






“You wrestle not against flesh and blood…” The Holy Spirt started. “But against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places!” He continued.





I nodded continuously.






“Have you ever heard anyone fight spiritual battles with carnal weapons?”





“No sir!” I replied, sleeping fully on the hospital floor like it was a bed!






“Then, how can mere mortal embark on a journey she wasn’t assigned to embark on? She wants to glory for herself? She thinks the battle is taking too long?”






Tears streamed down my face.





“Mercy Lord!”






“I do not share my glory with any man! I look at the heart when I judge a man!  Ava’s intent was selfish! It was a confrontation she had looked forward to and she did it using the Name that is above all names! It didn’t work for her! I wasn’t happy. She was filled with hatred, anger, resentment and bitterness! And then, she was using my Name!”






“Lord, have mercy! In Your wrath Lord, remember mercy!”







“I waited so long for Ava! I gave her so many opportunities! She has an unconfessed sin! She has an unconfessed sin! The accuser keeps using that against her!”






An unconfessed sin?











“The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God” I nodded “Only through God!”






“Yes Lord!”






“The accuser wants Ava finished this time! He wants to end her this time! She has a great future that threatens him too much! Yet Ava kept pampering sins from him! She continued!”







“Lord, You are the God of a second chance! Let Ava wake up and confess the sin Lord! Let her! Allow her Lord! You are the God of all possibilities”






“Zechariah 3”






After reading the whole of Zechariah chapter 3 as directed by the Holy Spirit, I got stuck with the first four verses and I pulled a chair to have a tete-a-tete with the Holy Spirit.





And he shewed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.





I picked up my pen and started jotting down as the Holy Spirit interpreted the Word of God to me.






Joshua was a high priest, the one who bore the burden for the children of God, yet the devil did not respect that anointing, he tried to resist him!





I nodded as it made sense.





Satan doesn’t fear anointing; the only virtue he fears is Holiness!






“Hmmmmmm” I raised my hands to Heaven.





Check it out. If he fears or respects anointing, would he even try Samson? He was anointed right from the womb! Let’s leave him and move to the Lord Jesus Christ! If he fears anointing and power, would he go near Jesus? No!







“Hmmm…but Jesus didn’t fall into his temptation, that was the holiness part! Then, He sent him off with the Word of God, another fiery sword he fears!” I said as the words of the Holy Spirit sunk into my entire being.






You are correct!





Sin is hungry for you- ready to devour any Christian at every given opportunity!






“Hmmm…Lord Jesus!” I fell on my knees.






You fall into temptation when you do not flee from it!






“Hmmm…” Tears filled my eyes at the exposition.





…and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him!





I nodded again as tears rolled down my face.






“Asides from God, another person that knows us more is the devil! He knows the one that is fiery and the ones that is watery! He knows what the weakness of one is, and the strengths alike! He is always waiting at the right hand, at the side that matters most like the chief in command, watching for when the guard is off. He strikes then!” I jotted in my not as the Holy Spirit gave me the understanding.








And the Lord said unto Satan,






I moved to the next verse.






Arise now, thou mouthpiece of the Lord! Arise now, the one who is standing in the gap for his sister! Arise now in the Strength of your Lord and declare! Arise!





The Holy Spirit kept urging me and I jumped up, holding my Bible close to my chest, speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave me utterance.





I felt suddenly empowered more than ever before!










“I say to you Satan, the Lord rebuke thee O Satan, even the Lord that hath chosen Ava rebuke thee! Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?” I declared. I felt virtue leaving my body as I declared like three times. I was sweating profusely as I paced to and fro my room.





“Ava is a brand plucked out of the fire! The Lord of Host rebuke you Satan! The Lord that chose Ava rebukes you!” I continued.












“Lord, Your Word says You will have mercy on those You will have mercy! And that You will have compassion on those You will have compassion, silence the accuser over the life of your daughter Ava! Silence that accuser of the brethren oh Lord in Your Mercy!”





Second Chance!






As the Holy Spirit kept putting in my heart what else to touch and pray for, that Romans 8:26 verse came to live.






Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans!






“Hmmm…thank You Holy Spirit, You are my best friend. You are!” I started rolling on the floor in gratitude.






Beware of giving up too soon-your emotions aren’t reliable guides!






Pray on!





Second chance!






Hmmm…I learnt another one there, I shouldn’t be carried away by my emotions when I am praying. Until I feel a release in my spirit, I shook continue following the Guide, the One who knows and sees, far beyond- the Holy Spirit!








“God, You are the God of a second chance, give Ava another chance to make her ways right oh Lord! She has been through hell in life and really, Your Word confirms it when It says she is a brand plucked out of the fire. She shouldn’t die a shameful death and end in Hell Lord. Give her a second chance in the Name of Jesus”





I continued, as the Holy Spirit dished out more prayer points.





Now, Joshua, was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel. And he answered and spake unto those that stood before Him, saying, Take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him He said, Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee and I will clothe thee with a change of raiment.





Shout ‘Amen’ and declare it!







