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I couldn’t be consoled, yet I couldn’t cry!




Cole must not get married to Beverly! You think you are wise huh?




Dr. Oladejo’s voice from the recorder rung in my ears again.



I need to save my family! You can’t keep attacking my family and then I will sit still! But of them will be married!




That was Prof. Bello’s voice but I couldn’t hold it in!




I had gone on a walk!




I had showered!




I had tried to sing!




Yet, I couldn’t get their words out of my head!




My phone rung for the umpteenth time and I knew without looking into the screen that it was Dr. Earl again!




He must have gotten the fact that I got to listen to the recorder while he was away, checking his father!




It was a very great and terrible day!




The words jumping out of the recorder were too deep for me to just accept and comprehend!




I had placed the recorder on the driver’s seat and walked away from the vicinity!




I needed somewhere to hide my unfortunate head!



I needed somewhere to shed some serious tears!




How on earth?




Beverly is my goat! She is still under supervision! You can’t be selfish enough to take her away from me and use her!




Those were words coming out of my trusted guardian!




Goat? Me? Under supervision?




What do you mean? You met my daughter and stole her leg from her! At a tender age, you took one of the things that mattered most to her! Why would you touch my belonging? Why?




Prof. Bello’s voice rung in my ears as I dumped some of my clothes from the wardrobe into my small travelling bag.




I needed a place where I could go bury my head!




How on earth would I have known that she is your daughter? She wasn’t wearing the brooch of the brotherhood!




So what?




Isn’t that a given? Anyone could have touched her. I saw the glory in her and wanted it. But why are you getting mad? I couldn’t even touch her. I could only touch her leg!





And have I even hurt your Beverly? Tell me Oladejo, have I?  Why are you touching every other…




You dare call your superior by his name?




And if I do? You have done more harm to me than good! You were my best friend! You introduced me to one stupid brotherhood that promised so many gre…




You dare insult the brotherhood! You blaspheme!




Kill me! That’s the worst you can do! Can’t you see too? You are rotten at home, about to die and you come here to threaten me? We will go down to hell together! But leave my family alone!



Give me Beverly!





Give me my family back!




Why are you so keen on revenge? Do you know how much I have spent on this goat? Can’t I leave her quietly till she’s mature so I can sacrifice her for fat later?



You want to know why I am keen on revenge right? Because that is how I can get a fool like you! You dared touch the whole of my family and even me?




Is it my fault that you’ve got so many glorious belongings?




Well, you will get the point now! I will get Cole to sleep with Beverly and then you will die! Then, my family will be free, Beverly will be sacrificed and I will die! That’s my goal and I will achieve it!




What will you achieve by doing that? I want to use Beverly for my promotion! She’s my sacrifice! Why would you…



I shouldn’t sit here, discussing with you!




The brotherhood sent me to you Bello. Just obey their call and appear at the meeting!




Never! I made a mistake of a life time the first day I appeared before you beasts. I will nev…




You are turning your back to the hands that fed you?



Fed me? How? You rather took away from me! I made all my money myself! While all of you sat at the table to enjoy the blood and flesh of my daughter’s leg, you think I was…



What leg? You think we could taste the leg? We couldn’t! Wasn’t that why the brotherhood asked you to withdraw from your daughter and your son if you want to live long?



What have I gained? I became a devil to my own children! No more!




You would have been fine if you never accepted that bastard into your home again!




You have no right to sit down there and preach to me! Everyone sees you as a human but you are a beast! The way Beverly boasts about you, I really do wish she can hear you now!




I give Beverly all she desires so she can grant me all I desire! Even when I will sacrifice her, I would make sure she has reached the peak of…




Before you use her for your selfish benefit, I will use her to redeem my family!




Bello, I am on my knees! Can’t you see the way the brotherhood has mutilated my body? I must get Beverly back from you or I die! Give her to me and I will do anything for you!




Liar! Go and die! I will use her!



Where is the rope I used to tie her down? Hand it over to me NOW!



You think I have the rope? Why then am I hustling to get her tied to my son? I don’t have the rope!



There was a thud from the recorder.



You dare slap me? You dare…



You liar! If you don’t have the rope, who then has it? Fool! Before I die, I will make sure I destroy your family!



Before I die, I will make sure all you’ve ever worked for crumbles! Including Beverly!



I shut my ears at that as I placed my bag in a shuttle bus, gave him my credit card and entered into the bus.




“Warehouse” I said and he zoomed off.




I needed to be far away from the school! I needed to be in a secluded area where no one on earth would know me!




The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?



How on earth?




As I settled down on a dusty sack of SMC rice, I couldn’t help but ask on ‘How on earth?’




Why would Dr. Oladejo pick me up as though he loved me?




While I saw him as a good shepherd, he only saw a goat waiting for slaughter?




But I saved you! I delivered you from the hand of he that was stronger than you!




That must be the Holy Spirit!




Tears rushed to my eyes at that moment.




“Thank You Lord! Thanks! But who else can I trust in the world? Who will not…”




Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!




“But men are wicked o! Oh my God! Ah!” I kept sighing as I could. As flood of tears rushed down my face, my eyes ached.




Dr. Oladejo after my father was my strongest pillar on earth!




Why would he scheme such a thing?








A cult? A fraternity? Oh my God!




My phone beeped and it was a message from Dr. Earl-that would make his 105 messages in three days!



Beverly, are you fine? Where are you? Come out and let’s talk about this. The devil is defeated already! The Lord has sent confusion into the enemies’ camp. Why not come out and let’s discuss this darling? I can feel your pain but the Lord got there before them! You are supposed to be full of thanks Bev! Come out!




As I read the message again, I wept louder!



I wonder why I knew I should be praying but I couldn’t even mention ‘Jesus!’




It felt as if a small, sharp dagger was being used to cut out some chunks of my heart!




It felt like I was bleeding!




“How can I ever look into Dr. Oladejo’s face?” I cried.





“What next? What’s the next thing to do?”




“Goooooooooodddddd!!!!!” I screamed so loudly that the wholly filled warehouse shook vehemently.




“Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????” I screamed again, my head banding so much.




My phone started ringing again and it was Dr. Earl.




With so much frustration grabbing my heart, I ended the call, removed my battery and threw the phone away till I could hear the screen shattering to pieces!



Everyone in the whole wide world should leave me alone!



“I blame my father!” I started singing sorrowfully!




Of course I did blame him! Why would he be poor? Why couldn’t he be rich for once?




If we were rich, nothing like this would happen!




It wouldn’t!



Isn’t that a given? Anyone could have touched her. I saw the glory in her but couldn’t touch her. I could only touch her leg!




Those words rung in my ears!




Ava was touched too!  And she was from a rich family!




“So, what could have made a difference? What…”





Jesus is ALL the world needs today!






Ava’s glory wasn’t touched then because she had a hedge of Fire round her! However, I allowed her leg to be touched for a testimony!






But, in what way have you been touched Beverly? You’ve not been touched at all! I love you! At a time when you were supposed to be slaughtered by the evil ones, I raised some souls to pray for you! Why? I love you!




Tears filled my eyes.










Oh yes! I didn’t allow you to be touched by the powers of darkness because you have a lot to do for me! Be thankful and not regretful! I love you!




