Sweet Mother went out of the room to open the main door for Dorcas leaving Dave and I inside the room.




I concentrated on Blossom that was feeding quietly while pulling at my weave. I was trying to pull myself together. I swallowed several times perhaps the liquid can quench the burning that had started in my chest.




Dave’s arm coiled round my neck and he pulled me close. Blossom looked up and smiled so heartily at the union but my baby’s smile didn’t do me anything.




What is Dorcas coming to do here? Is she perhaps coming to confront me? Over my own husband?




“It’s not going to happen,” Dave said as if he knew what was going on in my heart. I looked up at him and faked a smile.




“Nothing you are thinking about will happen. Now, give me your hand and trust me,” He said and even when I was reluctant and slow, he laid hold of my hand and held it with confidence.




“Let’s do this together” he said and I swallowed again before sighing deeply.




“But must she come into our bedroom?” I asked, almost with disgust. My husband smiled and tickled me briefly on the cheek.




“She is still your cousin and you are not even so strong now to move here and there? Let her come in.”




“Ok o,” I said with mixed feelings. I wanted to do God’s will of forgiveness and look beyond Dorcas’ fault but I didn’t want to set my eyes on her.




Or better put, I didn’t want Dave to set his eyes on her.




What would be on his mind when he sees her? Won’t he remember the nude pictures? Dave is also human o. I hope he won’t be imagining things!




The door opened and we heard some footsteps.




“And here we are!” Sweet Mother announced and I really could not look back to see the duo.




“Liz, my dear, should we leave both of you alone so that you can fight and settle as cousins?” Sweet Mother asked and I quickly looked back at her.




“No mum.” I said so firmly that Sweet Mother laughed.




“Omo mi o. See how you screamed as if I asked you to stay indoors alone with an armed robber. She is your cousin o. Dorkies sweerie.”




Dave squeezed my shoulder and patted me. I saw on his face a very faint regrettable smile. I felt a pang of pain in my heart.




I should not make Dave feel like this anymore. I had to do something.




Blossom had dozed off, so it was easy to take her off me. I laid her into Dave’s waiting arms and then I stood up. I took in few breaths of air.




“Holy Spirit, what should I do? Give me the wisdom to handle things.” I muttered and sneaked a peep at Dave who smiled somehow. I am sure he was not happy about the stress I was going through. I gave him a reassuring smile and looked towards the door when Dorcas was.




She looked very haggard and hungry.




“Come inside Dorcas,” that was the first time I would call my baby cousin Dorcas. It was always ‘Dorkies sweerie’ or simply ‘Dorkies’.




She staggered into the room, her eyes red from a long period of crying, I presumed. My heart melted as she looked at me with fear and anguish. She looked very weak and famished and I almost started to cry.




“What’s wrong with you?” I asked with a great concern. Dorcas fell before me and reached for my legs.




“Aunty, I am sick…I’m very sick,” her hands were scaly on my soft feet and her voice was husky.




“What’s the problem?” I asked, very scared.




‘Hope this girl has not come to die o,’ I thought. I looked at Dave and Sweet Mother, searching for the answer in their faces but they were as clueless as I was.




“Aunty, I allowed the devil to use me. I tempted Uncle Dave by sending my nude pictures to him on a daily basis but he never yielded to me. Since I left, I have never had peace. Something was telling me to come and tell you but I refused. I have been bedridden for two weeks now in school. I could tell nobody. See me now my sister and forgive me. I have been seeing you in my dreams for many days now chasing me with different weapons shouting and crying that I should leave your husband.” She cried on and on very weakly.




“Hmmmm,” Sweet Mother sighed out deeply and shook her head.




“Holy Spirit!” I exclaimed as the realization of everything the Holy Spirit had been teaching me reached my comprehension.




“Daughter, I said I was going to fight for you and you shall hold your peace. Now pull her close to you and bless her just like Abraham prayed for Abimelech and his household,” The Holy Spirit spoke audibly into my ears.