“Amen! Ava, your filthy garment is taken away from you right now by fire! Glory! Halleluyah!” I worshipped, as the release was felt deep within my heart.





The release of Amen- it is done!







I moved to the sitting room where my husband was seated, his two hands supporting his chin. He looked so lost in thought that when I sat beside him, he jumped up in shock.





“You scared me” He said and I smiled as I held one of his hands.





“You haven’t been eating for three days now. Should I bring you peppered grilled fish?”






“No” He said disinterestedly.






“What of a cup of juice?”





“No!” He took his hand away from mine, turning away slowly and facing the wall.






“Cake?” I asked again. It was already three days.





He stood up suddenly and raised his hand like he would hit me. My eyes widened with fear. He had never tried it since we met each other over 24 years before.








“Can’t you tell that I want to be alone? Is it by force to force me to eat?” He asked, looking so fierce like a wolf!





I quickly went on my knees as he resumed sitting back in the chair.






“Talk to me. Don’t hold it in sweetheart. Talk to me. We can sort this out together.” I said and he eyed me from my head down like I was an unwanted piece of trash!






“The Bible says in the book of Proverbs chapter 27:9 that Oil and perfume make the heart glad, so a man’s counsel is sweet to his friend. I want to be that friend to you darling. Talk to me and who knows if my counsel will work for you?” I asked and he suddenly turned to look into my face.






“Mary!” He exclaimed and I smiled.





“Yes my husband?” I replied but he shook his head like he had eaten his word.





“Tell me. Why is everything befalling our family? Why?” I asked, my face obviously turning sad. He turned to look at me again, his jaws suspended.





“You suspect me too? Your stupid, nincompoop daughter says something and you are agreeing to it too? Huh?” He said angrily and I shook my head.





“Not that I agree because my daughter said so maigida” I paused “All your actions point to the fact that something is bothering you and that thing might be linked to the problems befalling our family” I said and his mouth was agape.






“What actions?” He asked me silently like the answers I would give to his question would determine the kind of death I would die.





“You haven’t been sleeping well for weeks now. You are losing weight every day and why won’t you when you’ve not been eating? I took your BP yesterday when you dozed off and it was on the hypertensive side! Your face is covered with guilty too like you have your hands in poo” I explained and he growled like a lion, his eyes turning red.






“Mary, what is wrong with you?” He roared.






“Sweetheart, what is wrong with you too? Talk to me” I said, his face looking so shocked like I was surprised at myself too. I wouldn’t even look into his face before.




“The Bible says that all power is already given to the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven and in earth! I refuse to release my family into the hands of powerless Satan! That is why I am asking you if you want to come under the umbrella of His Blood. Waste no more time beloved!” I said and he pulled me close suddenly, tears formed in his eyes.






“You’ve joined them haven’t you? Mary, you’ve joined them, right?” He asked, shaking me vehemently.






“Yes, I have joined the Household of Faith! The family of God!” I said and he screamed, holding his tummy tightly.






“Mary!” He screamed on and I wondered what was wrong.








He placed his hands on my shoulder again, the tears now strolling down his face.







“Since when? Since when have you been reading your Bible under my roof? Since when?” He screamed into my ears like he wanted me to go deaf.  I smiled, shook his hand off my shoulder and strolled round the house.






“I had stayed undercover for a while now. It ends today! Today, I declare that in your life, Edward! In Earl’s life, in Ava’s life, In Cole’s life, In Bella’s life, in this whole environment, in SMC as a whole, Jesus is Lord!” I said, pacing to and fro.






He fell on his knees to the ground, crying profusely, chanting my name.






“The Bible says, for God has highly exalted Him and has given Him a Name that is above every other name, that at the Name of Jesus! Every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, things in earth and things under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father!” I spoke on with fire in my bones.






“Mary! Who is teaching you all these? Who?” he cried but I wasn’t ready to listen.






“Behold, I give unto you Power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you!” I said on and he started crawling towards me, his hands outstretched. He looked so weak, the inside of his eyes black as the night.






“On the mountain, fire!” I started a fiery prayer song Earl had just taught me.





“Mary, stop!”





“In the valley, fire!”






“On the land, fire!”





“And in the sea, fire!”




“On the mountain” I started clapping vigorously.










“In the valley!”









“On the Land, fire!”





“And in the seas, in the Name of Jesus, fire fire fire, Holy Ghost Fire! In the Name of Jesus, fire, fire, fire, Holy Ghost fire!”






I began to sing and pray and speak in turns.






He threw the first flower vase at me, it didn’t work. He threw the second one, I missed it. He eventually stood up and smiled ruefully.







“So it’s been you!” He said to me. “You’ve been the one disturbing the still river?” He asked again and started coughing as he staggered towards the floor.






“You’re wicked!” He said and spat some blood out to the white tiles.





“He that covereth his sins shall not prosper Edward! But he that confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy! Edward, come to Jesus!” I had started crying. I followed him immediately.





“The Blood of Jesus sets you free from sins and bondage, the Blood of Jesus sets you free” I sang after him.






He suddenly picked me with a single hand and the next moment, I was flying down the stairs in the air screaming “Jesus!”