“You love me?” I asked again, my heart shattering to bits.




I do! Do you know why they wanted to force you to sleep with Cole?




Good one!




I had always wanted to know!




They could tell the importance of sexual sins in destroying the hedge of fire round about the body, soul and spirit! Bello couldn’t catch you because I had chosen you! He wanted you to be joined with Cole so he could get you! When that was taking too long, he decided that you both should sin sexually! I love you for saying no!




“And I love you for helping me! For stopping him!” I quickly muttered as I grabbed my chest as tightly as I could!




Tears rolled down my face at the shock of the whole revelation!




“I am thankful Lord! I am thankful! I promise to give myself to You! You own me Lord! You’ve bought me Father! I give myself away! Who am I?”




Your father’s voice is ever before me! I know him! He’s my beloved! And I hear him!



I raised my hands in holy adoration as hot tears freely escaped my eyes, travelling slowly but steadily down my face!


“I shouldn’t actually blame my father as he is the richest man on earth! He couldn’t give me money and all but his prayer to God for me was everything I needed!” I thought deeply.




Thank You Lord.



Thank Mr. Jones.




I checked my wristwatch.







I started running as far as my legs could carry me to Bell Hall.




“My invigilation is by 11am. MED 1 students are having Basic Anatomy 012 in the Bell Hall by 8am.”




That was what Dr. Atobatele was discussing with another colleague and my ears picked them so fastly.




Beverly, wait for me!



I got to the entrance of the hall and as the security men asked me to show my invigilation tag, I quickly scanned the hall to see if I could find the chubby lady with long, dark hair, pulled into a full ponytail behind her!




She was nowhere to be found.




“I want to see a student quickly please” I said to the security men as if I did not know the rules of the school.




“Are you on invigilation?”




“No” I said, absent-mindedly. I caught a head that looked like Beverly’s. There was a furry cap covering her head and a white muffler wrapped round her neck.




Is the person bespectacled?




Turn your head, turn it quickly!




“Dr. Earl, you know the rules sir. Please can you step aside if you are not invigilating?” The most stubborn security man argued, looking at me angrily like I had stepped on his toes!



“I am sorry” I gave up the search and was about turning to go when Dr. Binta called from behind.




“Dr. Earl, what brings you here?”




I turned to look into her face and she was sweating under her nose.




“Are you under duress? Why are you sweating under your nose?” I asked, avoiding her question.




“I have been purging since last night o. Kai! Ba lafia I swear! I am not well at all!”




“Oh my! Sorry madam! Why not go to the toilet?”




“Will you take over invigilation from me? There are ten lecturers inside. I think our invigilation rules should be cross-checked o! Ten people for how many stud…”




“Give me your tag and go to the toilet doc. I will take over for you” I said and she hurriedly handed the tag to me.




“Thank you. Thank you!” She hopped off like a frog.




Waving the tag up in the air, the security men bowed slightly, opened the glassy door and I walked majestically in, my eyes shooting forward for my focus.




Moving towards the girl with a cap, I bent slightly to see her face!







My heart leapt for joy!




She looked up at me briefly, adjusted her wine glasses and continued typing as if I was not existing.




I strolled from one end of the class to the other so I wouldn’t be caught talking to my best student.



The next time I went beside her, I realized she was done answering her questions and was revising. I knew she could stand and leave at any time.




“See me in my office in twenty minutes” I said and she nodded.




She pressed the ‘Enter’ key, flexed her two hands and stood up.




“I am done and leaving” She announced and the whole class turned to look at her class champion leaving after conquering the demon of Basic Anatomy. I couldn’t help but watch her leave.




What a girl!





As I turned the knob of my office door, I turned to look around again.



Beverly wasn’t there!



My heart dropped as I opened the door and entered.



With a weak spirit, I moved to my table and placed my head on the desk.



It had been a whole week since I last saw Beverly!



Sincerely, when I listened to the recorder too, I was dispirited and I could only imagine how Beverly would feel! I kept praying for her especially when she was nowhere to be found in her hostel or class! And I wasn’t placed on invigilation for any of their courses, making seeing her much difficult!



“Hey doc!” I heard her voice and I raised my voice instantly.




There she was before me, smiling broadly. My heart started racing. I didn’t even hear the door open.




“Bev! Oh my! What a surprise!” I couldn’t hide my excitement. She pulled a chair and settled in it.




“I came directly to this place after my exam. You said twenty minutes but you spent forty minutes, twenty-six seconds!” She said and I couldn’t contain my laughter.




“This is serious! You were even counting per second? Oh my! You are so meticulous!” I exclaimed again and she smiled.




“To what do I owe this whole compliment?” She asked, smiling wryly.




“Guess you didn’t miss me as much as I did. I guess the sleepless nights were one-sided” I said and she smiled again.




“Sir, you asked to see me” She obviously avoided my question.




“You know why I called you Bev. Where have you been staying?”



“I stay very fine. Thanks.”




“And the bags under your eyes?” I asked and she chuckled, obviously embarrassed.




“Exams have been challenging! I needed to read more if I will get the scholarship to continue here” She said and I nodded.




“And Somto?” I asked and her head came up suddenly like she was shocked.



“You forgot that you have a baby boy, right?” I rubbed in some salt.




“How is my son, sir?” She asked, sitting uprightly.




“He is fine. He now lives with Mama SMC. So, he is fine” I explained and she sighed.




“I am so sorry for burdening you with so many responsibilities! Oh my, how could I have forgotten? My Father!”




“No problem. Your Father knew he would be in safe hands, so He allowed you stay in the warehouse, study His Word, hear from Him and then come back to find your baby safe” I explained and she looked into my face intently.




“You’ve been stalking me?” She asked, a glittering glow in her eyes.



“How?” I asked, smiling mischievously.




“You mentioned warehouse…”



“So, even if you hid from me and every other person, you think you can hide from God too? Impossible!” I said and laughed. She sighed.




“The Holy Spirit is a searchlight! He is a Revealer! C’mon! The past one week has been amazing! I don’t know how I am surviving, I don’t know! But I know He is by me!” She blurted out as if someone suddenly turned on a mute tap and it suddenly burst out water.




“Tell me more” I said, since she was waking up.




“Doc, if you were in my shoes, how would you have reacted?” She threw at me and it met me unprepared. I sat up, cleared my throat and tapped the table.



“Well…uhm” I started booting “I will be amazed at how wicked the world is! I will then look at the nets they had planned to use to catch me and how the nets have caught them by themselves! I would be so dazed at how and why the Lord loves me so!” I said, deeply from my heart.



Despite all the dark things that had happened in my family and to Beverly, I had thought severally about the issues and I couldn’t but thank God.




“It’s easier said than done doc. Very easier said than done!” She lamented and I smiled.




“I do understand you darling. But no matter what, a bottle will only spill out what it contains!” I said, not knowing where the words came from. Her head snapped up.




“I don’t get that”




“A wicked bottle contains wickedness. When it falls, only wickedness will gush out of that bottle. A good bottle only contains goodness. When it falls, only goodness will rush out of it. If a wicked person doesn’t perform some wickedness, I wonder who will perform it!” I said and she nodded.