I shook my head in awe as I fell back into my bed. I thought aloud.




‘So, this is how God fights for His people! I sleep here very unhappy and God takes up the rod and other objects and allows my enemies to be pursued about, giving them sleepless nights? Awesome God!”




Sweet Mother came close to me, put her hands on my shoulder and smiled.




“Daughter, I know how you really feel right now but you have to forgive,” She said and I smiled.




“Mum, I have truly forgiven her,” I said with all sincerity but my mother-in-law was not convinced.




“It’s easier said than done, my dear. Now, listen to me as I give you a biblical illustration. Are you listening to me?” she asked me, nudging me so that I was jolted back to reality as I was really lost in the wonderland.




“Mum, I am all ears,” I said looking into her face without blinking, smile glued to my face.




“See, in a chapter, Jesus asked his disciples that who do people think he was. Different answers came from different disciples but Peter said ‘You are Christ’. Jesus was glad and he said it was the Spirit that had revealed it to him and that on him the church would be built and the gates of hell shall not prevail.” She preached and I really watched on with keen interest. I wanted to see where my mother-in-law was going to land.




Dave remained silent all along and watched on like the culprit!




“Can you imagine that the next chapter, just few minutes after, another thing happened entirely?” she said on. I had never really heard that story before.




‘I really need to start reading my bible,’ I thought to myself. Dorcas was still on the floor, looking lifeless. It was her constant sniffing that showed me that she was still alive.




“Mum, continue with the story please,” I said with enthusiasm.




“Jesus was telling them again about his imminent death and Peter said ‘God forbid!’ Jesus, being so wise realized that it was not him that was talking. The devil only wanted to use someone that Jesus loved against him. He rebuked him instantly.”




“Wow!” I exclaimed so loudly that Blossom stirred. Dave also nodded, obviously being inspired too




“If Peter could almost be used against Jesus, how about Dave? How about Dorcas? How about I, your mum-in-law?”




“Wow! wow! wow!” I looked up at the ceiling and blew air from my mouth in total surrender.




“My wonderful daughter, to err is human…”




“…to forgive divine” I completed it for her and sighed as I stood up.




“Forgive everybody and then start your family anew. Silver and gold I have not but what I have I have given you my children,” she concluded, hands up.




Dave stood up, laid Blossom in his mum’s arms and walked towards me. He hugged me and pecked my forehead again.




“Liz, let’s do it. Forgive your cousin. Forgive me too,” he said as he pulled me closer to Dorcas. I paused and turned to look into Dave’s face.




“Where are those pictures now?” I asked suddenly. Dave arched his face and smiled.




“I have long deleted them from my phone. I don’t do all those again. I am a changed guy,” he said.




“Hmmm! Mum, thanks for this eye-opening sermon. Now I know that one has to be a guard against the enemy because he can possess anybody to torment us. Unfortunately for Dorcas, she was a ready vessel. God have mercy!” I shuddered.




Suddenly, the potency of prayer dawned on me.




“Dearie, oh what thing we often forfeit…” Dave started a beautiful chorus.




“…oh what needless pain we bear…” I continued as I nodded thoughtfully.




“…all because we do not carry…” Sweet mother joined the chorus.




“…everything to God in prayer,” I concluded and moved close to Dorcas. I bent beside her, pulled her to a kneeling position and hugged her. She was fragile as I held her close and she shook violent with great fervor as she wept. I wept too as I pecked her cheek severally.




My sweet teenage cousin!




“Dorkie sweerie, it’s okay,” I said, pulled her back gently to see her face and she looked away as the cries went on. I could see her efforts to stop crying but the brake had failed.




“Dorkie sweerie, look into mama’s face now. If not I will be angry o,” I said and she looked at me briefly.




“Now smile,” I said but she couldn’t until I sat on the bare floor and tickled her so greatly. She fell at my side with great laughter mixed with her tears and constant sobs.




