The darkness was as thick as anything!




I could see nothing but darkness!




I could feel nothing but darkness!




I even tasted darkness!




Then, fear set in, then insecurity, then anguish, then the sudden realization that it might be that I am in hell and then, I screamed so loudly I felt I was going to vomit my internal organs.




“Where am I? Can someone please talk to me?” I cried out and listened for any response.

My voice reverberated in the darkness as thickly as the darkness.




“You want someone to speak to you?”




A light flashed from behind me as the voice spoke. I looked behind me but saw nothing but the same darkness.

The voice sounded so familiar that it hurt my heart that I couldn’t place the owner.




“Who is that? And where am I?”




“It’s a pity that my daughter doesn’t understand my voice again, ” the voice came again, there was light briefly again.




That’s the voice! The voice of the Holy Spirit and I was so joyful.




“Daddy, I have missed you but what’s this darkness? Am I dead?” I asked with misgiving.




”Daughter, you are in bitterness. You are embittered against your husband, your cousin, yourself, your marriage and even your Lord. The darkness you are inside right now shows how dark your bitterness is. Bitterness is darkness!”




“Really! So I am going to hell?” I asked as my heart started beating fast.




“Daughter, today is not the day of judgment so be grateful to God. God really loves you daughter. He wants you to love Him as much as He does.”




“Daddy, I was just so disappointed at everything. I didn’t bargain for this when I agreed to marry Dave. My marriage isn’t working out.”




“That’s true daughter. Your marriage isn’t working out but you have not failed yet. You should not be embittered against anyone but the devil.”




“Ok daddy, please just get me out of this darkness first.” I said desperately and there and then, light shone.




The brightness was just too much. It radiated round where I was. I was on my face and my hands grabbed the two legs before me.




“How do you feel now dear, daughter?” he asked in His sweet voice.




I spoke and my voice sounded angelic in my ears.




“It’s much better. It’s very bright but I prefer it. I prefer it to that darkness.”




“Now, let me explain certain things to you daughter,” he said and helped me up.




He put his arms round me as we walked through the beautiful environment that gave way as we approached.




“Dave has been a very great son of God since being in the university, working miracles and signs through the power of God. He has really stepped on the toes of the devil and he is bent on destroying him.”




“Hmmmm. The devil is sure a wicked man, doomed for hell!” I cried out




“Take it easy daughter. Just calm down and listen first!” he said firmly.




I became silent.




“The devil was ready to confuse him when he was to choose his life partner when sisters from the fellowship would stick to his side doing this and that for him but by God’s grace, he overcame. He was not shaken,” he paused again.




I nodded as I listened carefully.




“He chose you, married you, prayed for you and he has loved you greatly till date. Even when his heart was drifting away due to sins, he still loved you.”




“Wow!” I exclaimed. I had always known he loved me but I was happy that the Holy Spirit confirmed it.




“You got pregnant immediately you got married according to God’s will but the devil determined to kill you. Dave was always praying for you until Dorcas came in. In love for you to be taken care of, he accepted Dorcas into your home and that was the mistake. He didn’t pray about it. He didn’t even have anyone to pray for him. You were too weak to pray for your husband – your own mistake but God has been faithful.”




“Hmmm…thank you Lord o,” I said with gratitude




“You case is like Abraham and Abimelech. You were Abraham and you gave your husband Sarah, to Abimelech which is Dorcas. Now, Dorcas working under the influence of the devil kept on enticing Sarah but the Lord did not allow them to touch each other.”




“Thank You father. But God, I have really noticed a great change in my husband towards me.”




“You have not really been there for your husband my daughter.”




It was like a shock to my ears. I thought I had given all I had to Dave.




“See, if you have a husband that is 90% sound spiritually, I tell you that you have to be 80% sound or more. This is because if he slips, he falls into your ready arms and it’s easier to help him go back higher. Imagine the wife being 20% spiritually sound and the husband falls; that would be a brutal fall.”




The realization dawned on me. I had never taken my spiritual life seriously. I only depended on Dave’s spiritual life. I was his fan!




“The devil came in the hour when Dave was not watchful and the gate was opened because the Gate keeper which is you was sleeping.”




“Ah! It’s my entire fault. What should I do now my father?”




“First, Dorcas isn’t your enemy. She was only used by the devil against you. Your husband needs you more than before. Pray for him, join him in fasting, cherish him, love him, attend to his needs and also work on your appearance and the neatness of the house as Dave loves it.”




“So, I need spiritual, emotional and physical refurbishing?” I asked




“Exactly my daughter. That’s what you need.”




“Help me Lord.”




“Also my daughter, never silence me when I try to talk to you. It grieves me.”




“I apologize my Lord.” I cried out

I sneezed so loudly that it felt like my ribs were rubbing against one another.




“Oh, my love! Liz, can you see me?” My husband’s shaky voice rang in my ears. He was holding my hands so tightly.




I sneezed again and his hands helped me up. I opened my eyes and saw faintly the face of my one and only husband.




He was sweating profusely.