“I get that but it’s still crazy for me to know that the man that had always been my father never loved me! He in fact was feeding me so I could be robust and fresh for his sacri…Oh no! I can’t just think of it! I can’t!” She lamented again. All I saw in her eyes was sadness and betrayal.




She must have cried her heart out.




“Beverly, you have to forgive!” It dropped out my mouth unknowingly and she looked up at me in shock. The Spirit pressed me further and I knew the Lord wanted me to say more.




“Forgive? Someone was so wicked and I don’t even know what plan is up his sleeves again and you say I should forgive? What forgiveness is that?”




“That is just a sin over the seventy times seven times that Christ instructed for us to keep forgiving” I said and she banged the table suddenly, tears rolling down my face.




“You just don’t get how much I loved this man! You don’t understand because it is not you! You don’t understand because you just have not faced hell! Ah! I loved this man! I cared for him! I honored him!” She swallowed, tears rushing down her eyes.




My heart melted as my tear ducts struggled with indecisions- whether to release some water or not. I rolled out some tissue paper from the roll and she grabbed it from me as if she had been waiting for me to give some to her since.



“How did I even read for the exam? How? I feel like my ten fingers and ten toes have been chopped up! I couldn’t even study! I couldn’t!” She wept on, I swallowed.




“But many lecturers have been telling me you did excellently well in their papers” I said and she chuckled.




“I cry for ten minutes, sleep four hours, think three hours, sleep some more and all till night. When I pick up my book, I read this page, skip some, read that, skip some and all till I reach the end. You won’t believe the questions I would meet in the exams would be from those pages where my eyes rested…”




“Ehn ehn” I cut in




“I read a little but as I pick my pen to write or the mouse to start typing, I would write much! I did cry after each of my papers.”




“Why?” I asked like I didn’t know.



“Isn’t that the Hand of God sir? I am weak at heart and soul and body yet I would walk down to the exam hall for my exams. I wouldn’t read that much but I would write sensibly much! What!!! Why would God love me that much? Why?” She started crying and I smiled.




She got the point!




“Do you want the love to cease?” I asked and she shook her head, sniffing wetly.




“I get your point and where you are going. I understand that I have to forgive so that the Lord will keep giving me His Love!” She said and I clapped.




“You have to forgive if the Lord will give you more Love!” I repeated and she nodded.




“So, why are you finding it difficult to forgive?” I asked and she kept shaking her head.


“I have tried and tried. I have prayed and all. Can’t you see how I look doc? I haven’t tasted water in a week! I have been asking for the grace to let go! I just can’t! When I try to pray, I feel the pain! The recording screams loudly in my ears! Aha!” She exclaimed and I stood up, walked to the window and looked up at the skies.




“Are you feeling the betrayal that painfully?” I asked and she let out a cry.




 “Ahhhhh Doc! Ah, this man does not understand! Do you know that feeling of death and darkness? Of betrayal? Ah…who can understand? I can’t even tell myself! I can’t tell! I wish I never listened to that recorder. Now, who will unde…”



“You feel strangely cold at night and when you think sleep is about cuddling you, suddenly, looking up, you see a black man called fear wrapping his hands round your neck like a python would do to its prey, right?” I started and she looked up at me.




“You just described one of my experiences at night! Oh my God!” She said and I smiled.




“An ant would climb your finger right before your fingers and to even open your mouth to release some breath at it so it would disappear would be much difficult, right!” I asked and she looked up at me like I was the scriptwriter of her life.




“That’s the thing! That’s me! Oh my God!” She exclaimed, tears freely flowing down her face.



“What of bitter tongue, aching head, throbbing hearts, weak legs and…” She didn’t even allow me to land before coming in.




“How did you know?” She asked and I smiled.




“You are asking me that Beverly?” I asked, looking at her funnily. She nodded.




I moved to my chair and sat in it again!




“My mum gave birth to me in the Bahamas and I was my dad’s pride! My mum and dad showered so much love on me. They were obviously in love. You know all these boyfriend and girlfriend thing.”




“Okay” She nodded, supporting her chins with her palms.




“Well, my dad had to come back home for a while and my mum wouldn’t come with him. His parents got him a wife in Nigeria and that was how he got married to Mama SMC” I continued.








“But, the relationship between him and my mum continued. He would come severally to our place and they would be together. When I was 10, I gave my life to Christ and saw that what was happening was wrong. I tried to stop it”




“Tell me something!”




“I would sometimes lock my mum inside and hide the key under the cushion so dad wouldn’t see her whenever he visited. He would almost swallow me up but he wouldn’t beat me since cops could easily get him arrested!”




“Hmmmmm…I can only imagine!”




“One day, my mum did something so terrible. She was the best person in my life! I loved her so much that I can’t even explain how I felt that day”




“What did she do?”





“She handed me over to the cops saying I was constituting nuisance to her life and that I did drugs! What! She was crying profusely, showing some fake cuts on her hands and back to the cops and of course, who wouldn’t believe such words? They were coming from one’s mother!”




“Woow! That is terrible!”




“So, while I was in the police cell, they had time to be together in our house for a while till investigations were over and I was vindicated. The cops then took her in for perjury. She looked at me unrepentantly and said I as a pain in her neck! Ah! My mother! The one person I loved in my entire life! It was a bad season for me”



“Wow! I can only imagine doc. I am sorry” She said softly and I chuckled.





“My dad took me into their Miami house as if I was a boy picked up from the streets. He never told his family that he had me! I saw how beautiful their marriage was and how he was the hindrance in my mum’s life from moving forward. I told him severally that I would tell his family who I really was. He would beat me blue black and shut me up though!”




“Wow! Your own father!”


“Yeah! He used to love me and I seriously used to love him badly! Well, when my mum was discharged, we discovered she was pregnant again for my dad. Despite all we tried to do, he didn’t come to see her. He said she should go abort the pregnancy before they could meet again.”








“My mum loved him so much that she was ready to abort the pregnancy! When I retorted, she would threaten to have me locked up. She eventually kicked me out of the house. It was a terrible day! Neighbors came pleading, friends and families did come but she plainly told me she was choosing my dad over me! My own problem was they were not married!”




“Wow! That is so serious! What kind of love is that towards a married man that you will hate your son! That is grave!”




“To cut the long story short Bev, she had some medical complications during the abortion and needed blood. Her sweetheart did not go see her despite all the calls! I had to rush down and my mum told the nurse she doesn’t know me! She told me vehemently to stop hanging around her so her boyfriend could come see her! Ah, I was heartbroken!”





“Ah, I can’t even put myself in your shoes o. I would be really mad!”





“The Lord was with me all through those times Bev. I still loved and craved for her motherly touch! I saw life going out of my mum and wanted to do all to save situation. I moved to the blood bank and quickly donated some to her without her knowing, yet, nothing changed!”




“Ah! Oh my!”




“I got the cops involved, so they got my dad arrested. That was when his family knew he had my mum and I. Come and see suffering as his wife dealt with me! Well, my mum died and I had to move in with them! Oh my goodness! I can’t tell you what I faced!”





“Hmmm…true, I still met residue of their hatred when I resumed SMC” She said and I smiled.




“That is even small. I was battered and wounded. I got dislocations every time but I couldn’t report to the authorities anymore. I simply moved out of the house when I got tired of the curses and bashes every day. I believed he killed my mum but I was a child of God, I had to forgive him! It was hard! To even forgive my mum was hard! But I had to do it if I was to actually make it on my own and show the world!”








