The Weekend Corner

The Weekend Corner

The Weekend Corner with Salt Ashibuogwu

The Weekend Corner is a segment of the blog devoted to encourage you to actively engage in personal development. And I’m so excited to bring this to you.

It took me such a long time to finally get this started for some reasons but if it is not now, I really don’t know when. It just has to be now!

By the Weekend Corner, I mean, we would be sharing with each other what ever lessons we gained from our personal bible studies, meditations, church services attended during the week, messages or sermons listened to, personal inspirations you are willing to share, or any word the Holy Spirit is laying on your heart to share with everyone on this platform in the comments section.

The time is 8pm (GMT +1) every Saturday.

Therefore, I gladly welcome you on board 😍😍😘.

I know you are interested in personal development and that’s why you are here, so lovingly tell all your friends, colleagues and contacts about this forum. I look forward to seeing you every weekend.

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  1. AshSalt

    Waking up this morning, I began to ask myself questions: “What can you remember from all the services you attended this week?”

    Sometimes, I don’t remember what I learnt in church the next day, as a matter of fact, it took me serious effort to remember what I learnt in church on Sunday, yet I couldn’t remember until I went back to my jotter!

    Friends, the time has come for us to take the more earnest heed to the things we’ve heard, lest at any point they slip from our hearts.

    We must be sober, vigilant, for our adversary the devil walketh about seeking whom he may destroy. You will not be destroyed!

    So basically, today, we’d be having a weekend corner to renew our strength and remind ourselves of the salient lessons we’ve gained from the various services we attended during the course of the week.

    I trust that God will help us!

    I’d start with mine, kindly share with me and others what you also received from the Lord this week in the comments section.

    Reflections from the outgoing week🤔
    The Awakening of a Champion
    Nehemiah 1:1

    Nehemiah was a servant who would later become a governor.

    From being an ordinary servant, he became an extraordinary champion.

    He was mightily used of God not just to build the physical walls of Jerusalem, but to also build the walls of integrity, family, morality and righteousness.


    It all starts with information.

    I must cultivate the habit of asking questions.

    Here is the process:
    1. Investigation
    2. Information
    3. Internalisation
    4. Identification with the people
    5. Intercession
    6. Interpretation of their predicament

    The most fundamental lessons I learnt from the message is that I can become something I have never been (I mean something great), I can I would see things I have never seen, and I’d have an uncompromising commitment to the word of God.

    In addition, I must never allow situations transform me and make me backslide, but rather like Nehemiah, I must keep on standing.

    Like Nehemiah, I believe that I am the right man in the right place at the right time in the right way doing the right thing with the right attitude for the right reasons, I’m sure you are also the right person 

    Look at Nehemiah, he didn’t pray for anything personal, but rather he prayed for his nation. He did a work of national value, international significance and eternal

    It’s not enough to just pray, but it’s the passion in the prayer, the content of the prayer that matters.

    1. vikypearl

      Wow this will help a long way

      1. AshSalt

        Thanks for stopping by, so what lessons did you gain this week

        1. vikypearl

          Nehemiah: A great reformer.

          He was neither a priest nor an evangelist, he was an ordinary man serving wine to the king in Babylon. When he heard about the state of his people it moved him to:
          Fasted and
          He wished he could change things in his mind and the Lord seeing a man with willing heart to change the story of Jerusalem took him, filled him and use him.
          An ordinary man became a reformer, a revivalist and an evangelist.
          He changed the story of Jerusalem and served the Lord with all his heart.

          Make me a great reformer, revivalist and evangelist Lord.

          1. AshSalt

            Amen… Amen…

            You are a great reformer, revivalist and evangelist for the Lord in making!

        2. vikypearl

          It’s another week, weekend corner loading………

          1. AshSalt

            Yes ooo

            Weekend Corner loading…

            Kindly tell someone to tell someone of the weekend challenge!

          2. vikypearl

            Still loading Ashsalt, this week has been a blessed one has the messages have been on faith and this has increase my faith greatly.

          3. AshSalt

            Please load sharp sharp ooo, I can’t wait ooo…

            Great messages there, for the just shall live by faith…

            And your faith will never go down again, in Jesus’ name!

          4. AshSalt


  2. Blessing

    Great reflections. Mine coming soon.

    1. AshSalt


      I’m eagerly waiting…

  3. Kadiri Michael

    Mine too coming soon!!!

    1. AshSalt


      I’m expecting it!

      Thanks for stopping by

  4. debby2019

    Great lessons! God bless you sir

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