“Dear, it is well with you in Jesus’ Name. Forgive me of all my errors. I am so sorry dear. I have always loved you and I will still love you. You can’t die now because we do not have a covenant to die prematurely. You can never ever die now…” he continued on and on and I could only smile as my tears freely flowed. I hugged him as weakly as I could, placed my head on my firm pillow- his muscular chest and sighed with relaxation and relief.




“No one takes my husband away from me. I have carelessly left my gate opened but now the gate keeper is back.” I said clearly as if the devil was visible.




Dave pushed me gently to see my face and sure he did. His face shone with delight as he pulled me back to himself.




“Let’s do it together love. Let’s guard our marriage together,” he said.




“Yes, let’s do it. I will grow now. Grow up from being Dave’s number one fan spiritually to being your mother, your sister, your lover, your teacher, your everything after God.”




“Then, I David Anjolaoluwa will be your Father, your brother, your lover, your husband, your friend, your teacher, your everything. So help me God!” he prayed with strong sincerity and determination. I sat up well, still feeling dizzy.




I faced him squarely and smiled heartily. I was ready to play. He didn’t know what I was up to but he smiled.




“Dave, are we good to go?” I asked and he laughed loudly




“Good to go! Good to go! Good to go ma!” he played along remembering our NYSC Man O war chants.




“It’s still sir jhur! In the military world, a woman is a man, so it’s sir. Okay?”




“Ok!  ok!  ok!  sir!” he replied obediently, giving me a salute.




“Are you motivated?” I asked on.




“Motivated!  motivated! motivated sir!”




I pulled Dave up then I staggered under the weight of the pull but he was there to hold me up.




“Morale!” I shouted as far as the little strength could carry me, lifting my right hand.




My husband looked into my face with astonishment and laughed. He joined his hand with mine and shouted.








We both laughed together heartily and I knelt down before him.




That would be the first time I would do that since we got married after our engagement ceremony.




“Dave thanks for loving me with the love of God. I am sorry for my past negligence. I will love you, treasure you, serve you, and reverence you as I have been called to do. I love you so much dear,” I said as I held his two legs, bathing his feet with my tears.




He knelt beside me and pulled me from my bowing position, tears on his face too.




“Instead of me standing and you bowing in service to me, why not let’s kneel beside each other in service to each other? Liz, look into my face and watch my lips.”




I did!




“I will treat you like a princess that you are so that you will know of a surety that I have been raised by a queen,” he said without mincing words.




I smiled because for real, my mother-in-law was a queen! A very good one at that!




“Amen my love. Thank you so much.”




I said and we embraced each other.




He concluded the intimate exercise with a peck on my forehead.




“I adore you!” said a female voice behind us.




We turned back and at the door stood my able, beautiful and outstanding mother in law with Blossy strapped to her back. I smiled.




“Mummy!” I called out as she walked inside. I stood up and went to her. I knelt down beside her and she laughed loudly




“I am happy for you my children. Liz, do you know that when a guy pecks your forehead, he says, ‘I adore you, not for sex, not for pleasure, that is why I am not kissing your mouth, but for being you, I peck your forehead. Blessed be the womb that bore you’ that is the long message that brief peck is passing across.”




I never knew that was what it meant and I was really grateful for this knowledge.




“Mummy, thanks,” those were the only words I could say.




“Now my daughter, though I appreciate the fact that I came to carry Blossom yesterday…”




“Today mum…” I tried correcting my Sweet Mother as I called her when she laughed aloud.




“So, you didn’t know that since you fainted last night, we have had a vigil beside you, praying for you? Its morning already dear, it’s six o’clock.”




“Wow! So its morning! That’s serious.”




“Thank God you woke up before Valentine’s day,” Dave said and I  laughed.




“How could I have fainted for that long Dave! Anyways, have you eaten your pounded yam and Egusi soup?” I looked into his face.




Sweet mother laughed.




“Eat indeed, when his missing rib was really missing, sleeping almost lifelessly on the bed?”




“Awww…see, in this house I won’t make you anymore pounded yam. You wasted my efforts.” I acted a kid again.




He pouted his lips apologetically.




“I am sorry love,” he apologized




“I go love o” Sweet mother laughed out loudly.




“I ate it for him so it didn’t waste,” she added and I nodded affirmatively




“Mo mo mo mo…tah tah tah…” Blossy babbled as she signaled at me, trying to fly from Sweet Mother’s back.




“That’s true o. my baby!” I cried out as I scurried to her side.




“That is exactly what I was trying to say. Thank God I came for her yesterday at least all differences is gone but again, the baby is famished. I pray there still remains more food in mummy’s jug,” Sweet mother said as she eased Blossom off her back and we laughed.




“That’s true o. I pray it’s not sour yet,” I said as I pecked my baby’s cheek. I really have missed her and no wonder my chest had been so heavy!




As I set Blossy down to feed her, the doorbell rang. Dave was near the receiver in the room, so he pressed the hands free receiver.




“Who is at the door?” he asked.




“It’s me, Dorcas!” we heard and we all looked at one another knowingly.




I sighed deeply and looked at Dave. Dave twisted his lips in a ‘I don’t know why she is here’ manner.




My heart started racing again as the Holy Spirit whispered so tenderly.




“Calm down daughter! Calm down!”




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