I woke only to realise that I had a son – shame!
All this happened in the 11th chapter of my life (2 Samuel)
Then all of a sudden, Solomon was born as a result of that night party
I started strong – ordinarily nobody who knew me would think that another Goliath would rise up and slay me
Why? because I had slain one earlier on in my teenage years
This Goliath is far greater than the one I killed in the flesh.
This Goliath is called lust.
It’s still ruining many lives today
Guess what
My successor and son who was deemed to be the wisest man on earth, also fell for this 11th chapter too… (1 Kings 11).
Beloved, what is that besetting sin you’ve been neglecting?
Saying, it doesn’t matter?
Look at David – he lost his relationship with God in chapter 11 (2 Samuel), same happened to his son in chapter 11 (of 1 Kings).
You’ve heard of the 11th hour, right?
What is that 11th hour sin that always comes to your life, when no one is around?
Or is it that you have this particular habit when you’re on a trip, or you’re on holiday?

Please remember:
“Sin will take you farther than you wanted to go.
Sin will keep you longer than you wanted to stay.
Sin will cost you more than you wanted to pay.” – Steve Farrar

What’s your besetting sin?
Kill it before it kills you.


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  1. oluwaseyi09

    Great article bro. . . . Besetting sin really sinks —- and keep sinking it’s victim

    1. AshSalt

      Thanks for stopping by bro!

  2. omeizadeborah

    I love this.
    The connection.
    The message.
    More grace sir.

    1. AshSalt

      Amen, thanks so much sis!

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