Sweet mother pulled Dave to her side and they joined us on the floor. We sat down, held our hands and there and then we prayed fervently for greater restoration, forgiveness and mercy.

After the long hour of prayers, I remembered Sunday was going to be Valentine’s Day.




“Dave, Sunday is Val’s day o. I haven’t seen you preparing anything for me,” I said, arms akimbo and shaking my head. He smiled.




“Hmmm, my love, preparation is on. It would be a blast,” he said. I raised my nose and widened my eyes.




“Blast ke! Na lie o. I don’t want any blast o. That’s how he would give someone bomb blast,” I said and he laughed loudly.




“Bomb blast bawo?” Mummy asked in a ‘Yoruba mum’ way. I pulled mum to the bed and started the tale.




“See, my husband promised last Valentine was going to be the bomb. I was enthusiastic and wondered that what surprise did he have and so on. When I woke up that day, hmmm…Dorcas, you are hearing too abi…”




She nodded, smiling and obviously enjoying the tale.




“That was our wedding day, you know?” I asked to be sure that everyone remembered. Mum’s mouth opened in remembrance.




“That is true o. Your wedding will be one next tomorrow. Many congratulations o. Awesome! I had forgotten totally,” she said




“That day he sent me a ‘I love you’ text. Just, ‘I love you’. I forgave him and got him a pair of very beautiful and costly loafers, exquisite perfume, a YSL bag and a complete suit. It took me a fortune then. How much was my salary then?” I laughed and everyone joined.




David gave me a ‘You are washing my dirty linen outside’ look but I didn’t care because I had to finish this story.




“When I would see my husband’s delivery at around 6am by the courier, it was a chocolate cake, really beautiful and a bible. Imagine!”




“Ah! David o!” Mummy exclaimed, beating my laps with excitement. I must really be good story teller! Mummy enjoyed it so obviously.
David covered his face.




“Overspiritual brother. Very ‘unromantic’!” I said again.




“With the numerous Bibles she has, Dave!” Mum laughed.




“I am making it up for you this time around dear. You’ll love it,” he tried to defend himself.




“Hmmm…I hope so o,” I said, widening my nose.




“Let’s hope so together dear daughter. If it’s not nice, then we will pounce on him together,” Mum said again. I hugged her. She was like my mother.




“My gift should be nice too o,” he said and charged at him.




“What other gift do you want? I have given you my body.”




“I have given you my body too.”




“I have given you my love.”




“I have given you greater love.”




“Eh eh! Wonders shall never end o” Mummy clapped her hands together.




“I gave you Blossom,” he said




“No! You only gave me the seed,” I said




“Well, I have given you care.”




“I’ve given you care too plus my heart,” he said. I smiled but I won’t give up.




“I also went through pain for you.”




“Pain?” his eyes widened




“Yes, pain! The pain of child birth,” I said and he raised his hands up in surrender. Mama jumped up and clapped for me.




“That is it o. Women always win,” she laughed and Dorcas also smiled weakly.




“Dorcas, please go and sleep in the guest room. I will prepare you pepper soup and bring it to you. Sorry my dear,” I said and she nodded and left.




“Now Dave, I have a special gift for you. I will give it to you that day,” I said. He smiled happy and before I knew it, he carried me up and swirled me round. Sweet mum smiled and left the room, closing the bedroom door behind her.




Dave put me down. I covered my eyes as I felt very dizzy. Then, he held my hands and looked at me with straight eyes.




“Liz, I will always love you. I will cherish you and care for you always!” He said.




My Dave wasn’t shy! He wasn’t hiding his face. He was looking at me with sincerity. It felt strange as I looked into his face.




“Dave, where is the guy I married?” I asked him again.




“Hmmm…you want to know? I will show you where the guy you married is on Sunday. It’s going to be a good day!” he said as he pulled me to himself and then I was rest assured!




The guy I married was resurfacing and then he is changed- beautifully!




The last episode would be very great and love packed!




Watch out!


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