Happy new month my friends… Lol, I should have said happy new year right?



Whew! How did a supposed three months break become nine months?






I sincerely apologize for staying so long before returning to this space, but I’m glad the LORD has enabled me to be back and better!






As a geographer, I cannot fail to observe the weather and climate, and like you might know, the rains are here!


I hope you enjoyed the rain that fell today.



In your life there shall be showers of blessings!



Even if there was no physical rain where you stay currently.







Holding the mic, clears throat… “Testimony time!” And you say…


“My name is bro Salt Ashibuogwu (speaks with a grin), I want to bless the LORD for saving me from sin, self and satan… Praise the LORD!



For the LORD Himself is my portion, He lifts my head in glory. For my hand the LORD has exalted.



He teaches me to prosper. I have come with testimonies to tell, so you can see me and call me testimonies. 



God helped me fulfill my promise; you know I didn’t want to come back blogging without upgrading this blog. And He did it!



Praise the LORD!



God just did it miraculously, as I learnt how to migrate to a self hosted blog myself.



Praise the LORD!”



So I say to you beloved, your life is not ordinary!



This is your time, this is your season!



You shall come back with testimonies!



You’re so full of praise!



You shall testify!



Guys whenever the lords says wait, wait! That’s something the LORD taught me during this period of my hiatus.



And seriously, I am sorry for allowing my three months to become nine months, lol.



See, the LORD is working on me, amd I didn’t want to rush out of the incubation room without being formed properly to serve you better.  That’s why the verse below speaks volumes to me.



“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths” Proverbs 3:15



But my story would be incomplete without mentioning Gospel breed. The LORD bless you!

David Oduniyi Olajide



I’m grateful to God I’m back and better, because it felt like I would never be back. See me here smiling as I churn out these words to you from my pen and notepad.



Glory, Hallelujah! I’m so full of praise!



Thanks so much Gospel breed for teaching me how to migrate, and also for designing God bless you tremendously.



How can I forget to thank Lizziefreezie, my mentor and friend, yes she is my mentor! In the writing ministry, drama, O. A. P, singing (creating albums) and leadership ministry. Her life speaks a volume to me on a daily basis, Watch out for more of her stories in this space.

Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu











Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu



How about Ife-Grace Dada, wow! The first time I met her, it seemed like she was more like a senior version of myself, I mean more like a senior sister I never had. Lol.



I and Ife-Grace Dada


Ife-Grace Dada



Pardon me, for laughing heartily here, jare (Covers mouth)



Watch out for her books, I’ve read them and they are powerful!




How can I forget Esther Adeniyi, Ife-Grace Dada’s mentor in the writing ministry, the lady who first taught me how to migrate. She is one of the best blogging mentors in Nigeria, if you want to learn a lot about blogging, you must not fail to check out her blog.

Esther Adeniyi


Esther Adeniyi


Now, I have not been so open about my achievements, especially when it comes to DWC (De-Raconteur Writers’ College).



Okay! Its now  time to let the cat out of the bag!



Ashsalt’s Certificate of Participaton



The Lord helped me to be the 3rd best student on the first DWC cohort with a total of 68% behind Fortune Jacob with 70% and Taiwo Odion Ajayi with 72 %.



Mhen! I was so happy not to be less than the third, but sad I didn’t enter the A category of scoring above 70%.



Ashsalt’s Award of Excellence



Now, with that resolve in mind, I enrolled in the second cohort of the DWC classes and lo and behold,it was a success.



And by God’s grace, I won the award for the most committed student of the year.



Praise the LORD!



At the graduation, Chiamaka Oji, one of the Valedictorians also delivered a speech. You can read below:


My fellow raconteurs,

We’re about to be wheeled out of this theater.

But the memories built up here, I know, is something we’ll always reminisce.

I remember one of the classworks we were given- Pronounce “raconteur”.

