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“Uncle, I’m thirsty!” Folake said with an air of confidence, expecting that Uncle Emmanuel would help her out. “Uncle, this food will choke me ooo…” she said, feigning like a neighing horse.

“What about the pure water I gave you guys when we were inside the church auditorium?” Uncle Emmanuel intentionally sought for a way in which he could dodge the question.

“Uncle, buy pure water for me now, or will you run and go inside the church auditorium to bring the pure-water for us ni?” Folake who was seated in her cosy school bus asked uncle Emmanuel who was standing on the concrete pavement by the side of the bus.

“Come, how much do I have in my bag, sef? Chai! Nothing… What do I say now, LORD? Please come to my rescue” Uncle Emmanuel thought within himself unable to mutter any word.

“Uncle doesn’t have any money, you better leave him alone” muttered Chiamaka who was sitting next to her friend Folake in the back seat. Her words nevertheless, were audible to those seated close to her, causing the bus the bus to temporarily vibrate with laughter.

Uncle Emmanuel just smiled and remained speechless as he moved back a little in order to allow the school bus leave. “Bye students… see you in school on Monday.”

“LORD, is it because I am faithful to YOU that I am poor? If I had not spent my last N500 the day before yesterday in buying the battery I used for that megaphone I carry around for morning cry, I would have been able to save some money to come along to this event, and save my face from insults.” Uncle Emmanuel said within himself as he left the concrete pavement of the car park. “So, it’s because I am faithful to God that I am poor right?” He nearly began to get sullen and angry when all of a sudden, he remembered 2 Corinthians 4:8-9. Immediately, the content of his prayer changed, “Ah! I’m sorry, LORD. Even though I have no money, yet will I praise You, at least You helped me not to get angry at those students, as in, if not for You, dear heavenly Father, I would have utilised my authority wrongly on those kids like Elisha used his on those kids who called him bald head!” Uncle Emmanuel boarded another bus, and headed south.
Beloved, are you currently engaged in the battle of the LORD? Remember this: “we are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed…” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9).

So, don’t give up your godly sacrifices because of the slander of your enemy – the devil. Keep on fighting the battle of your LORD. Keep on keeping on!

Never be sad or desponding. Yes, I know you are troubled on every side, yet never lose your peace of mind to anxiety and confusion, you are a special soldier in the army of your LORD, so REJOICE, AGAIN I SAY REJOICE!

Yes, you might sometimes of necessity experience temporary lack, but cheer up, because at such times if you would only be quiet and confident within, you will be instructed and taught in the way you should go; the LORD will guide you with His eye (Psalm 32:8).

Even when you are persecuted, remember: He will never forsake you. Nay! Not for one second. Hmmm! You can never be destroyed even though you feel temporarily cast down now. Don’t forget, you have the hope of eternal life within you. If you have not yet known the Lord, the hope of eternal life I have just mentioned can not be yours. However if you would repent of your sinful ways and turn to the Lord right now, He would make you unshakable no matter what you will go through in life.

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