“I am alive today because I did not abhor any hatred towards them! If I had, their arrows would have hit me! When the hedge of Fire is broken, then, the serpent would bite! What makes the hedge broken? Sins, like unforgiveness!”




“In due time, I will tell you more about my family and I. But when you talk of betrayal and things like that, I think I best qualify for the position of the Chief ‘Unforgiver’” I said and she sighed.




“You do. You seriously do. I was always wondering why they hated you when I first resumed here. I found it seriously difficult to believe that one would hate their family members”




“Ava was the first person I won to the Lord by His Grace! We both started praying so mummy joined our clique! Beverly, I have understood the fact that no matter how difficult someone is, we can actually help such in prayers! One lesson I have learnt in all these is this.”









“When God brings you out of the wickedness of your family into the light, you are supposed to be a light and great example for them. You are not to join them in their wickedness through unforgiveness!”








“Through you, they will come to the Light if you don’t stop praying for them!”




“That’s right. My sister Bailey is like that. She is now born again. I can only imagine how great the Lord is!”




“Glory be to the Lord. He is great o!”




She stood up and dragged herself to the window. That was when I was able to see how lean she had actually become! She started one of my best songs and the hair on my body stood straight almost immediately.




The Voice was too killing!




I’ve had many tears and sorrow

I’ve had questions for tomorrow

There’s been times I didn’t know right from wrong

But in every situation

God gave me a blessed consolation

That He only gave me trials to make me strong!


I thank God for the mountains

Yes, I thank Him for the valleys

I thank Him for the storms He’s brought me through

If I’d never had a problem

I wouldn’t know that God could solve them

I wouldn’t know what faith in God could do



I had to join in the chorus, tears gathering in my eyes!  I had a grab upon my neck and oh the joy that radiated my heart as the lyrics escaped my mouth!



Through it all

Through it all

I’ve learnt to trust in Jesus

I have learnt to trust in God

Through it all

Through it all

I’ve learnt to depend upon His Word




I remembered all the battles of life that God had helped me win!




I remembered the many visions God showed me and how he had always given me the victories!




I remembered the hates and bitterness I had had to endure!




I couldn’t stop weeping and praising at the same time.





“Beverly, we have to consecrate our lives fully to this God! If He has done this much for us, why should we hold back from Him? Here is the One who loves us so!” I cried out and could hear as she fell on her knees too.




“I let go of all hurts Lord! Father, I surrender all to You! I give it all to You Lord” She cried from her heart.



I surrender all

I surrender all

All to Thee my Blessed Savior

I surrender all!



I repeated that song from my heart for quite a long time before deciding to pray with it further.




“I surrender my pride to You! I surrender my will! My ways! My words! My pleasure! I surrender them all to You Darling Savior! Take over me now!”




Beverly started another song that threw me face-down on the cold tiles.




Affect my life

Breathe on me

As I look to You for life

Affect my life breathe on me

I look to You for life!




We repeated that for quite a long time, perspiring and panting as we did!




Oh how I love prayer!



I love to ride on the wings of prayer!



I love the feelings I get when I pray!



And praying with Beverly feels new and sweet and fresh Lord!



Thank You Lord for the gift of your daughter, Lord.



As we prayed on, my heart wandered and my spirit soared!

I could feel God anew!




I could feel an open Heaven!




“All all to Jesus, I consecrate anew!” She cried out another time and soon she burst out singing- exactly the same song I had had in mind to teach her.




I opened my eyes to see her looking all charged for the Lord!




I could see how frail she was but the Spirit’s infilling had taken over the frailty.




I need to take her to the hospital when we are done here and thereafter get her a very sumptuous meal.




When the way she continued singing took over the room, I closed my eyes and joined in the flow of the highly-inspirational song.




I’m only human

I’m just a woman

Help me believe in what I could be

And not that I am

Show me the stairways

I have to climb

Lord, for my sake,

Teach me the take

One day at a time



One day at a time Sweet Jesus

That’s all I am asking of You

Lord give the strength to do everyday

What I have to do

Yesterday’s gone Sweet Jesus

And tomorrow may never be mine

Lord help me today

Show me the way one day at a time!




Goosebumps covered me as I burst into tongues. The Spirit had filled me to overflowing.



I couldn’t even move from where I was lying down again- only my mouth moved.




“Give me strength Lord each day, every day, new strength! To walk with You, new strength Lord! To love You greatly, new strength Lord!” I cried out and Beverly cried after.



“Do not let me have a better yesterday in my walk with You Lord! Help me to go higher, deeper, wider, steadier, greater, longer, closer and sweeter with You each day of my life Mighty Redeemer!”



“Give me oh Lord the strength to do every single day of my life, what I have to do. The strength to pray, to fast, to wait on You, to love You, to do Your Will, give me Lord!”




“Show me the way, lead me on like a child that I am Lord! Keep leading me on till I reach maturity!” Beverly cried out.




I renew my covenant with You oh Lord!



I renew my covenant with You oh Lord!




My covenant with God was in Isaiah 58:13c.




…not doing thine own ways, not finding thine own pleasure, not speaking thine own words!




“Oh yes Lord! I will not go my own way but Yours Lord! I will not find my pleasure, just Yours Redeemer! I will not speak even my own words Daddy! Help me so this becomes a reality in my walk with You Lord!” I cried out again.



We prayed and prayed!




Fired on and fired on!



Till the Holy Spirit said ‘It’s now alright’



And that was around 2am!





“Show me Your Glory! Lord, show me Your Glory!”




That had been my prayers for seven days!





I didn’t eat anything!





I didn’t drink anything!




I didn’t move anywhere!




I didn’t say any other prayer!




Just, show me Your Glory Lord!




It was the Glory that Moses saw in the Word of God that changed his life, even his very natural face!




No normal eyes could behold him after the encounter!




I knew that if I could simply see the Glory of the Lord, I would be changed!





We couldn’t even feed well, where could we find the money for heart surgery?





“If I could just see Your Glory Lord!”





I had not heard from Beverly in seven days too or maybe she had tried my line and she couldn’t reach me since I had switched my phone off!





My wife had contracted HIV/AIDS too and had even disappeared. Some said she had died, others said she was in Liberia!





The man taking care of my Beverly in school suddenly fell ill!





I knew I just had to pray to the Lord!




I will never let You go

Except You show me

I will never let You go

Show me Your Glory!




On the seventh day, I dozed off briefly while praying when an ant stung my arm. I beat my arm suddenly and jumped up.




Looking around me, black, soldier ants were everywhere!




How did they get in?




“Bailey, get some kerosene, let’s put in this room o. There are so many soldier ants everywhere!” I called out while dusting my trousers of some clinging to them.




One of my girls came in skimpily dressed.




“Your dress is too skimpy. Go and find one wrapper and tie” I said and she nodded.




“I will…papa wait o…” she came close and looked into my eyes like I was a good for sale.




“Skimpy?” She asked and I frowned.




“See your thighs now, can’t you see that…”




She jumped out through the door.




“Ewooooo… Everybody come oooo! My father can now see ooo” I heard her shout and I was shocked.