The voice notes poured in, one after the other… Different pronunciations… Different voices. Our cheeks swelled with laughter. (You needed to hear mine.)

But that’s one of the things that spice up life.

Different people coming together to blend our voices, after a series of practices and rehearsals… We march to life’s stage and fill the class with melodious writings.

That “harmony” is one thing we enjoyed. There was no “Who do you think you are?” There was no “What is she saying?”

We all cheered and supported everyone.

I’m glad and grateful to connect with you all.

Mr Salt, you’ve been a “big bros” and loyal leader. You added salt to our pot of soup. Bravo, bro. My lady, miss Faith, your sonorous voice and the way you re-iterated the notes made by our coach, pulling out the points and hitting them – they made the lessons sink in. Victor, Temitayo, Mary, Crown of Glory… I’ll weary this paper by mentioning all your names. You all are awesome.

This team spirit is something we need to “carry on”, and I’m so glad De Raconteurs Club is here. What a place it will be.

Like the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I bet you don’t want to run “fast” into oblivion. This great club opening at our doorstep is one way to go far together. Put your nose into it.

Talking about “nose”… At the beginning of the training, our dear coach mentioned something around it: “You want to be a writer, you have to be very nosy – ask questions, find answers”.

That reminds me of what the legendary writer, Stephen King, said: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” (If you find a shortcut, kindly let us know. Thank you).

To our phenomenal coach, mama Lizzy:

I’ll miss her thundering voice and sweet spirit. You’ve been awestruck by her voice, right? It sure uproots mediocre writing and burns it off. You all agree with me. If not, how will a jellyfish, no-fiction-writer like me write fiction that is readable and (to my amazement) ‘rewardable’?

She knows her onions. Not just that, she slices it in a way that will “pepper your eyes” and cause you to “have an eagle’s eye” like she always say.

We are grateful, coach.

Of course, we can’t forget Mr. Yaks, your dear husband. Your role in making our training a huge success screams from the background. Thank you, sir.

Before I drop my pen, let me leave you with a statement my dad once told me:

“Don’t forget your name.”

Yes, fellow graduands – don’t forget your name.

You are a raconteur. A raconteur for Christ.

Live it out!

Write it out!

Show, don’t tell. (You can hear mama Lizzy’s voice thunder that. Don’t forget it.)

Thank you.




Such a wonderful speech from a sweet soul! You can also check out her blog at



That’s why I’m  grateful to God that there’s already a 3rd generation (cohort) of the DWC.



  • It was launched on the 30th October 2019.
  • It is an avenue for readers and writers to connect.
  • It is an avenue for all members to read good books.
  • It is an avenue for bloggers especially, to be abreast of information regarding blogging generally at no or subsidized price.
  • It is an avenue for all members to healthily compete in order to test our abilities.
  • It is a club full of so many tasks and challenges which will enable members to be a really consistent writer!
  • It promises so much more.
  • Past students of the college who are interested will be admitted into the club FOR FREE while non-students who want to be a part will pick up a form for a thousand naira only. To be a part, send your written interest to



Now, I have a writing bestie from DWC – Elizabeth Tolulope Egeniyi

She is a scholar, and the author of a book, called ‘The Journey – Chronicles of a Young Lady’.

Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi

Elizabeth Egbeniyi is a health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, budding entrepreneur and most importantly, a child of God.

She iss so much a lover of love, nature, books and people. She loves to talk about anything and everything that passes a message of life and sees writing as a means through which her voice can be heard by all and sundry. One of her lifes purpose is putting smile on peoples’ faces, including you. Click here to know more amazing facts about her.

Botapreneur - Health and Lifestyle

Her blog was launched in November, 2016 with the aim of helping people thrive healthily in every aspect of their lives. It seeks to help you live a wholesome and balanced life.

You’re sure going to find inspiring and engaging articles and stories on health, nutrition, lifestyle, personal development, fitness, relationships, and everything related to living all round healthy life.


Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi


By God’s grace, I’ve come to also know some amazing bloggers like Prisca Tee,

Prisca Tee

There is something you must know about this very beautiful lady – she is a Jesus Junkie, lovingly loving with common sense, a business-minded engineer, a sister, and a daughter who loves worshipping and connecting with her Source and darling Saviour.


Iremide Akinsola


Iremide Akinsola


Iremide Akinsola

Yeah, this is my senior brother in the writing ministry, along with Goodness Adegbola. He is a Christian who enjoys reading, writing and listening to music. The purpose of his blog is to share stories, Bible studies and reflections that would bless you and inspire you. Ultimately, his aim is to propel you to action so that you become the person that God intends you to be.



Goodness  Adegbola

Goodness Adegbola is a current student of Babcock University studying Anatomy. He is a believer in Christ who’s passionate about spreading the good news of Christ and teaching Biblical truths through written pieces. The sole purpose of his blog is to minister the gospel and edification to Christians and at the same time entertain them.

Godness Adegbola



And a host of writing padis from the DWC like:


Crown of glory inspirational

Crown of Glory


Crown of Glory

This is a lady with the heart of an inspirational speaker. Ensure you click on her name to have a forestaste of her beautiful blog, I tell you that blog is beautiful.


Ifeoma Unachukwu

Ifeoma Unachukwu



Ifeoma Unachukwu, is also known as Iffie. Her pen name is PristinePens.😊. She is a Christian, a fair lady, (smiles)… a lover of inspiring books and write-ups. Oh, yes! She is also a baker, generally she loves creativity, Love and Life.


Fortune Jacob

Fortune Jacob

Yaay, this is my sister from another mother! Despite the fact that we have never met physically, the way the LORD helps us to connect in the place of prayer, especially our online DWC prayer platforms is very unique indeed. God bless you so much my lovely sister.


Shalom Adedokun

Shalom Adedokun



Adedokun Shalom Kehinde is a young and creative follower of Jesus. She is passionate about putting thoughts, ideas of life and stories into writing.

Shalom loves writing, singing, sewing, baking, reading and music. She is a graduate of Microbiology from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

She is also a part of the first generation of De-raconteur Writers College.



Faith Adegboye

Faith Adegboye


Faith Adegboye’s blog is a place where people learn and relearn things that pertain to their Spiritual, physical, moral and social well-being


Odunayo Blessing Shonde

Odunayo Sonde


Odunayo Sonde is a young lady whose concern is building godly relationships. She is the author of Singles Web.



Adebimpe Adefila

Adebimpe Adefila


Mrs Adebimpe Adefila is an Engineer by profession but a Christian writer by divine calling and passion. Her blog is

The Pilgrims Harbour blog was birthed from her desire to reach fellow pilgrims like herself – Christians on a journey to heaven.

It is where she discusses several day to day challenges that we face as pilgrims and suggest proven and workable strategies to deal with these.

It is a place where believers are encouraged to live simply without holding anything in this world too dear to the heart. Urging disciples of our Lord Jesus to remember that we are only pilgrims here.

Pilgrims Harbour is a place where she encourages other pilgrims that they are not alone in their struggles but through God we will conquer the prince of this world.

It is a place with writings that communicate solace, peace, comfort and simplicity.

Solace in Simplicity for short!



Chiamaka Oji

Chiamaka Oji


Chiamaka Oji is a child of God and lover of His word. A writer, blogger, and speaker. She has a passion to
see young women embrace and live out Biblical Femininity. Feel free to share your concerns and testimonies with her –


You can connect with her on:


Or subscribe to her newsletter:



Ayoola Rebecca

Ayoola Rebecca



AYOOLA, Rebecca Olawumi is a firm believer in Jesus Christ, a blogger and a book reviewer based in Ondo State Nigeria.

Reading and writing reviews became a part of her as she found herself interested in books generally, gaining more knowledge and insights.