I reached the floor with my legs miraculously and quickly ran after him as he entered his car. He pushed me off momentarily and sped off!






Ava was right!






Edward was involved in something!





Something dark!






But why?





Tears rolled down my face as I ran upstairs to pick my phone in order to inform Earl of the latest.






Clots of blood filled the whole way leading back inside!





Oh, merciful Lord!





I dropped the cup of coffee I had just had in the sink and moved back to my reading table.











“Holy Spirit, what about Beverly?” I asked, totally amazed. I hadn’t even thought about her for days.






Call her!





“Oh really! I will, then!” I said, excitedly. The Holy Spirit had instructed me to stay away from her for days and I had obeyed. Interestingly, He lifted her off my mind as I fought some big spiritual battles!






As the phone was ringing, my heart was beating. Then, she spoke, in tears!






Oh my!






“Hello doc. I am so sorry for not picking your calls since a very long time. Thanks for calling today. I am so sad and worried. I am losing it but the Holy Spirit has been by me all through” She said, sniffing wetly. My heart broke as I sighed repeatedly.







No wonder the Holy Spirit asked me to call her.






“Take your time Bev. Pour it out” I said, pursing my lips in anticipation of what the problem was.





“My dad needs a heart surgery. He needs an eye surgery too.” She said and started crying again. I blinked severally to avoiding the gathering tears.





“My mum has contracted HIV and AIDS but I thank God, dad didn’t get that.” She paused and swallowed. I heard her blow her nose too. I could feel her pain deeply in my heart of hearts!





“My baby, Somto is almost dying. He looks like a bag of bones!” She stopped for a while and I could hear her breathe so hard.





“My sponsor Dr. Oladejo is on the sick bed too, dying! I have emptied my account and there seems to be no improvement. Please pray for me. Please join me in prayers.” She cried some more and I sighed severally.






“Say something sir. Please” She said and I swallowed.





“Over here, Bella is growing worse! The x-ray says she might need a total hip replacement soon!”





“Oh my God!” She exclaimed.







“Ava suddenly developed some contracted illnesses too. Summarily, her right leg is decaying. It has to be cut off!”





“No, in the Name of Jesus!” She screamed loudly.





“Cole broke his arm last week and suddenly, he is diabetic, he can’t undergo a major surgery!”





“Oh mercy Lord! Mercy!” She said again, so much concern in her voice.




“The only thing holding me together now is the Strength of God! The battle is becoming too intense. My family needs prayer, I can’t just throw in the towel!”







“Hmmm…wow! Sir, I just got an idea now” She paused. “No matter how tough the battle is, we have a tougher God!” She said and I smiled.






“I am so glad to see that you are growing in faith!” I said and she smiled.





“The Holy Spirit keeps telling me, don’t doubt God, doubt your doubts!” She said and I nodded, allowing the words sink.






“I wouldn’t know why I was crying few minutes back, but thank God you called. I thought my problem was the worst, now see what you’re telling me about your own family!” She said and I smiled.






“Who knows, maybe like Esther, who know whether we are standing the faith in the Kingdom of God for such a time as this?” I asked and she sighed.






“You are very correct!” She said  “I guess it is time to start spending time counting our blessings instead of spending time airing our complaints” She said and I nodded. I loved the way ‘our’ sounded in her mouth.





It wasn’t ‘you’ or ‘I’. It was the combination of the two of ‘us’- ‘our’ and it did feel good!






I chuckled.






“Have you eaten today sir?”






“Yes. I’ve had a cup of coffee.”






“Okay, I think I will just fast alone but you can join in prayers too. I believe in the Word of God that says if two of you shall agree as touching anything that ye shall ask in My Name, ye shall receive it of me! Let’s just be in oneness and pray!” She said and it made sense.






“Or, should I come over so we could pray together? I could bring Somto with me so mummy can take care of him” I said and I felt the pinch of the Holy Spirit almost the same time.






“I thought you said you had feelings for me sir” She said. My eyes widened.











“Coming here so we could pray all alone will be a bad idea. You can only come if your love for me is dead” She said and I held my breath for lack of words.






“But since the love is one sided, I felt we could…” I was saying when she cut in.






“A saying goes thus: Out of sight is out of mind. But I wouldn’t agree with that saying. I think I love this saying that ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’” She said and my mouth became suspended as my heart went out of oxygen.






“What you mean is…could you come again? Does that mean you also have…?” I was saying when she cut in again, laughter in her throat.






“The saying has gone out of my mouth. It’s your turn to crack the nut.”







“Bev, you can’t just…” I was saying when she burst out laughing again.





“Sir, I thought we were to pray. Kindly draft something for us as the Spirit leads and send to me via WhatsApp. God bless you sir.” She paused. “Take care of you, Dr. Earl Bello” She said in a kind of funny way before dropping the phone.






I stayed in that position for a while, wondering in my head what had just happened.






“Father, could it mean that Beverly loves me now?” I asked, dropping my phone instantly and covering my mouth, my eyes widened.






“Holy Spirit, say something” I said but He was probably laughing at the way love was making my heart throb hard.


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