“It’s a lie!” I shouted too and walked outside the small shed where we stayed.




“It is a lie” Mrs. Amodu, my neighbor screamed as she came close to me.




She pulled me by the hand and dragged me outside. I saw trees and grasses, bleating goats and flies everywhere. I could see as bike rode pass us.




Tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my face!



I could see?




I wasn’t even praying for my eyes!




When I touch you, I touch you wholly son!




The Holy Spirit ministered to my heart as I watched a small crowd becoming larger and larger around me.




I couldn’t stop crying!




Some girls ran to me, pushing their ways through the crowd.




“It is a lie!” One of them burst out crying! I guessed she must be Becky, my last girl.




The girls all rushed at me.




“Ah, God eventually came through for His son ooo” The one that must be Bailey said, tears rolling down her face.




“I have been hearing that miracles happen but I am shocked to see it happening to my own neighbor, beside my house like this! Ah….”




“Abasi, come and do something big for me too o! Eh, Mr. Jones can now see? Ah, You are a great God o”




“Mr. Jones is actually a good man! I know the Lord is going to come through for him”




Many people said so many things. I saw so many phones recording the occasion and I was so shocked!




The doctors had said I couldn’t see again!




Believe only my report son! I said I venture majorly in human impossibilities!




“Thank You Lord” I screamed loudly with all the strength in me.




“I cannot believe this! I cannot believe that I can see! The Lord, He is God, the Lord, He is God!”




My four girls started jumping up and down, looking all excitedly and breathing hard as they fixed their gazes on me!





“Papa, I am Beth!”





“I am Bailey!”




“I am Becky daddy”




“I am Bethany my daddy” My girl said and jumped on my laps.



“I am Brooke” She said with a shaky voice. “I am so glad you can see me finally.”




“And I am Brenda. Am I not the most beautiful of your girls?” She said and everyone burst out laughing.




“Of course my girls are beautiful! What lovely girls! The Lord bless you! I am happier than anyone here! The Lord is faithful!” I said when I tried to find some words and I couldn’t.




A van suddenly drove into our neighborhood, heading for me, ‘The Champions TV’ engraved on it.




“Reporters have come o!”




“Our community too will be in the news ooo”




“Please capture our bad roads too o, let government come and do them o”




Different people started saying different things as the Newsmen came closer and started interacting with me.




My joy knew no bound!





I couldn’t even believe that I was healed!



For this God is my God

For ever and ever

He will be, my Guide

From now

Even unto the end.


I sang sonorously, yet with abundant tears as I was asked to sing a song to the Lord after some discussions with newsmen.





As I delved my spoon into the bowl of ice-cream before me, I couldn’t but thank God for the man that was in front of me.




He had been a strong pillar by which God had blessed me tremendously.




Every day kept presenting opportunities for me to love him!




I kept seeing the Hand of God in all we both did together.




“I can’t wait for the prize-giving day” He said when he realized I was looking so intently in his face. I blinked and swallowed the ice-cream that had melted in my mouth.




“I don’t know if I will qualify though”





“Should I give you a heads up?” He asked and I smiled.





“I passed your course very well right?” I asked and he shook his head.





“You did exceedingly well! I kept looking for a fault, not a single one was in your work! You are a genius!” He said and I smiled.





“Yeah, I am a genius, I know!” I teased and he burst out laughing.




“You are perfect o but it’s just this pride! You are too proud!” He said and I smiled.





“You often say ‘Bev, be proud of yourself’ right?” I teased on, enjoying the banter.




“You are a clown!” He laughed again and the sound of his laughter made my heart tumble.




He is so handsome!




Lord, help my life!




“Did you read my course well or how did you do that excellently in such difficult course?” He asked and my heart dropped.




“Erm…you want me to be sincere with you?” I asked, allowing the spoon to tarry in my mouth for a while. He nodded.




“I listened the most in your class!” I said and he frowned slightly, a shrewd smile in his face.




“You don’t know what your statement just did to me” He said and I smiled.




“You don’t know what your laughter has been doing to me also” I said, shyly and he chuckled some more.




“Beverly, tell me. Do you like me like a big brother or do…” He was asking when I turned to face the counter.




Why should he be that bold and blunt?




I just wasn’t ready.




“Are you trying to avoid my questions, Beverly?” He asked and I sighed, turning to face him.




“I wish we don’t talk about our feelings and all sir. It feels awkward”




“I think we should talk about it dear. I really think we should.” He said and I quickly grabbed a cup of water and downed it.




“Erm…okay?” I said when I was done. I peeped at his face and he was looking at me so deeply that my eyes flickered.




The more I tried to look into his face, the more I loved him!




“Do you lo…”





“I love you greatly! I do!” I said quickly and mopped my lips like they were stained with the words. His eyes shone.




“But…” I paused and he nodded.




“Say it joor. I want to hear” He smiled excitedly.




“I am only twenty years. I am not ready for marriage now. I am even still in my first year and I have a long way to go” I paused again and he smiled.




“Moreso…” I stopped and he nodded for me to continue.





“I have a son. I can’t bear to…”




“Bev my lovely sister…” He cut in and I smirked. It felt weird.








“I am so delighted to hear that my love for you is not one-sided. Oh what joy it is when the one you love can actually look back at you and say she feels the same way” He said and I pulled at the flair part of my peplum blouse.








Too blunt!





“Somto is my son and I love him! He calls me daddy and I see myself in his eyes when I look at him! I can imagine him having my own kind of father and going through the same thing I went through, it would be very disastrous! So, I want to offer him a good life too.” He said and my heart got filled up with some strong force that my eyes teared.





“I have heard the truth about his birth and I can tell that it wasn’t that you were promiscuous like you told me the first time we had a serious discussion” He said.




Bailey must have told him- she got his contact from me earlier.




“And about the fact that you are young and in your finals, erm…I understand perfectly.” He said again. “You aren’t young anyway! Your mates are already having three children in their husbands’ houses” He joked and I laughed.




“That’s very funny” I threw back at him.





“Erm…I didn’t tell you but I turned in my resignation letter to the management today” He said and I shoot him a deadly look.



“You. Said. WHAAAATT?” I almost screamed. All eyes turned to look towards us but I wasn’t concerned.




What a bad news!




“Wow! I thought you would be happy” He said and I shook my head, shock still written on my face.




“Happy? Nooo…you shouldn’t have allowed us talk about deep things when you will eventually leave!”




“C’mon! It’s not like I am leaving forever. I got an opportunity at Cardiff University as an associate professor. I think the Lord wants me to be there. Then, I will use that opportunity to have another PH.D. in another field, preferably oncology.” He said and my heart couldn’t bear it.




“Have you prayed about it?”




“Yes my Treasure, I have prayed about it”




“Don’t treasure me yet o. Leave me alone” I said, pain clogging my throat. I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t be around me anymore!



Everyone knew that we had become so close!




“Hey, come o, if you say I shouldn’t go, I will reconsider o. Just say the word” He said, somewhat seriously and I smirked again.




“Against God’s Will? Hmmmm…please go. You will at least be free from SMC wahala. But I will miss you greatly o! I seriously will!”





“I will miss you more but I think it’s for our good.”