However, she has stopped reading just any book that came her way when she came to the consciousness of being intentional with her reading, hence, her quest for Christian literature, novels and self development books.

Justina Oyedeji

Justina Oyedeji


Justina Oyedeji



Justina Oyedeji is a young raconteur, and is a member of the De-Raconteur Writers’ College. She blogs at

She is the author of the book: ‘At the Scent of Water’


At The Scent Of Water by Justina Oyedeji
At The Scent Of Water by Justina Oyedeji


Blessing Ekele

Blessing Ekele


Blessing Ekele also known as Agent of Change is a firm believer of Chrit. I love her doggedness in getting tasks done in the DWC. She is one sister I sincerely appreciate God’s grace in. God bless you sis. Blessing.



Ruth Areo

Ruth Areo


This is the youngest most active raconteur in the house, and one of the best three of the second cohort of DWC.


Talabi Mary

Talabi Mary


This is our amazing Instagram manager!


Jennifer Azubuike

Jennifer Azubuike



Jenn is a Christian, an avid reader who is passionate about Music and curious about history, culture, people and places. She lives in the United states and is from Nigeria. On her blog, she shares her thoughts, encourages, tell stories and informs you about the most essential things required for making your sojourn on earth a pleasant one.



Esther Bola Olawale

Esther Bola Olawale


Esther Bola Olawale is a graduate of the second cohort of DWC.


Gbaye Eunice

DWC Gbaye Eunice
Gbaye Eunice


Gbaye Eunice is a graduate of the second cohort of DWC.




I’ve been so blessed to have them in my life, please don’t forget to check out their blogs friends, I’m very sure you will come back to thank me. To access their blogs or social media handles, kindly click on their names.



I’m thrilled to have you here and I’m looking forward to connecting with you! A warm welcome to this blog where you will get weekly customized verses of scripture and godly text messages, inspired by the written word of GOD.



I can’t leave you without a gift; you know the showers of blessings are here, so:

Click here for your gift.


In another news, April 1 was my mom’s birthday. Do well to say a word of prayer to her, if you have not done so. Thank you!

My mum is 60! It's A Diamond Jubilee!
My mom is 60!



    1. Like seriously, you are the boss man!

      I am glad to know you are part too!

      It’s a privilege sir!

      Thank you, thank you!

      We are going global brotherly!

    1. You’re most welcome, Shalom!

      Thanks so much, you are a lovely soul too!

      Thank you, thank you!

      Amen, and amen!

  1. Blessing Ekele

    Wow! So much in just a click

    Thanks uncle Salt for this and all that you do. You’re a wonderful person with a godly soul.

    1. Really! It’s the grace of GOD at work in me ooo!

      Yes, really!

      So much in one click, I know you deserve nothing less than the best!

      Thanks so much Aunty Blessing.

      You are a powerful lady I respect so much too…

      God bless you so so much!

  2. Wow!, Wow!, Wow!.
    See me smiling from beginning to end. It was as if I was there personally. Salt, your life has been a blessing. Thank God for knowing you and thank you for yielding to the Lord. God bless you so much.
    Welcome back 😁
    I pray for greater grace, glory as you write henceforth. Your pen will draw men to Christ. I celebrate you sir.

    1. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

      I’m so happy you are happy!

      Of course you were there personally.

      Awwwn, thanks so much dear sister!

      It’s a precious privilege!

      Thanks so so much!

      I’m glad I know you too…

      Amen and Amen!

  3. OMG!

    Can’t believe my eyes, thanks bro.

    You’re indeed living to your name.

    Welcome back bro, I missed you.

    Happy birthday to your mum once again, the Lord will continue to shield her in Jesus name

    Great job bro.

    Keep it up.

  4. Thank God for you Bro. Thank God you are back and better encouraging a few of us behind you. Happy belated birthday to Mummy. She will live to eat the fruit of her labour.

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