“This one we love each other like this, we have to be far apart so that what happened in 1969 will not happen to us” He joked and I smiled.



I got his point!



I preferred a long distance relationship also but I would have actually loved it if he was still in Nigeria with me no matter what.



“And it’s good for our family in the long run. You will become the bride of Professor Earl of Cardiff University” He said and I raised my nose.



“Which bride? I am not your bride o” I said and he frowned slightly.




“Why are we going back again?”




“You only asked if I love you nah, you didn’t…”




“Okay. What kind of proposal do you want me to give to you? I have heard that ladies could be complicated. Some wants balloon and cakes and this and that. Some want expensive rings plated with diamond. Which does my queen want?”




“Just ask, then I reply” I said and he smiled, leaned forward and picked up my hand.




Holding my hand in his, I felt a kind of comfort and warmth I had never felt before. It triggered a cold in my body and I shivered, my skin standing on an edge.




“Lovely Beverly Jones, I have loved you since the day I met you. Your beauty, intelligence and wisdom baffled me a lot that I started loving to see you daily. Well, I had to ask God about the feelings I was having towards you. I stopped conversations with you, I wanted to be far so I could hear God” He continued and I was loving it all.





“After asking God about you Beverly, He said it was indeed you! That you are the woman of my dreams! The one I will love and treasure! I will love to marry you Beverly, do you feel the same way?” He asked, sweetly, yet seriously and I sighed numerously.




“I love you doc. And I will love to be your lover, your mother…”



“Like you know I need a mother” He cut in and I chuckled.



“I will like to be your wife. I will love to be mentored by you. I will love to submit to you. I will love to be your partner in ministry. So, yes sir, I will marry you” I said and he grabbed my two hands together warmly.



“Satan is in trouble!” He grinned.



“He is” I said, shyly, my heart swelling with joy.



We discussed some more and as we were supposed to leave, my phone rang. It was from Bailey.




“Pick your call” He said.



“I will call her. She will be travelling to Jamaica tomorrow. She wants to probably give me some gists about her plans” I said and he nodded.




“Yeah, you told me about that. I am so happy for her. Don’t worry my love. You will travel round the world too!” He said and I smiled.




“Of course I will sweetheart” I said and he burst out laughing.




“Say that again” He said and I looked away shyly.




“Leave me alone joor” I smiled. The whole situation was weird. I didn’t know when it fell from my mouth.



“Since when have you loved me?” He asked out of the blues and I racked my brain.




“I was attracted to you the first time you came to our class and I realized your siblings were weird to you but I started developing feelings kinda when we met at the Senate the other day and I found myself telling you about my son.”




“Woow! Nice! I love you, I will always love you!” He said and I was about replying when my phone rang again.








“Please let me pick this call. I think it’s urgent”




“Please do” He said and I picked up.




Bailey was breathing hard and my heart became as cold as ice!




“What’s up?”




“Big sis, haven’t you seen the news? Haven’t you heard the gist? It’s gone viral!” She said incoherently and I kept losing my patience.




“Can you be straightforward with me please?” I asked and she seemed to swallow.




“Daddy called for me and I…”




“What happened to him? Talk joor” I almost screamed. Doc signaled that I take things easy but I couldn’t sit still anymore.




“Big sis, daddy can now see! Daddy’s eyes have opened! We are at the government’s house now. The governor asked to see my dad face to face!” She dropped the bomb and I covered my mouth tightly since it felt like my heart was going to stroll out of its cage through my mouth.




“It’s a lie!” I shouted.




“Check the internet. I don’t know how but He did it! He made a way!” She screamed as she dropped the call.




“What happened?” Dr. Earl asked but I couldn’t even catch my breath talk less of talking.




I picked my phone and went on my ‘Hot Searches’ page.




Blind father of six sees miraculously in Cross Rivers!




I don’t know how but God did it- Blind Man’s daughter who now sees sings.




Dr. Earl sat beside me and saw what I was checking.




“Is that our daddy?” He asked and I looked up at him, nodding sheepishly as tears ran down my face, my hand shaking vigorously.




“He is! See my dad in the news! He can see! He can see!” I pushed my phone away and slapped the table a few times.




“Ah, so God is indeed real! I have tasted him severally but this is too real! This is too real! Oh Jesus!” I screamed on.



“Wow! Jesus, we thank You! This is unbelievably amazing! You still work these kinds of miracles in our generation? We don’t even worth it Lord!” My newly found sweetheart said on calmly as he scrolled down my phone.



I looked into the phone again and my tears dropped down the more.




“My dad now sees! Ah…sir, you don’t know how I feel! You don’t know! You can’t tell! If not for my last paper, I will go home o. Ah…God I thank You!” I said and fell on my knees.




“Your last paper is still in four days. Why don’t we travel down home and then come back?” My sweetheart said and I smiled.



“Really? Together?” I asked and he nodded, smiling happily too.



I stood up quickly, hanging my handbag on my shoulder when his phone rang.



“Excuse me” He said briefly and picked it up.



“Ermmm…Continental Diner…You said?…She’s here with me…What time?…Okay ma.” He dropped the call and the look on his face told me we couldn’t travel again.




“What’s the matter?”




“Mama SMC wants us to have dinner with her this evening. This is strange but she sounds excited about it”




“Nice! I won’t like to miss that. I can always call my dad today and then we will go see him tomorrow. Or what do you think?”




“Very okay. I am sorry for the delay”




“It’s no delay since I am with you” I found myself saying again and Dr. Earl started laughing.



“That’s why we should stay apart o abeg, don’t let emotions spoil our testimony” He joked and we laughed.




My phone rang. Again!




“Is today ‘World Phone Ringing Day’?” Dr. Earl asked and I smiled.




“I wonder o”




When I checked the screen of my phone, I froze!




“Who is it?” He asked and collected my phone. “Oh…pick it up darling. Pick it” He urged.





I sighed deeply and picked it. I placed it on loud speaker.




“Hello sir”



“Beverly, it’s me. Mrs. Oladejo”



“Okay ma. Good afternoon ma”



“Thank you dear. Where are you?”



“In school”


“Where in school dear? We are in your school now. Daddy wants to meet you” She said and I frowned slightly. Dr. Earl signaled that I calm down, his right hand going up and down his chest.



“Where are you ma?”



“The Special Quarters behind the Admin Block”




“Okay ma. I will be there” I dropped the call and heaved a deep sigh.




“We will go together” He said.




“No sir. At this juncture, I will like to face him alone. I have my sponsorship bid here in my bag. I want to return it to him. The way God will see me through this whole process without using anyone’s money, not even you, God will provide” I said and he smiled.


“Sure. But I can drive you down there and wait for you right?”




“Thank you sir. I don’t mind” I said and we were on our way shortly.




Dr. Earl kept holding my hands to reassure me, covering me with the Blood and saying some powerful prayers as we approached the place of the meeting.




“It shall be well. I will be here praying for you” He said and I smiled, nodding severally to reassure myself.






Dr. Oladejo laid on a very large bed, a very thick, furry duvet covering him entirely except his head.



There were so many machines in the room and the warmth from the room heater welcomed me inside.



“Darling, Beverly is here” His wife announced. “I will leave you both.” She said and I became scared.



Both of us alone in this large, scary room?



“Send Olakojo inside. Thanks” He said weakly



“Alright” She said as she left.



“Beverly my daughter” He called out, stretching his hand towards me slowly and weakly.



I went close to him and held his hands.



“You are now born again, right?” He asked and I smiled.




“Yes sir, I have met Jesus!” I said and he smiled faintly.




“Please help me sit up” He said and I was surprised at the bag of bone in the blanket! I had to arrange him so he wouldn’t fall, adjusting him with several other pillows.




“He came to visit me three nights ago” He said and I arched my brows.








“Jesus” He said and my eyes shone.




“’Oladejo, it is hard for you to kick against the prick!’ That was what he said to me. ‘Beverly is mine. Every evil you do from now, will fall on your head’ He added” He said and I was wowed!




Jesus came here?




Oh my!




“Beverly, I have offended you o.” He started coughing and I got him some tissues. The door opened and a man entered. I bowed slightly and the waved at me, settling down in a settee.




“We offend God and He forgives us daddy. I have forgiven you of all you’ve done for me.”




“You know about it?”




“My friend and I planted a recorder in the special lodge the day you met Prof. Bello. I heard everything” I said and he shook his head pitifully.




“Oh what immeasurable pain your little heart must have faced” He said and I smiled slightly.




“Jesus has healed me!” I said and he coughed again.




“Beverly, love for power and money is really bad o! If you have more, you want more! You have more, you want more! When I met you, I loved you as my daughter. I do love you but wickedness is what we do in our cult before we attain some heights. I saw how brightly you shone and my power drunkenness couldn’t wait to suck you!” He explained and I shook my head.




“A drunken state is a state in which one is not sensible anymore. When you love money so much that you aren’t sensible anymore, you will do a whole lot of evil! Same thing with power! I have always regretted what I did to you, even though the Lord has always been fighting for you” He explained and I smiled.




“It’s of the Lord’s mercies that I am not consumed sir.”




“Of course girl! You are so glorious and that is why you will always be attractive to anyone with the spiritual eyes.”



“Hmmm… daddy, have you now met our Lord Jesus Christ?”



“I have met Him! He has forgiven me! He asked me to plead for forgiveness from you too and that is why I am here in your school. I wish I could kneel down before you but I have no more strength” He said and I swallowed as I looked into his skeletal face.




“My dad’s eyes opened today. Did you hear it?” I told him excitedly.




“That’s not true. Is that?” He wore a shocked smile and I repeated my words.




“Wow! This Jesus is great o! What!” He exclaimed.




“He can do the same for you sir. He can heal you and…”




“Barrister Olajoko, here is Beverly. Beverly, meet Barrister Olakojo” He cut me short and the man stood up, coming close to us. We exchanged pleasantries.




“Please bring out the papers” He said and I was amazed when I saw so many papers.




“What’s all these sir? I really do not need anything from you sir.”




“I am your father. Forget all you heard in the recorder. I am now a child of God too. I am simply doing this because I have no more time”




“Here are the particulars for your new car Miss Beverly. You now have a Plymouth Prowler Convertible” Barrister Olakojo said and my mouth was left suspended.




I didn’t even know what type of car that was.




“Wow! Sir, you really don’t need to go this far.”



“Abeg Barrister, go on.” Dr. Oladejo said urgently and I sighed, not really knowing exactly what to say or do.




“You also now have 10% shares of Couhealth Pharmaceuticals.” He said and my eyes widened.








“What does that even mean?” I asked and he smiled.




“All you need to understand about shares are in this envelope ma’am” He said and I chuckled.




“Daddy sincerely, this is too much for me to bear!” I said and he looked away as if I didn’t make sense.




“Also, you are expected to conclude the process of opening a domiciliary account. We have started doing that but now we need some information from you to continue. That will contain 20, 000 US dollars for your Postgraduate studies” He said and I stood up at once, tears rolling down my eyes.




“How much is that? How much is that in Naira?” I cried and Dr. Oladejo turned his face away.




“Stop getting all emotional about it please. You deserve more. I am thankful your glory was indestructible! How on earth would I have been able to face you?” He had tears glistening in his eyes.




“Ah! Daddy, you will reap the fruits of your labour. I don’t know how to thank You enough.”




“I am so sorry Beverly. I am sure you had a lot of struggles before you could actually decide to forgive your father who betrayed you”




“I actually did! I felt so murdered!” I confessed, hugging him against the bed.




“I am so sorry my dear. Is that all Barrister Olakojo?”




“One last thing sir. Here is the bunch of keys for a new duplex building in Calabar for your family!” He said and I fell to the ground.




“It is a lie!” I cried. “Noooooo!”




“Dramatic girl! Come close and pray for me joor. Let me be sure that you have forgiven me” Dr. Oladejo said and I helped him lay under the covers again, my tears falling against the duvet.




“Why do you love me so?




“I wish you can see the glory radiating over you! Then, you will know that you are naturally attractive to any eyes that see you!”




“Daddyyyy” I cried out again. He pulled me close gently, his hands, scaly against my skin.




He placed his hands round my face and tears rolled down his face.




“Psalms 104 verse 4 says ‘Who maketh His angels spirits; His ministers a flaming fire!’ Daughter, it is true! It is very true! Any time we tried to attack you, fire was just always round you! That same fire came with Jesus the same day he visited my room!”




“Hmmm” Tears rolled down my face “The Lord is simply merciful. I fear Him! I really didn’t do anything to deserve His special care.” I said and he smiled.





“Earl is fire too! You both make a good match. I am happy for you!” He said and I frowned.




“How did you know daddy?”




“It had been a battle for long. We definitely know that being close to him will be disastrous to us! Now that you exude so much fire, it means, he has rubbed off on you!”








“Yes daughter! The glorious should be more careful at the verge of marriage than anywhere else. That is even where the enemy lurks around most!”








“He would want fire to marry water so it can be quenched!”









“Yes dear. That is why you will see so many people really hot before marriage and dead in marriage!”




“Hmmm… God have mercy”




“See me sounding like a pastor. Please pray for me Pastor Miss and let me go” He said and I squinted.




“Go where?” I asked, fear suddenly taking a hold of me.




“Jesus says He will come back for me. I am waiting for Him. When He touched me the other time, I felt so well. I need to go dear daughter. I need to go. This world has nothing to offer me. I need to go” He said, looking so happy.




Tears dropped down my eyes. The door opened and his wife entered together with Glory.



“Take care of this woman for me. Take her inside fire for me too. And Glory too. I want them to burn for the Lord” He said and I placed my heart on his chest. It was beating so very well.



Why would he die then?




Lord, would that be your Will?




Can’t you see the glory of his face?




The Holy Spirit whispered to me and I shook my head painfully.



His wife and only child knelt beside me, their eyes pepper red from much crying.




“Pray for me Beverly”




“Pray for your son Lord. Thanks for saving him! Thanks for loving him! Thanks for not holding his sins against him! Thanks for everything Lord Jesus! Have mercy on him Lord.”




“Amen!” His voice became very loud.




“Do unto him according to your Will Lord” I prayed, tears strolling down my face.




As soon as I was done praying, he burst out singing loudly and clearly!



It is morning

It is morning in my heart

Jesus makes the gloomy shadows all depart

Songs of gladness now I sing

For since Jesus is my King

It is morning

It is morning in my heart.








As the door opened, a maid in her well-ironed apron bowed slightly before us and started leading us down the hall.




“I hope we aren’t too late Angie” I asked her and she nodded.




“Ten minutes late but it’s not bad at all” She replied. I picked Beverly’s hands and she smiled slightly.




I knew she had not gotten out of the shock of her discussion with her sponsor.




“The Lord is in control darling. Let’s hope for the best” I whispered to her and she smiled.




We reached the door leading to the dinning and the maid opened the door.





As we entered, the sight that greeted us was enthralling!




“Tell me something!” I exclaimed.




“As in! What’s happening here?” Beverly asked, sounding all surprised and shocked as well.




The whole Bello’s family was seated at the dining, looking all glorious and beautiful in their seats. They were all smiling happily at us.




Papa SMC was seated in a huge wheelchair at the head of the dining table. He was looking all handsome though his mouth was still suspended.




Mama SMC was right beside him in a very beautiful, white gown! She was shining her beautiful set of teeth at us.




Ava winked at me, looking all rosy in her Ankara blouse!








“Guy, so, you stole her from me eventually ba?” Cole asked and I smiled at him. He was wearing a very nice green top.




We started walking towards them.




“I didn’t have to steal her. God gave her to me freely” I said and there was a chorus of laughter.




“You both look good together anyway” Bella said and I went close to her and planted a peck on her cheek.




“You look so well!” I said and she smiled, rolling her eyes.




“Jesus visited me too! Everyone kept talking about Jesus’ visit. It was even daddy’s own that shocked me o…”




“Jesus visited daddy?” Beverly asked suddenly.




“I tell you! I just said I want Him to visit me too o. I didn’t see Him but it was the day I said the prayer I started responding well to treatment!” Bella concluded.




“Woow! The Lord is great!” Beverly exclaimed.




“Same here. With just few months of physiotherapy, I will drop my walking stick! So, the leg that was to be chopped off is actually healing! I really can’t get enough of this great God! The pain is totally reduced too”



“Woow! I am loving this testimony time!” I exclaimed




“My hand is very well now. People started calling me ‘chicken-handed’ because of the incident but soon, I will start throwing balls into their faces like this…” He threw one blow in the air. His hand that was in a cast snapped and he exclaimed “Ouch”




We burst out laughing.




“I guess it’s not ripe for throwing things yet” He joked and we couldn’t stop laughing.




“Beverly, I saw your son! Ooops, you look too refined and beautiful to have a child at that tender age! Your baby is fine anyway.” Cole said and I looked at Beverly’s face.




“I don’t know what to say now. Should I reply your first accusing statement or your compliment?” Beverly said maturely and there was an awkward silence.




“Cole is a bubble-buster actually! Gerrarahia!” Bella hit him after a while and he screamed.





“I was only saying nah. I seriously have a dislike for children born out of…” He was saying when I hit him.




“It means you still hate me right?” I asked and he smiled.




“You took my love, of course I hate you!” He obviously joked and we laughed.




“Thank God he is not white. He would have been a racist!” Ava said and we all laughed again.




“I am still thankful that Cole has that hatred for such things. If not, there might have been a love triangle between Cole and Earl now. A strong battle at that” Mama SMC said and all of us burst out laughing again.




“Very true mum! Very true! I trust my orientation will change though but I surrender!” He raised his hands up in the air.




“Naughty boy!” Beverly exclaimed, laughing out loudly.




“Somto is sleeping that is why he hasn’t come to disturb you over here o. He might wake before we are done anyway” Mama SMC said and Beverly smiled.




“Thanks for all you do mummy. The Lord bless you richly!” She said and everyone chorused ‘Amen’




“So, how’s daddy now? He looks much better actually.” I said and his wife smiled into his face. He tried smiling too and spittle dripped which Mama SMC helped dab with a hanky.




“The doctors suddenly asked for me four days ago. They said he said he wants to come home for Christmas. They checked his MRI and surprisingly, the brain tumor is gone!”




“Tell me something!” Beverly exclaimed.




It was actually too miraculous!




“It is just for his blood sugar and blood pressure to normalize. Then he will start physiotherapy to regain his fitness. Asides that, he is now fine.” Mama SMC explained




“I am sure the Lord will do that very very soon to the amazement of everyone” I prayed and everyone echoed ‘amen’.




“I love the sound of revival in this home!” Mama SMC exclaimed.




“Yes o! I was thinking it’s my thought alone o. The Bellos have come alive” I exclaimed and we laughed at the awesomeness of God.




“Angie, come and lay the table please. We need to celebrate” Mama SMC called out.




“EEET” Daddy said and no one got him. I smiled.




“Let me be the interpreter. He said ‘wait’’” I said and he forced a smile despite his dripping mouth.




“Leil” He said again and I racked my brain.





“Earl?” I asked and he blinked once. “Sir?” I replied.




“Doyi” He said and I smiled.




“No need to be sorry dad. I have long forgiven you”




“Dan-du” He said and I smiled.





“Thanks be to God alone”




“Bebyi” He called again and Beverly sat up.








“Zoyi” He said again and she smiled.




“You’ve done nothing wrong to me sir. The Lord has forgiven us all” She said beautifully and he smiled at her.



“Ai lob yu” He said and no one needed an interpretation as everyone exclaimed sweetly.



“I love you too daddy” She said and everyone clapped.



“We need to celebrate oooo. Start serving Angie” Mama MSC said and service began beautifully. Fine dishes, cups, serviettes and colorful foods and drinks filled the whole table almost at once.



Once she was done, Angie pushed away the food trolley and came to sit by us with her two assistants.



“Cole, pray for us as we eat” Mama SMC said and he stood up.




“We have shared all our testimonies but two people here have not shared theirs. I am talking of Beverly and Earl. What is happening? Aren’t you both going to share the good news?” He asked and Beverly smiled.




“Well, you like poking your nose into things that are not your business” She joked, her nose raised at him. I smiled.




“Well, I will take that as both an insult and a compliment” He said and everyone laughed again.




“Okay o…I have so many testimonies. But the one you have in mind is what I will share with you now.”




“Okay?” Almost everyone answered.




“I got a proposal today from the love of my life, my lecturer and doctor, Earl. And I said ‘yes’!” She announced and everyone clapped happily, with Cole drumming the table.




“It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sights” I said and they nodded.




“Now, I can sanctify the food as your pastor. Bow your hearts and recite Psalms 119 offhand” Cole joked around at first before dishing out some strong prayers.




Soon, we were done eating and were taking some selfies when Beverly suddenly went cold, settling down in her chair, her head on the table.




I went close to her and held her shoulders. She was weeping, her phone in her hand.




I collected the phone and checked the message on the screen.




Jesus has finally come to take away my dad! They’re probably having dinner now- Glory Oladejo




My heart sunk.




“What’s the matter?” Everyone seemed to ask at once.




“We lost Dr. Oladejo” I announced and the atmosphere changed at once.




Everyone returned to his/her seat, silently and gloomily.




My daddy shook vehemently on the chair where he sat.




“Ma vend! Ma vend!” He kept on crying.




He surely would miss his friend!




It was a great loss to the medic world!




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